A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Wheelwright - Whitcomb 

By James Savage

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WHEELWRIGHT, JOHN, Braintree, bred at Sydney Coll. Cambr. where he had his degr. 1614 and 18, was min. at Belleau, near Alford in Co. Lincoln, whence with his w. Mary, sis. prob. of William Hutchinson, and of his ch. certain. Thomas, Catharine, and prob. Samuel, perhaps all exc. John, he came to Boston in the same ship with Rev. Samuel, Whiting, arr. at Boston, 26 May 1636, and on 12 June foll. he, his w. and the wid. Susanna Hutchinson, her mo. as I judge, unit. with Boston ch. and on 25 June 1637, his d. Mary was bapt. But the long troubles of the antinom. controv. had begun, and being banish. with his [[vol. 4, p. 503]] princip. friends and adherents in 1638, he rem. to Exeter, of wh. he is justly call. the founder, being the first signer of the civil combinat. on Friday, 4 Oct. 1639; there prob. had Rebecca and Hannah, and at his next home, prob. Elizabeth and Sarah. When the N. H. planta. came under rule of Mass. in 1642, he rem. to Wells, but aft. reconcil. with Winthrop and the rest of the governm. went 1647 to be collea. in the serv. of the ch. with Dalton at Hampton, in 1657 was in Eng. and had favor with Oliver Cromwell, wh. had been intimate with him at the Univ. but he came back soon aft. the restorat. and was sett. min. 9 Dec. 1662, at Salisbury, there d. 15 Nov. 1679, aged above 80 yrs. Of his s. John it may be presum. that he was oldest ch. and never came to our side of the Atlantic, but was a scholar, perhaps a preach. in Eng. wh. publish. at London, a vindicat. of his f. in Nov. 1645, against the bitter aspersions of Thomas Welde, and very likely may have thot. it useful to display equal sprit. I can have no doubt that he was d. bef. the will of his f. 

His will of 25 May preced. pro. 26 Nov. foll. names s. Samuel, but not Thomas, wh. prob. was d. s.-in-law, Edward Rishworth, and gr. ch. Edward Lyde, wh. was to pay something to his mo. Mary, then w. of the first Theodore Atkinson, Mary White, d. of Edward Rishworth, Mary Maverick, and William, Thomas, and Jacob Bradbury. In Lincolnsh. and in Maine he had est. to bestow in beq. to heirs, but he thot. very little of any in N. H. Several of these seem here not to be represent. but prob. they had been provid. for at earlier days, or were d. without heirs. We must look for fuller aco. to the will (made twelve yrs. bef.) of his bach. br. Samuel Hutchinson. Of the six ds. with considerable confidence, I assign. hs. to all: Sarah, the youngest, m. 1671, as his sec. w. Richard Crispe (to her, for her portion, the f. call. hims. late of Belleau, Co. Linc. gave, 22 Oct. 1677, his messuage, with appurtenanc. at Mawthorpe in the parish of Willoughby, Co. Line. to be enj. aft. d. of donor); Elizabeth m. George Parsons, Person, or Pearson; Rebecca m. 4 Dec. 1660, Samuel Maverick, and next, 12 Jan. or more prob. Mar. 1672, William Bradbury; Mary m. 4 Dec. 1660, Edward Lyde, and next, Oct. 1667, Theodore Atkinson; Hannah m. Anthony Checkley; and Catharine m. Robert Nanny, and next, Edward Naylor. 

*JOHN, Wells, s. of Samuel, prob. or of Thomas, perhaps; was a col. and one of the reps. 1692, bef. and aft. the new chart. a gent. of character above suspicion, wh. to McGregor and his noble assoc. the pure blood of Londonerry or Scotch Irish presbyterians, gave quitclaim deed, 20 Oct. 1719, at Boston, of the ld. "NOT TO EXCEED TEN MILES SQUARE," call. Nutfield. That sale he deriv. authty. for, as he said, in the deed of Ind. sachems to his gr.f. 17 May 1629, wh. most elaborately spurious, purported to convey many thousand sq. miles, and has been satisfactor. shown [[vol. 4, p. 504]] to be a forgery, used, to be sure, above a dozen yrs. bef. the Norfield deed, and prob. unsuspect. by him, and never seen by his f. as we may confident. believe it never was by the gr.f. wh. had honest title only to five or six hundred thousand acres under Ind. deed of a portion of the same region, made near nine yrs. later. He d. 1745. 

*SAMUEL, Wells, s. of the first John, m. Esther, d. of Jeremy Houchins of Boston, was town clk. 30 yrs. in 1665 appoint. by the governm. of Mass. a commissnr. for the town, or justice of the peace, rep. for York and Wells 1671, for Wells in 1677, in 1681, nam. of the Council for the Province under Presid. Danford, and d. 1700. THOMAS, York, s perhaps eldest, of the first John, made freem. of Mass. with prefix of respect, Nov. 1652, and Col. Rec. III. 333, shows he then dwelt at Wells, a selectman 1653, and commissn. the same or the next yr. prob. d. bef. his f. Among gr. at Harv. Coll. are nine of this name.

WHELDEN, WHELDING, or WHELDON, GABRIEL, Malden, had w. Margaret, nam. in his will 1 Feb. 1654, prob. 4 Apr. foll. HENRY, Yarmouth 1643, of wh. no other ment. is ever found, but that he m. 25 Jan. 1648, tho. the rec. is too much worn to be sure of his w. yet if he were f. or even br. of Catharine, wh. m. Oct. 1639, Giles Hopkins, it would be observa. Sarah W. b. 21 June 1650, may have been his d. JOHN, Salem, prob. or some nieghb. town, was one of the witness. in May 1692 to prove witchcr. upon Rev. George Burroughs by the fact of holding a gun at arm╒s length.

WHELPHLEY, HENRY, Stratford 1645, in 1653 sold ld. and ho. in Fairfield. His wid. prob. nam. Sarah, m. Ralph Keeler. Perhaps he had Joseph and Nathan, and even more. JOSEPH, Fairfield, propound. for freem. 1670, perhaps s. of the preced. was d. in May 1682, leav. wid. Deborah, wh. d. 1690; but he had former w. Rebecca, d. of Thomas Bulkley, wh. prob. was mo. of his three ch. Sarah, Rebecca, and Joseph. NATHAN, New Haven, from 1678 was master of a vessel, and in 1687, on voyage from Barbadoes d. and by numcup. will gave ho. at New Haven to Samuel Knifton, or some such name, s. of his sis.

WHELYER, JOHN, a passeng. from Southampton 1634, in the Mary and John, if we follow the copy of the copy of custom-ho. paper, but in my opin. it meant John Whittier, or more prob. Wheeler.

WHETCOMBE, JAMES, Boston, merch. freem. 1669, one of the commisn. nam. by the k. to admin. the o. 1679, to new Gov. of Mass. hav. borne a part in the funer, ceremonies of Leverett in Mar. of that yr. d. 23 Nov. 1686, says Sewall's diary.

WHETNELL, JEREMY, New Haven 1639, never heard of since, I think, but see Whitnell.

WHETSTONE, INCREASE, k. by the Ind. 14 Mar. 1676, at Northampton, was a soldier, I suppose, but am unable to conject. from what town, [[vol. 4, p. 505]] unless Barnstable where Mercy W. was m. 30 June 1698 to Joseph Parker. JOHN, a passeng. emb. 7 Mar. 1632, at London, prob. in the William and Francis with Edward Winslow, but perhaps the real name was Whiston, wh. see, and compare 4 Mass. Histo. Coll. I. 92, also Geneal. Reg. XIV. 300.

WHICHALLS, EMANUEL, is the strange name of one, wh. it is said, took o. of fidel. at Pemaquid 1674.

WHIDDEN, RICHARD, Fairfield, had d. bef. 3 Nov. 1690, when his inv. was brot. n by his w. Sarah, by wh. we find he own, part of a sloop, was a mariner, had ds. Elizabeth and Sarah. SAMUEL, N. H. 1680. Perhaps the name may be the same as Whedon, and that he had w. or d. Jane, wh. m. 3 Dec. 1691, Thomas Edgerly.

WHIPPLE, BENJAMIN, Providence, s. of John of the same, own. alleg. to Charles II. 29 May 1671, when under 17 yrs. of age, m. 1 Apr. 1686, Ruth Mattewson, prob. d. of James, had Benjamin, b. 11 Nov. 1688; Ruth, 12 May 1691; Mary, 8 May 1694; Jonah, 29 July 1697; John, 26 Feb. 1700; and Abigail, 12 June 1703. DAVID, Providence, br. of the preced. m. at Hingham, 11 Nov. 1676, Hannah Tower of H. ahd Israel, b. 16 Aug. 1678; Deborah, 12 Sept. 1681; Jeremiah, 26 June 1683; William, 27 May 1685; Sarah, 18 Nov. 1687; Hannah, 9 Jan. 1691; and Abigail, 20 Oct. 1692. ELEAZER, Providence, br. of the preced. own. alleg. to the k. 1 June 1667, as did his elder br. Samuel, m. 26 Jan. 1670, Alice, d. of Thomas Angell of the same, had Alice, b. 3 June 1675; and Margaret, perhaps more. 

JAMES, Barnstable, m. Experience, d. of Gov. Hinckley, but I kn. no more, exc. that he may be found in Boston under the name of Whippo, and no doubt his w. d. early. *JOHN, Ipswich, an early sett. freem. 13 May 1640, was rep. that yr. and 41, 2, 6, 50-3, clk. of the writs 1642, in place of Giles Firmin, was deac. or rul. Elder, perhaps both, had John, prob. b. in Eng. and Sarah, beside other elder ds. Susanna, Mary, and Elizabeth His first w. Sarah d. 14 June 1658; but he left wid. Jennet, and d. 30 June 1669, says respectab. authty. in Geneal. Reg. VI. 66, tho. two pages aft. he mades it 1670. his d. Susanna m. Lionel Worth; Mary m. a Stone; Elizabeth m. perhaps, Anthony Potter; and Sarah m. Joseph Goodhue of I. and her pious adv. to her childr. had been preserv. in print. 

JOHN, Providence, was first at Dorchester, as early as 1632, in the serv. of Israel Stoughton, was a carpenter, join. with the ch. in 1641, had John, bapt. 7 Mar. 1641; Sarah, 6 Feb. 1642; Samuel, 17 Mar. 1644; Eleazer, 8 Mar. 1646; Mary, 9 Apr. 1648; William, 16 May 1652; Benjamin, 4 June 1654; and David, 28 Sept. 1656; sold his ho. and 40 or 50 acres to George Minot, 1658, and rem. [[vol. 4, p. 506]] soon aft. to P. and in the summer of 1659 was adm. there as inhab. own. alleg. to the k. 31 May 1666, with his eldest s. had Joseph; Jonathan; and Abigail there; prob. d. soon aft. 16 May 1685, the date of his will. Sarah m. a Smith; Mary m. 9 Mar. 1666, Epenetus Olney; and Abigail m. William Hopkins. *JOHN, Ipswich, s. of John of the same, b. in Eng. freem. 1668, was capt. rep. 1674, 9-83 on 10 Aug. in wh. yr. he d. His est. was ample, will of 2 Aug. pro. 25 Sept. next; had for first w. Martha, d. of Humphrey Reyner; and for sec. Elizabeth Paine; and ch. John, and Susanna, wh. m. 20 Mar. 1680, John Lane; Joseph, b. a. 1666; Sarah; and Matthew; all outliv. him. Yet the childr. of two Johns seem inextric. confus. A large est. was inherit. by them. 

JOHN, Providence, eldest s. of John of the same, m. 4 Dec. 1663, Mary d. of the first Thomas, Olney, had John, b. 2 Oct. 1664; beside Mary, absurd, mark. as b. the same yr.; and a d. strantely call. Elnathan, 2 Jan. 1676; and by sec. w. Rebecca Scott, d. perhaps of John of the same, m. 15 Apr. 1678, had Deliverance, 11 Feb. 1679, and Dorothy, and he d. 10 Dec. 1700. JOHN, Ipswich, s. of Matthew, b. in Eng. perhaps, m. 5 May 1677, Elizabeth Woodman. JOHN, Ipswich, s. perhaps of the sec. John of the same, is call. cornet Apr. 1695, when he succeed, his f. capt. W. as trustee of the gram. sch. as the capt. had succeed, his f. or uncle. JONATHAN, Providence, s. of the first John of the same, own. alleg. to Charles II. in May 1682, with his br. Joseph; by w. Margery, had Jonathan, b. 22 Feb. 1692; and Thomas, 26 Feb. 1695. JOSEPH, Ipswich, s. of the first Matthew, freem. 1674, had by w. Sarah, wh. d. 16 July 1676, Joseph, b. 1 Nov. 1665, d. in few days; Joseph, again, 31 Oct. 1666; Margery, 28 Aug. 1668; Sarah, 29 Mar. 1670; Matthew, 25 Nov. 1672; and Mary, 25 Dec. 1674; and d. 11 May 1699. 

JOSEPH, Salem vill. s. of the sec. John of Ipswich, was deac. and d. 19 Sept. 1740. JOSEPH, Providence, br. of Benjamin, m. 20 May 1684, Alice Smith, had John, b. 18 May 1685; Jeremiah, 3 Sept. 1685, Joseph, 30 Dec. 1687; Amphillis, 8 Oct. 1689, but my informat. does not disting. the sex; Sarah, 29 Mar. 1691; Susanna, 14 Apr. 1693; Freelove, 18 Mar. 1695; Alice, 6 Feb. 1697; Ann, 16 June 1699; Christopher, 14 Apr. 1701, d. soon; Mary, 9 Apr. 1704; and Christopher, again, 6 Mar. 1706. 

MATTHEW, Ipswich, br. of the first John of the same, had gr. of ld. 1638, and d. 1647, leav. eldest s. John, b. no doubt in Eng. wid. Rose, wh. was his sec. w. and ch. Mary, Matthew, Ann, Elizabeth and Joseph, b. a 1646, whose order of success is not kn. MATTHEW, Ipswich, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 24 Dec. 1657, Mary, d. of William Bartholomew, at Gloucester, had Matthew, posthum. 20 Dec. foll. and d. 20 Oct. MATTHEW, Ipswich, s. perhaps of the preced. or of the sec. John of the same, by w. Jemima, d. of Job [[vol. 4, p. 507]]

Lane of Malden, had Matthew, b. 20 Oct. 1685. SAMUEL, Providence, s. of the first John of the same, m. 26 Feb. 1691, Elizabeth Eddy, only d. of Zechariah of Swanzey, had Alice, and Samuel, tw. b. 10 Apr. 1693; Samuel, again, 8 Nov. 1695; Daniel, 27 Oct. 1698; Hope, 12 Aug. 1701; Nathan, 5 Apr. 1704; and Zechariah, 2 Feb. 1707. WILLIAM, Providence, s. of the first John of the same, own. alleg. to the k. May 1671. Farmer notes, MS. that in 1834, there had been of this name. six gr. at Harv. and seven at other N. E. coll.

WHIPPO, JAMES, Barnstable, m. 25 Feb. 1692, at Boston, as his sec. w. Abigail Greenough, wid. of Luke, d. of Lawrence Hammond, had James, b. 27 Nov. foll; Laurence, 16, bapt. 17 June 1694; Jane, 12 May 1696; George, 12 Apr. 1698, d. in few mos.; Margaret, 12 Aug. 1699; Elizabeth 6 Feb. 1701; George, again 22 Feb. 1703; Benjamin, 22 July 1705, d. in few wks.; and Martha, 10 Sept. 1706. Under Whipple will appear the first m. of this same man.

WHISTON, HENRY, Huntington, L. I. 1664, accept. to be freem. of Conn. JOHN, Scituate, came with Hatherly, in the William and Francis, 1632, and was there sev. yrs. aft.

WHITACRE, WHITTACRE, or WHITAKER, ABRAHAM, Haverhill, had prob. Abraham, b. a. 1657; and William, a. 1659; and with s. Abraham took o. of alleg. Nov. 1677. JOHN, Watertown, had promis. m. to Mary Linfield, but while still under age, took w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth and John; and rem. to Billerica, perhaps was of Chelmsford 1691. RICHARD, Rehoboth 1668, had Mehitable, b. 27 Dec. 1674; Ephraim, 27 Jan. 1679; Noah, 31 Jan. 1683.

WHITCHER, NATHANIEL, Salisbury, freem. 1690.

WHITCOMB, or WHETCUMBE, JAMES, Boston, merch. by w. Rebecca, had James, b. 30 Nov. 1662; and Peter, 1 Mar. 1665. JOB. Lancaster, s. of John the first of the same, had w. Mary. He prob. went with Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, whose altar at L. had been overthr. to Wethersfield, where he d. 1683, made his will 27 Oct. of that yr. in it names his w. and ch. Job. John, Mary, and Jemima, and br. Jonathan and Josiah to be overseers. JOHN, Dorchester 1635, had fam. bef. com. from Eng. rem. bef. 1644 to Scituate, where his d. Catharine m. Rhodolphus Ellms that yr. was freem. of the Plymouth col. 3 June 1652, soon after rem. to Lancaster, had five. s. besides ds. Catharine, Abigail, and Mary, wid. Frances, s. John, Jonathan, Job, and Josiah, made the youngest d. Mary extrix. 

As one s. Robert and d. Catharine do not find place in that instrum. they were prob. provid. for at earlier day. He d. at L. 24 Sept. 1662, and his wid. made her will. 12 May 1671, and d. five days after. It names the three ds. and remembers five s. JOHN, Lancaster, eldest s. of the preced. b. no doubt in Eng. by w. Mary who [[vol. 4, p. 508]] surv. him, had perhaps other ch. certain. John; beside Ruth, b. a. 1671; and Sarah, a. 1673; and he was d. 1683. 

JONATHAN, Scituate, perhaps br. of the preced. by w. Hannah, who surv. him, had Jonathan, Hannah, Abigail, Elizabeth and John, and d. a. 1690. JOSIAH,.---, by w. Rebecca had three s. Josiah, wh. m. and had fam. but d. bef. his f. David, and Hezekiah, beside five ds. Rebecca, Joanna, Mary, Damaris, and Abigail, who were all m. but neither of s. nor ds. is the b. or order of success. kn. He made his will 20 Mar. 1718, wh. was pro. 22 Apr. foll. and his wid. made her will 1720, pro. 1726. ROBERT, Scituate, s. of John of the same, m. 1660, Mary, d. of James Cudworth, had eldest s. Israel, perhaps other ch. beside Robert, James, Mary, and Elizabeth rem. to Cohasset.

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