A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
White - Whitehouse 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

WHITE, ANTHONY, Watertown, came 1634, aged 27, from Ipswich, Co. Suffk. emb. in Apr. on the Francis of I. and hav. good pass. was first a propr. at Sudbury, but m. 8 Sept. 1645, Grace Hall, and at W. had Abigail, b. 21 June 1646; John, 25 Feb. 1649; and Mary, 1 Mar. 1651; and d. 28 Mar. 1686. His will of 16 Nov. preced. names no w. but made Rebecca, wid. of his s. John, extrix. Abigail m. a Buttrick; and Mary m. 23 Oct. 1677, Jacob Willard. BENJAMIN, ROXBURY, m . perhaps at Ipswich, Susanna Cogswell, d. of Martha, possib. w. of William, at R. had Susanna, b. 25 or 29 Mar. 1683, d. young; Ann, 4 July 1685; Mary, 27 Aug. 1688; Susanna, 12 Dec. 1690; Edward, 10 July 1693; Elizabeth 8 Jan. 1696; and Joanna, 4 Nov. 1701; and he d. at Brookline, 9 Jan. 1723. 

DANIEL, Hadley 1662, s. of John of Hartford, took o. of alleg. 8 Feb. 1669, liv. on Harfield side, freem. 1690, m. 1 Nov. 1661, Sarah, d. of John Crow, she then much less than 15 yrs. old, had Sarah, b. 14 Oct. 1662; Mary, 1664, d. soon; Mary, again, 5 or 25 Aug. 1665; Elizabeth 13 Nov. 1668; Daniel, 4 July 1671; Hannah, 4 July 1674, d. young; Esther, d. 1675; John, 16 Nov. 1676, d. soon; Esther, again; Hannah, again, Sept. 1679; and Mehitable, 14 Mar. 1683; was a lieut. He d. 27 July 1713. The wid. d. 1719. His will of two wks bef. his d. names one s. and six ds. of wh. Mary m. first a Wells, and after 1713, a Barnard. DANIEL, Marshfield, eldest s. of Peregrine, m. 19 Aug. 1674, Hannah Hunt, and d. 6 May 1724, in his 70th yr. leav. seven s. but the names or dates cannot be seen in Miss Thomas's Memor. of M. 33, to wh. we owe so much, that gladly would we have no more. But Dr. Thatcher's Hist. of Plymouth, gives the names, tho. as dates are defic. we may doubt. the order, John, Joseph, Thomas, Cornelius, Benjamin, Eleazer, and Ebenezer; beside feeling a vague suspicion that some d. may have been forgot.

DANIEL, Middletown, s. of Nathaniel of the same, m. Mar. 1683, Susanna, d. of Hugh Mould of New London, had Daniel, b. 8 Dec. foll.; Nathaniel, 3 Sept. [[vol. 4, p. 509]] 1685; Joseph, b. and d. 1687; Joseph, again, 8 Oct. 1688; Hugh, 15 Feb. 1691; John, 27 Nov. 1692; Susanna, 16 (but ch. rec. has, bapt. 14, wh. was Tuesday.) Oct. 1694; Isaac, 9 Nov. 1696; Jonathan, b. and d. 1702; Ruth, 28 Sept. 1703; and Rachel, 3 Feb. 1705; and he d. 18 Dec. 1739. DOMINGO, Lynn, had John, b. 25 Oct. 1668; Sarah, 19 Aug. 1672; Mary, 31 Aug. 1675; Joseph, 25 May 1678, d. in 3 days; and Hannah, 5 Dec. 1679. EBENEZER, Weymouth, s. of Thomas of the same, freem. 1674, by w. Hannah, d. of Nicholas Phillips, had Ebenezer, b. 1672, H. C. 1692; Thomas, 19 Aug. 1673; Samuel; Joseph; Hannah, 12 May 1681; Abigail, 3 Mar. 1683; Benjamin, 21 Feb. 1685; Experience, 1 July 1686; and Elizabeth 9 Nov. 1688. EDWARD, the freem. 7 Dec. 1636, was of Dorchester, came, I presume from Cranbrook, Co. Kent, in the Abigail from London, June 1635, then aged 42, with w. Martha, 39; and two ch. Martha, 10; and Mary, 8; had James, bapt. at D. 1638; and John, 15 Dec. 1639; but when he or she d. or whether he rem. or not, is all unkn. 

EDWARD, Roxbury, the freem. prob. of 1647, had Zechariah, b. 5, bapt. 7 Aug. 1642; Samuel, bapt. 26 Jan. 1645; and Eliezur, 12 Dec. 1646; and perhaps Henry and Peter, but my acco. is very indistinct. Barry in Hist. of Framingham, 450, calls the name of f. of the first two ch. Edward Wright. ELIAS, Marblehead 1669-74. EMANUEL, Watertown 1636, had w. Catharine, rem. bef. 1642 to Yarmouth. FRANCIS, from London to Boston, had pass. in the Elizabeth, Apr. 1635, aged 24, but what next befell him is not kn. GAWIN, Scituate, m. 15 Oct. 1638, Elizabeth who is call. serv. of Mr. Hatherly, perhaps was f. of Elizabeth wh. m. 18 Sept. 1662, Thomas Pinson, as well as of Timothy and Joseph, who return, inv. of his humble est. 8 Dec. 1664. GEORGE, Rowley, m. 5 Apr. 1671, Lydia Sampson, had Lydia, b. 5 Jan. 1673; and Nathaniel, 3 Feb. 1675; was liv. there 1691. HENRY, Hadley, took o. of alleg. 8 Feb. 1679. 

HENRY, Dorchester, s. perhaps of Edward of the same, by w. Mary, d. of William Weeks of the same, had Return, who d. Dec. 1680; Josiah, b. 14 June 1680; William, 7 Feb. 1684, bapt. 5 July 1685; Elizabeth bapt. 22 Aug. 1686; Submit, b. 9 Dec. 1688; Jerusha, 19 Feb. 1690; Josiah, again, 30 Dec. 1692; Sarah, 11 Oct. 1693; Ann, 6 June 1695; Rebecca, 10 Dec. 1696; and Abigail, 25 Mar. 1698. HUMPHREY, Ipswich 1640. IGNATIUS, m. 4 June 1683, Ruth, youngest d. of John Burrage of Charlestown, but I kn. no more of him, not even the place of his resid. JACOB, Hartford, youngest s. of John, freem. 1668, m. Elizabeth d. of Thomas Bunce, d. 1701, leav. good est. no ch. 

JACOB, Middletown, s. of Nathaniel of the same, m. 4 Feb. 1692, Deborah Shepard, d. of the first John of Hartford, who. d. 8 Feb. 1721; had Elizabeth b. 22 Nov. 1692, wh. d. unm.; Deborah, 26 Feb. 1694; Rebecca, 12 Aug. 1695, d. young; Jacob, 29 Jan. [[vol. 4, p. 510]] 1697; Hannah, 28 Mar. 1699; Thomas, 14 Aug. 1701; Samuel, 24 May 1703, d. young; Rebecca, again, 14 Sept. 1707, d. young; Samuel, again, d. at 14 yrs.; and John, 19 Oct. 1712. He had sec. w. Rebecca, wid. of Thomas Ranney, m. 16 Dec. 1629; and d. 29 Mar. 1738. JAMES, Salem 1633, may be the same who was that yr. fin. 30s. for drunk. and behav. so well aft. that in 1638 the sent. was remit. as in our first Vol. of the Rec. of the Gen. Ct. is seen. 

JAMES, Dorchester, perhaps eldest s. of Edward of the same, took o. of fidel. 1678, m. 22 Feb. 1656, Sarah, d. of Richard Baker, had Sarah, b. 8, bapt. 10 Dec. 1665, d. in few wks.; Thankful, 18, Bapt. 25 Aug. 1667; Ichabod, b. 26 Apr. 1669, d. soon; John, 7, bapt. 12 June 1670; Experience, bapt. 2 Mar. 1673; Martha, 28 Aug. bapt. 3 Oct. 1675; Mary, bapt. 22 Nov. 1677; James, 29 May, bapt. 13 July 1679; Richard, 2 Mar. 1681; Edward, 4 Aug.; 1683, and Ebenezer, 3 July 1685, H. C. 1704. His w. d. 13 Oct. 1688 or 9, but he took not sec. w. Elizabeth Withington, wid. of capt. John, until 13 Feb. 1696, and d. 11 Nov. 1713, aged 76. His wid. d. 19 Nov. 1722, in her 70th yr. JAMES, Haverhill, s. of William of the same, m. 16 Apr. 1678, Eunice Kingsbury of Amesbury, who may have been wid. of Ephraim, but we have less informat. for the stock of K. than would satisfy so dilig. an inquir. as J. W. Dean. See Geneal. Reg. XIII. 157. *JOHN, the freem. of 4 Mar. 1633, came in the Lion, arr. at Boston from London, 16 Sept. 1632, with so many of the gent. wh. first sat down at Cambridge, then call. Newtown; and in four yrs. went to Hartford; there he is found early in good repute, had brot. d. Mary (wh. m. 29 Jan. 1646, Jonathan Gilbert); s. Nathaniel, and rem. to Hadley 1659, and went back to Hartford bef. 1675, had been rep. for Hadley 1664 and 9; was Elder, and d. Dec. 1683, or next mo. His will of 17 Dec. 1683 is foll. by inv. of 23 Jan. His w. was Mary. Other ch. were John, Daniel, Sarah, and Jacob, b. at Hartford 8 Oct. 1645, prob. the youngest; but one or more may have been b. at Cambridge; Sarah m. first, Stephen Taylor; next, 15 Oct. 1666, Barnabas Hinsdale; and third, Feb. 1679, Walter Hickson, and had ch. by ea. outliv. the last. JOHN, Lynn, possib. as early 1630, rem. to Southampton, L. I. had John, James, Sarah, Hannah, Martha, Abigail, and two more ch. for wh. he made good provis. in his will, and d. 1662. His wid. Ann m. Zorobabel Phillips; Martha m. 12 June 1678, John Howell; and Abigail m. 19 Oct. 1682, Abraham Howell. JOHN, a merch. fin. £10. for drunk. 1636, as Winth, II. 346, tells many not have been a perman. resid. 

JOHN, Salem 1638, had gr. of ld. next yr. join. the ch. 1643, was one of the first plant. with s. John at Lancaster; and from his will of 10 Mar. 1673, pr. in abstr. by Essex Inst. II. 125, other ch. are kn. as Josiah, wh. was made excor.; Thomas, wh. was d. leav. s. Thomas, and wid. [[vol. 4, p. 511]] Ruth for good provis. to be furnish. by testat. in one half of his Wenham farm to ea. -- beside his own ds. that were m. and already portion. Joan, Elizabeth Mar, and Sarah, as also youngest Hannah wh. liv. with him. JOHN, Watertown 1642, mortgag. his est. at W. and at Cambridge that yr. to John Sherman as guard. of ch. of wid. Ong. 

JOHN, Kittery 1640, took o. of fidel. to Mass. 1652, as did ano. John at Wells next yr. and one or both may have been of Kennebeck 1665. JOHN, Boston, liv. in that pt. now Brookline bef. 1654, had John, Joseph, Mary, Martha, but the ds. both d. young. He d. betw. 30 Apr. 1691, the date of his will, and Mar. 1692, where it was pro. and may have resid. in Roxbury. His est. was good. JOHN, Charlestown 1658. JOHN, Lancaster, s. of John who was first at Salem, had Thomas, and prob. sev. other ch. of wh. Mary, w. of Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, has been long rememb. for her gr. suffer, with her fam. on the destruct. of the town by the Ind. Feb. 1676. He had d. the yr. bef. JOHN, Sudbury, by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 8 Aug. 1653; Thomas, 9 Sept. 1655; Elizabeth 1658; and Hannah, to wh. Barry gives date of 1669. JOHN, Boston 1669, a feltmaker. JOHN, Hatfield, s. of John of Hartford, m. Sarah, d. of Thomas Bunce of Harford, d. 14 Sept. 1665, leav. ch. John and Sarah, both quite young; and his wid. m. a 1668, Nicholas Worthington, and she d. 20 June 1676. JOHN, Haverhill, s. of William of the same, freem. 1666, m. Hannah, d. of Edward French, and d. early. Evidence remains that he had cultivat. in some reputa. degree his mental powers, and a copious illustra. of shorthand writing by him is still preserv. His will was pro. Apr. 1669. It names s. John, and f. His wid. m. Thomas Philbrick, under a m. contract in very judicious terms of 2 Aug. 1669. 

JOHN, Dorchester, had Thankful, b. 18, bapt. 20 Jan. 1678; in right of his w. a mem. of the N. ch. at Boston; and Susanna who d. 18 Jan. 1679, prob. very young. JOHN, Taunton, m. 24 Feb. 1680, Hannah Smith, had John, b. 16 Aug. 1681; Hannah, 19 Apr. 1683. JOHN, Watertown, only s. of Anthony, m. 11 Apr. 1684, Rebecca, d. of Joseph Bemis of the same, was k. in few wks. and his wid. m. 1 Apr. 1686, Thomas Harrington. JOHN, Roxbury, the freem. of 1677, liv. perhaps sev. yrs. bef. at Muddy riv. now Brookline, was a lieut. and m. Elizabeth eldest d. of Elder John Bowles. He d. 28 Mar. 1695, aged 53, and his wid. d. 7 Jan. 1700, aged 48, tho. gr.-stone makes it something less. JOHN, Hartford, s. of Nathaniel of Middletown, by w. Mary had John, b. 24 June 1687; Mary, 14 Aug. 1689, both d. young; John, again, 8 Feb. 1691; a d. that d. soon; Nathaniel, 8 Apr. 1694; Mary, again, 4 May 1696, d. young; Elizabeth 11 June 1698; Jacob, 22 Sept. 1700; Sarah; and Ann; and he d. July 1748. 

JOHN, Boston, made req. to the Gen. Ct. in 1683 and 4, for leave to erect wooden [[vol. 4, p. 512]] build, wh. was refus. JOHN, Hatfield, s. of John of the same, freem. 1690, m. 7 July 1687, Hannah, d. of Thomas Wells of Hadley, had John, b. 26 Sept. 1689; Mary, b. 1692, d. young; Hannah, 26 Mar. 1695; Mary, again, 1697; Jonathan, 18 Sept. 1700; Sarah; Elizabeth; Martha, 14 Mar. 1708; David, 1710, Y. C. 1730, first min. of Hardwick, d. 1784; and Eunice, 1713; and his w. d. 17 Dec. 1733. He d. 13 Nov. 1750, aged 87. JONATHAN, Middleborough, s. of Peregrine the first, and this is all that Miss Thomas could tell; but he had first liv. at Yarmouth. 

JOSEPH, Boston 1646, by me suppos. to be an orphan. ship. from London, since our Gen. Ct. order. him in May of that yr. to be apprent. to Sampson Shore of B. a tailor, for seven yrs. JOSEPH, Weymouth, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 19 Sept. 1660, Lydia Rogers, had Joseph, b. 16 Dec. 1662; rem. next yr. I presume to Mendon, and had Samuel, 14 Feb. 1667; John, Ebenezer; Experience; Hannah; Thomas; Ann, who m. a Task; ano. Joseph; Lydia, who m. a Cook; and Mary, who m. a Hill; eleven in all. Of course, some of these must have been b. in ano. town, tho. we kn. not certain. to wh. he rem. when the Ind. in Philip's war, destroy. Mendon. Joseph, Roxbury, perhaps br. of Benjamin, by w. Hannah, had Samuel, b. 13 Dec. 1684. He was f. of John, also, b. 1677, H. C. 1698, min. of Gloucester. 

JOSEPH, Middletown, youngest s. of Nathaniel of the same, m. 3 Apr. 1693, Mary, d. of Hugh Mould of New London, had Martha, b. 6 Dec. 1693; Sarah, 27 Feb. 1696; Mary, 2 Oct. 1698; Joseph, 17 Dec. 1700, d. young; Jerusha, 27 July 1703; Joseph, again, 17 Aug. 1705, d. in few mos.; and Ebenezer, 22 May 1707. He d. 28 Feb. 1725, leav. good est. JOSIAH, Hampton, took o. of alleg. 1678, had w. Remembrance. LAWRENCE, Boston, call. a lighterman in taking deed of ld. 1670. NATHANIEL, the s. of H. C. 1646, whose yr. of d. is not found, nor do we kn. his f. went forth to preach, and fist was at Bermuda a short time, soon aft. in one of the Bahamas, and Wonder-work. Providences sends him to Nevis, where Sir. George Downing had bef. been the evangelist. See Felt. Eccles. Hist. I. 577. But I have had a letter from him of 12 Sept. 1664, at Somer's Islands, to Michael Wigglesworth, who had visit. for his health that early resort of invalids, and aft. return home, wrote to his christian br. there under date of 12 July preced. 

*NATHANIEL, Middletown, s. of John of Hartford, b. prob. in Eng. was of the gr. jury 1662, rep. 1665-77 every yr. and almost every sess. with title of ens. but aft. the gr. Ind. war is swell. to lieut. was capt. bef. he d. 27 Aug. 1711. His w. Elizabeth brot him Nathaniel, b. 7 July 1652; Elizabeth 7 Mar. 1655; John, 9 Apr. 1657; Mary, 7 Apr. 1659; Daniel, 23 Feb. 1662; Sarah, 22 Jan. 1664; Jacob, 10 May 1665; Joseph, 20 Feb. 1667; and she d. 1690; he had see. w. Martha, wid. of Hugh Mould, d. of John Colt, wh. d. 14 Apr. 1730, in her 77th yr. by town rec. and a. 86 [[vol. 4, p. 513]] by gr.st. I am impartial betw. the two, but the prob. is strong against the town clk. NATHANIEL, Hadley, s. of Nathaneil of Middletown, m. 28 Mar. 1678, Elizabeth d. of John Savage of Middletown, had Elizabeth b. 13 Jan. foll. d. young; Nathaniel, 4 Nov. 1680; John, 28 Nov. 1682; Sarah, wh. prob. d. young; Joseph, 28 Feb. 1687; Daniel, 1 Mar. 1690; Jacob, 5 Dec. 1691, d. soon; Mary, 16 Oct. 1693; Elizabeth 8 Nov. 1695; William, 15 Aug. 1698; and Ebenezer, 9 Apr. 1701; sw. alleg.8 Feb. 1679, was freem. of Mass. 1690, a deac. and d. 15 Feb. 1742, few days aft. his w. 

One NATHANIEL was prisoner who. the Ind. in 1691, tortur. as Miles tells in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VI. 226. NICHOLAS, the freem. of 10 May 1643, happy to have his name repeat. in the list, in 1642 had resid. in Dorchester; but aft. m. Susanna, d. of Jonas Humphrey, sold his ld. and rem. to Taunton, and no more is kn. of him. NICHOLAS, Taunton, s. prob. of the preced. m. 9 Dec. 1673, Ursilla (Ursula?) Macomber of Marshfield, had Nicholas, b. 25 Oct. 1676; Ephraim, 8 Feb. 1679; and Dorcas, 24 Sept. 1680. NICHOLAS, Scarborough, submit. to Mass. Jurisdict. July 1658. PAUL, Permaquid, purch. half of patent 1651, from Thomas Elbridge, rem. with w. Bridget to Newbury, a. 1653, there his w. d. 11 Dec. 1664, and he m. 14 Mar. 1665, wid. Ann Jones, was freem. 1671, and d. 20 July 1679, aged 80. *PEREGRINE, Marshfield, s. of William, the first b. of new Eng. com. into life on board the Mayflower, Nov. 1620, in the harb. of Cape Cod, was brot. up by Edward Winslow, who m. his mo. Susanna, 12 May foll. his f. hav. d. 21 Feb. preced. m. 1648, Sarah, d. of William Bassett, had Daniel; Jonathan, b. 4 June 1658; Sylvanus (wh. it is said, d. bef. his f.); Peregrine; Sarah; and Mercy; of wh. we kn. not the order of success. exc. that Daniel is call. eldest s. and Mercy the youngest d. nor is the date of b. of either told, but Sarah's Oct. 1663; (tho. of Peregrine we gain approxima. to certain. by the remark. fact that he was bapt. 16 Feb. 1724, then aged 64, at the ch. in Brattle str. by Rev. William Cooper of Boston). He was ens. of Standish's milit. 1642 (tho. in the list of those able to bear arms in 1643, his name is unseen, exc. as *Mr. Winslow's man," wh. seems hardly so dignified a compellation as the first b. of the Mayflower might well challenge), but lieut, some yrs. later, and capt. 1673, rep. 1660 and 1673; and d. 20 July 1704, as the Boston Newsletter tells, add. "altho. he was in the former part of his life extrava. yet was much reform. in his last yrs." His wid. d. 22 Jan. 1711. Miss Thomas in her valua. Memorials, says, his homestead is own. by descend. of the sixth generat. Sarah m. Thomas Young, outliv. him, and d. at Scituate, says the Boston Newsletter, 9 Aug. 1755, in her 92d. yr.; Mercy m. 1697, William Sherman, and d. 1739. 

PEREGRINE, Weymouth, s. I suppose of the preced. by [[vol. 4, p. 514]] w. Susanna had Benoni, b. 26 Jan. 1686, rem. to Middleborough, and Miss Thomas, In memo. tells no more. But he may have liv. long at Boston bef. 1724 the yr. of his bapt. PETER, Milton, perhas s. of Edward of Dorchester, if so, the youngest, by w. Rachel had John, b. 3 Sept. 1683; Peter, 20 Feb. 1685; George, 5 Oct. 1686; Sarah, 21 Dec. 1693; Paul, 20 Feb. 1695, d. in few mos.; Paul, again, 24 July 1699; Benjamin, 6 Feb. 1701, d. young; and Philip, 26 July 1705, His w. d. 20 Oct. 1732, and he d. 7 May 1743, as my inform. read; but more prob. is the inscript. of his gr.-st. 23 Jan. 1737 in his 77th yr. 

RESOLVED, s. of William, brot. to Plymouth in the Mayflower 1620, by his f. wh. d. in few wks aft. land. sat down first at Scituate, there m. 8 Apr. 1640, Judith, eldest d. of Mr. William Vassall, had William, b. 10 Apr. 1642; John, 11 Mar. 1644; Samuel. 13 Mar. 1646; Resolved, 12 Nov. 1647, d. at 22 yrs.; Ann, 4 June 1649; Elizabeth 4 June 1652; Josiah, 29 Sept. 1654; and Susanna, 1656. His w. d. 3 Apr. 1670, but he had eight yrs. bef. rem. to Marshfield, and thence, soon aft. her d. prob. to Salem, m. 5 Oct. 1674, Sabigail, wid. fo William Lord of S. was made freem. 1680, and was the last surv. exc. John Cooke, of the male passeng. in the first sh. that brot. colonists to N. E. Short abstr. of her will, 2 Apr. 1682, pro. June foll. is in Essex Inst. III. 189. Various fam. bec. call. White, claim descent from the Mayflower, some with good reason, many without. RICHARD, Sudbury 1639, is prob. the same wh. came from London 1635, a carpenter, aged 30, as the custom-ho. docket makes it. in the Elizabeth and Ann, but I can tell of him only, from Barry, that he had sh. in three div. of ld. in that town; and Col. Rec. that he refus. to watch in 1642. ROBERT, Charlestown, had d. bef. 4 Aug. 1635, when admin. was given to William Stitson. See Col. Rec. I. 153. 

*SAMUEL, Weymouth, s. of Thomas of the same, freem. 1666, m. says Shattuck, Mary, d. of Joseph Dyer, but had no issue, was rep. 1679, and d. soon aft. date of his will, 2 Dec. 1698, of wh. w. Mary was made extrix. and the ten ch. of his br. Joseph legatees. SAMUEL, Rochester, s. of Resolved, in all that I can learn of him. SAMUEL, Braintree, by w. Ann had Susanna, b. 12 Mar. 1689; Mary, 12 Sept. 1690; Lydia, 4 Sept. 1693; Ann, 4 Oct. 1696; Thankful, 17 Apr. 1700; Rachel, 20 Mar. 1703; and Experience, 1 Jan. 1706; and I find not that the seven sis. had any br. *THOMAS, Weymouth, freem. 3 Mar. 1636, rep. some yr. and 1637 and 1657, in 1659 was aged 60, and rep. again 1670; d. Aug. 1679, leav. Joseph of Mendon; Samuel, both bef. ment.; Thomas; Hannah, wh. m. 24 June 1660, John Baxter; and Ebenezer, bef. ment. Of Thayer's Genealogy, eight pages are occup. with this Weymouth stock and progeny. THOMAS, Sudbury, freem. 13 May 1640, selectman 1642, says Barry, had sh. in the first three div. of lds.

THOMAS, Charlestown 1658, d. there, as Farmer [[vol. 4, p. 515]] says, 30 May 1664, in his will made five days bef. names w. Susanna, perhaps d. of Richard, and prob. sis. of Rev. John Miller, and s. Thomas of Cambridge, and d. Sarah. THOMAS, Charlestown, wh. join the ch. 22 Mar. 1668, had m. 17 Nov. 1663, Mary, d. of William Frothingham, was freem. 1670, and perhaps s. of the preced. had Thomas, b. 15 Oct. 1664; William, 12 Sept. 1667, both bapt. 29 Mar. 1668; Samuel, bapt. 31 Oct. 1669; Elizabeth b. 28 Feb. bapt. 10 Mar. 1672. His w. wh. unit. with the ch. 3 Apr. 1670, d. and he m. 5 May 1673, Elizabeth Chamberlain, and he is in the list of householders 1678. THOMAS, Wenham, s. of John, by w. Ruth had Thomas, b. 10 Mar. 1665; Martha, 26 Dec. 1668, d. soon; Martha, again, 5 Apr. 1670; and he d. 1 Oct. 1672. The s. Thomas, by will of his gr.f. had devise of one half of the est. at W. and his mo. the other. Perhaps his wid. m. 12 June 1679, John Dennis. THOMAS, Marblehead 1674. THOMAS, Weymouth, freem. 1681, was prob. s. of the first Thomas, and had w. Mary Pratt, and ch. Mary, Samuel, Joseph, and Ebenezer, but no more is kn. 

WILLIAM, Plymouth, woolcarder, as the rec. at Leyden calls him, when banns of m. were pub. 27 Jan. 1612, and the m. 1 Feb. foll. with Anna Fuller, perhaps a relat. of Dr. Samuel wh. attend. at the ceremony, and prob. the same wh. was call. Susanna, came with w. and s. Resolved, and two serv. William, Holbeck and Edward Thompson, in the Mayflower 1620, and had Peregrine, b. at Cape Cod, bef. the sh. reach. P. Nov. of that yr. and he d. 21 Feb. two mos. aft. land. His serv. Thompson had d. betw. Cape Cod and P. and the other serv. d. soon aft. His wid. m. 12 May foll. Edward Winslow, whose w. had d. only 31 days aft. d. of W. WILLIAM, Newbury, freem. 22 June 1642, had come from London in the Mary and John 1634, and first sat down at Ipswich, thence rem. prob. in 1635 or 6, with many of his fellow-passeng. to N. had John and James, the latter b. says Coffin, a. 1649; rem. to Harverhill, there d. 1690, aged 80. Prob. he had other ch. left very good est. as the inv. shows real L346. with a proport. of personal, far better than in those days was custom. with our yeomanry, and descend. especially thro. John's s. John, are very num. and have been among the most useful and honorable of the ld. WILLIAM, Ipswich, had w. Catharine, wh. d. 2 June 1671, and perhaps d. Ruth, aged 30 in 1663, and he d. 25 Aug. 1684, aged 74. WILLIAM, Boston, a man of some skill in natural science, from wh. letter to the Gov. (aft. he had fail. to realize what Dr. Child promis. a. search for mines, and July 1645 was resolv. to withdr. from the country) may be seen in 2 Mass. Hist,. Coll. IV> 198. It may amuse, if not enlighten. 

WILLIAM, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Cornelius, b. 7 Jan. 1647; and, I presume, m. a sec. w. 4 Aug. 1653, Philippa Wood, wh. d. 5 July 1654, and had Dorcas, 19 Apr. [[vol. 4, p. 516]] 1654. Farmer, I think, was misinform. a. s. William. WILLIAM, Ipswich, the freem. 1671, may have been that youth, in 1635, aged 14, wh. came from London in the Increase, under protect. of Philemon Dalton, and perhaps his serv. His w. Mary, by wh. he had ch. unkn. to me by name, d. 22 Feb. 1682, and he m. 21 Sept. foll. Sarah Foster, wid. perhaps of Renold. 

WILLIAM, Boston, nam. with two others by Sir Edmund Andros in one of this few reasonable commiss. to obt. contribut. for build. an Episcop. ch. in Boston, Mar. 1688. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 84. ZECHARIAH, Haverhill, call. serv. of Stephen Webster, 1665, was of Salem 1669, but sett. at H. took o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677, m. 23 Oct. 1678, Sarah Rumery, had Zechariah, b. 15 May 1680. Among the ch. mem. of Boston, No. 511 is Charity White, singlewoman, adm. 13 June 1641, wh. had ho. and ld. to dispose of at her d. 18 yrs. later, but prob. no near relat. as she gave most of her property to the deacons of the same. See Geneal. Reg. X. 265. Seventy-nine gr. of this name, in 1834, are noted by Farmer, of wh. thirty at Harv. seventeen at Yale, and thirty-two at the younger N. E. coll.

WHITEHAIRE, or WHITHEIRE, ABRAHAM, Salem, as Mr. Felt's Ann. I. 171 ment. under 1638, perhaps stands for Whittier, sometimes appears Whiteyear. He was 60 yrs. old in 1669.

WHITEHAND, GEORGE, Charlestown, join. the ch. 4 Aug. 1633, was made freem. 14 May 1634, and no more is heard of him by me.

WHITEHEAD, DANIEL, Huntington or Newtown, L. I. 1650, was one of the patentees in the gr. of Gov. Nichols 1666, left s. Daniel, Jonathan, David, and Adam. DANIEL, Newtown, L. I. s. prob. eldest of the preced. m. Abigail, d. of Thomas Stevenson, sett. at Jamaica on the isl. was major, and d. 1704 in his 58th yr. leav. s. Jonathan, Thomas, and sev. ds. ISAAC, New Haven 1648, had Susanna, b. 5 Aug. 1650; Isaac, 20 Nov. 1652; Mary, 20 Nov. 1654; Sarah, 3 Jan. 1656; Samuel, 15 June 1658; Joseph, 29 Apr. 1661; and Grace, 12 Nov. 1663; rem. soon aft. 1666, perhaps to N. J. Susanna m. 3 Jan. 1667, Nathan Bunnill. JOHN, Branford 1660, m. 25 May of that yr. Martha, d. of Lesley Bradfield, had Mary, b. 6 May 1662; Hannah, 10 May 1664; John, 20 Feb. 1666; Martha or Mercy, 10 Jan. 1668; Damaris, 20 Jan. 1670; Samuel, 24 Nov. 1672; Eliphalet, 27 Sept. 1674; Elizabeth Oct. 1677; and Thomas, 17 Feb. 1681; and he d. 1695. Seven ch. and wid. Martha attend. the inv. He was one of the party to new ch. covenant in 1667, and in 1669 nomin. for freem. 

RICHARD, Windsor, serv. on the jury of July Ct. 1640, m. Mary, wid. of William Hopkins, and no more is kn. of him; but his w. was liv. 1670 with her d. Lewis. SAMUEL, Cambridge 1635, Hartford, perhaps an orig. propr. serv. in the Pequot war 1637, and long aft. he had rem. to New Haven had gr. of 50 acres, in 1671, was made serg. of the N. H. [[vol. 4, p. 517]] comp. 1665, where he sett. 1639, and is in the freemen's list 1669 m. 9 May 1676, Sarah, wid. of John Gilbert, d. of Thomas Gregson had Samuel, b. 9 June 1678; and Stephen, 29 Jan. 1681; and d. Sept. 1690. His wid. d. a. 1698, leav. two Gilberts and two Whitehead to enjoy her est. SAMUEL, New Haven, s. of the preced. prob. by w. Tabitha had s. Samuel. STEPHEN, New Haven, br. of the preced. had Stephen, prob. by w. Mary, wh. surv.

WHITEHOUSE, THOMAS, Dover 1658, m. a d. of William Pomfret, had Pomfret, to wh. his gr.f. gave est. 26 Mar. 1679; and Thomas; perhaps more. I suppose JOSEPH in Geneal, Reg. IV. 249 is error for Thomas. He prayed, 1689, for protect. of Mass. and was liv. says Quint. 1694 Pike's Journal tells of his d. 3 Dec. 1707.

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