A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Wilbore - Wilkinson

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

WILBORE, WILDBOARE, WILBUR, WILBOR, WILLBORE or WILDBORE, JOHN, South Kingstown, s. of the sec. Samuel, d. 1685. JOSEPH, Taunton, s. of Samuel of the same, m. Mehitable, d. of John Deane of the same, and had Ann, certain. as nam. in the will of her uncle Samuel, and perhaps other ch. In Col. Rec. we read that his w. Elizabeth d. 9 Nov. 1670, but he had by ano. w. a d. Ann 7 May 1672. SAMUEL, Boston, with w. Ann, who was d. of Thomas Bradford of Doncaster in the S. part of Co. York, as in his will of 1 Mar. 1607 is shown, adm. of our ch. 1 Dec. 1633, had no doubt, brot. his ch. Samuel, Joseph, and Shadrach from Eng. and prob. had not any ch. b. on our side of the water, unless we might see cause to give him a William. When his w. d. is not seen, but a sec. w. Elizabeth was rec. into the ch. 29 Nov. 1645. But long bef. he had fall. in sympathy with the major pt. of his fellowworshipp. under the danger. doctrines of Cotton and Wheelwright, so that the body of the peop. at other places in the Col. deem. it necess. to disarm them in Nov. 1637, when his charact. stood high eno. to serve on the gr. jury two mos. earlier, and in Mar. foll. he was banish. With Coddington, and seventeen others, among the best men of Boston, then purchas. Aquedneck or Rhode Island, he form. a corpo. by solemn compact, 7 Mar. 1638, and was held in high esteem there many yrs. so that tho. he had rem. to Tauton, his name as sen. and Samuel jr. was ea. retain. on the list of freem. 1655. He had wisdom eno. to hold on by his est. at Portsmouth, on R. I. as Taunton, and at Boston, to wh. place the came again to live bef. mak. his will 30 Apr. 1656, pro. 6 Nov. foll. See Geneal. Reg. VI. 20. 

It made w. Elizabeth and s. Shadrach, excors. A note on the p. says he d. 29 Sept. In that will is giv. to his youngest s. Shadrach the time of serv. of a Scotchman John Mockliet, as there spell. perhaps John Maclude or McCloud, one of the [[vol. 4, p. 545]] wretched victims of the civil war, either that importa. of 1652, of wh. large acco. is seen in Geneal. Reg. I. 377-80, show. the names of most of a shipload, 272, sold from the shambles the yr. preced. being the yr. after the fatal field of Worcester; tho. it may have been his fortune to have experience of the tender mercies of Cromwell after his victory of Dunbar in the preced. yr. Whether the Dunbar invoice contain the names of as many young men as the Worcester, or more, or less, is unkn. but it is an object of high interest to find that one, out of a hundred, outliv. by four or five yrs. their cruel banishment and servitude. 

SAMUEL, Portsmouth, R. I. or Newport, eldest s. of the preced. m. a d. of John Porter, is nam. as one of the patentees of the royal charter of 1663; in his will of 1678, are nam. John, the only s.; Elizabeth who m. Morris Freelove; Mary, wh. is thot. to have m. Samuel Forman; Rebecca, the youngest d. who had m. as Mr. Potter thinks, Samuel Browning; gr.s. Latham Clark, from wh. it is presum. that ano. d. had m. his f. of the same name; gr.s. Samuel Arnold, from wh. it may seem that ano. d. Hannah, had m. Caleb Arnold; Ann, d. of Joseph Wilbor; and Samuel, s. of Shadrach Wilbor, his brs. sis. Sarah Shearman, wh. is unkn. to me; cousin, i. e. neph. William Wilbor, sen. perhaps s. of his br. William, or his br. Joseph; or of his br. Shadrach (for it is only certain by the addit. sen. that there was ano. William); and Francis Gisborne, to ea. of wh. he devis. lds. and the residue to his w. Hannah, perhaps d. of the first John Porter. SHADRACH, Taunton, younger br. of the preced. gain. all the lds. in T. that had been his f's. acc. his will, was more than 35 yrs. town clk. of T. oppos. the governm. of Sir. Edmund Andros, for wh. tho. agent of the town, he was sent to prison in Boston, 30 Aug. 1687. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 190. 

We may suppose that he suffer, not long; and regret most the loss by fire, a few yrs. since, of most of the evid. of his long offic. serv. Baylies, IV. 81, commends the chirogra. Prob. he had other ch. beside Samuel, b. 1 Apr. 1663, rememb. in the will of his uncle Samuel; as Mary, 18 Mar. 1662, wh. d. under 13 yrs.; Rebecca, 13 Jan. 1665; Hannah, 24 Feb. 1668, d. at 7 yrs.; Joseph, 27 July 1670; Shadrach, 5 Dec. 1672; John, 2 Mar. 1675; Eliezer, 1 July 1677; Benjamin, 23 July 1683. WILLIAM, Portsmouth, R. I. br. prob. of Joseph, had Martha, wh. m. 12 May 1681, William Shearman of Marshfield; and perhaps other ch. and d. prob. bef. 1678. 

WILLIAM, Portsmouth, R. I. call. sen. in the will of his uncle Samuel,may have been s. of the preced. or of Joseph, or Shadrach, as the will calls him caus. had Thomas, and perhaps others. Farmer thot. this fam. name the orig. of Wilbur in our days.

WILBORNE, MICHAEL, Boston, m. 17 Oct. 1656, Mary, as in the [[vol. 4, p. 546]] careless Boston town book of ms. call. d. of ens. William Beamsley, but the rec. should be Mercy, wh. is the designat. in her f's. will, 14 Sept. 1658, as in rec. of b. He liv not long, and his wid. m. Andrew Peters.

WILBY, GEORGE, a youth of 16 yrs. came in the Susan and Ellen, 1635, from London, but no more is kn. of him.

WILCOCKS, or WILCOX, DANIEL, Portsmouth, R. I. chos. to sev. on gr. jury in Mar. 1644, first was perhaps of Narraganset, and f. of him who m. 28 Nov. 1661, at Plymouth, Elizabeth d. of the first Jacob Cook. This bridgegroom, perhaps d. young, and his wid. m. John Doten of P. *DANIEL, prob. s. of the preced. may have liv. at Little Compton, and been the rep. 1692 to Plymouth Gen. Ct. bef. the new chart. Yet at Portsmouth, R. I. I find a DANIEL, hav. by w. Hannah, Mary, b. 25 Feb. 1683; Hannah, 11 Apr. 1684; and Joseph, 28 Oct. 1687. EDWARD, Newport, one of the first sett. form. the civil combinat. 20 May 1638, of wh. I would gladly kn. more. Perhaps he was br. of the first Daniel. EPHRAIM, Middletown, youngest s. of the sec. John, by w. Silence Hands, m. 23 Aug. 1698, had Esther, b. 31 Oct. 1699; James, 20 Sept. 1701; Thankful, 16 Sept. 1703; Mary, 10 Dec. 1705; Jane, 4 Jan. 1707; Ephraim, 4 June 1709; and John, 8 Aug. of yr. not mark. as also is the final numeral in ea. of the five preced. ch. and d. 4 Jan. of unkn. yr. ISRAEL, Middletown 1675, br. of the preced. m. 28 Mar. 1678, Sarah, d. of John Savage, had Israel, b. 16 Jan 1680; John, 5 July 1682; Samuel, 26 Sept. 1685; Thomas, 5 July 1687; and Sarah, 30 Nov. 1689. He d. 20 Dec. foll and his wid. d. 8 Feb. 1724. 

JOHN, Hartford, an orig. propr. 1639, had prob. s. John to accomp. him from Eng. and prehaps other ch. beside that Ann wh. m. John Hall, bef. his com. to our shores, or else she was his sec. w. John was of adult age in 1648, and may have tak. disgust at the act of the town in Nov. 1653 (Trumbull, Coll. Rec. I. 249), so as to cause rem. to Dorchester. In Oct. 1667, the s. was order, by the Ct. to pay L6. to his wid. per an. How long he had been d. is unkn. but he had made a will, of wh. the orig. and copy are lost. The wid.'s will was pro. Jan. 1669, in wh. she gave to cous. Sarah Long, d. Ann Hall, s.-in-law John Biddle, whose w. or mo. Mary present. the inv. All these circumst. tend to the infer. that the wid. was not mo. of John or Ann. JOHN, Dorchester, whose young wid. Mary m. 9 Jan. 1655, Jacob Eliot. JOHN, Hartford, s. of the first John, b. in Eng. m. 17 Sept. 1646, Sarah, eldest d. of William Wadsworth of the same, had Sarah, b. 3 Oct. 1648. His w. d. soon aft. and he m. 18 Jan. 1650, Catharine (Boltwood in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 141, read the name Retorn wh. perhaps was writ. Katern), d. prob. of the first Thomas Stoughton, had John, b. 29 Oct. [[vol. 4, p. 547]] foll.; and Thomas; both prob. d. aft. 1660, but bef. the will of f. He had bef. 1654, liv. at Middletown, where were b. Mary, 13 Nov. 1654, d. bef. her f. Israel, 19 June 1656; Samuel, 9 Nov. 1658; and the sec. w. d. and he had new w. Mary wh. d. 1671; and by the fourth w. Esther Cornwell, d. of William, had Ephraim, 9 July 1672; Esther, 9 Dec. 1673; and Mary, 24 Mar. 1676; and he d. 24 May foll. Sarah had m. a Long, perhaps Thomas, as thus she is nam. in the will of her gr.f. Wadsworth. 

JOSEPH, Killingworth 1663. SAMUEL, Middletown, s. of the sec. John of the same, m. 9 May 1683, Abigail, d. of the first Francis Whitmore, had Samuel, b. 20 Feb. foll.; Francis and Abigail, tw. 5 July 1687, of wh. Abigail d. next yr. and the mo. d. in a fortnight aft. their b. and he d. 16 Mar. 1714. In the Col. Rec. of Trumbull, II. 175, a Samuel W. is propound. for freem. 1672, wh. could not have been this man; but prob. stands for Samuel, the s. of William Wilcockson. STEPHEN, Stonington, bef. 1670, but on the E. or R. I. side of the Paweatuck, I presume, call. Misquamicuck, m. Hannah, d. of Thomas Hazard of Portsmouth, R. I. had Stephen, and perhaps other ch. 

WILLIAM, Cambridge, freem. 25 May 1636, ar. co. 1638, d. 28 Nov. 1653. His will of two days preced. speaks of w. as sick, but no ch. yet names cous. John Woods, sis. wid. Hall, and her s. William, and d. Susan, br. Richard Francis, and br. John Taylor; still, all these, exc. the cous. may only refer to Christian relationsh. Yet, in ano. part, ano. meaning may belong to the phrase, when he alludes to "sister's childr. in O. Eng. wh. were the ch. of sis. Christian Boyden." Farmer found gr. in 1834, three at Yale, and eight at other N. E. coll. but none at Harv.

WILCOCKSON, WILLCOXSON, or WILCOKSON, JOHN, Stratford, s. of William, brot. by his f. at the age of two yrs. in the spring of 1635, m. 19 Mar. 1663, Elizabeth wid. of John Welles of the same, as his sec. w. had Patience, b. 1 Feb. 1664; Hannah, 14 Feb. 1665; Elizabeth July 1666; and Mary, Apr. 1668; was freem. 1669, but what seems strange is, that the freemen's list of Kenelworth, bef. it was degrad. to Killingworth, contains the same name for the same time, and he d. 1690. Who was his first w. or whether by her he had any ch. beside John, b. Mar. 1657, is not ascert. Patience m. 4 Oct. 1681, Ebenezer Blakeman; and Elizabeth m. 1688, Barnabas Beers. JOSEPH, Kenelworth, br. of the preced. by w. Ann had Joseph, b. 1659; Thomas, 1661; Samuel, 1663; Hannah, 19 Jan. 1666; Nathaniel, 29 Aug. 1668; William, 9 Jan. 1671; Margaret, 1673; and John, 1675; and d. bef. 1683. 

OBADIAH, Kenelworth, br. of the preced. present. for freem. May 1669, had three ws. Mary, wh. d. 8 Aug. 1670; Lydia; and Silence; and ch. Mary, b. 1676; Lydia, 1678, d. soon; Obadiah, 1679; Ebenezer, 1682; [[vol. 4, p. 548]] Ephraim; Mindwell; Timothy, 1690; Silence; John, 1692; Joseph, 1694; Jana; Jemima, 1699; and Thankful, 1701; and he d. 1713; and all these ch. were prob. b. at Guilford, whither he rem. a. 1676. *SAMUEL Windsor, br. of the preced. had Samuel, b. 1666; rem. to Simsbury, there had, perhaps, William and Joseph, and was rep. 1689. TIMOTHY, Concord, rem. to Stratford 1639, says Farmer MS. quot. Trumbull, I. 109, as authty. for his being one of the first sett. But I presume that is a mistake for William, whose s. Timothy, a very small ch. certain. even if not unb. at that time, wh. is on the list of freem. 1669, m. 28 Dec. 1664, Joanna, d. of John Birdseye, had Joanna, b. 1667; Phebe, 1669; Sarah, 1671; Elizabeth 1673; and Rebecca, 1680. 

*WILLIAM, the freem. in Mass. of 7 Dec. 1636, came in the Planter from London, in the ship's clearance call. linen weaver, aged 34, with w. Margaret, 24, and s. John, 2, but at what town he first sat down, is not cert. We can be sure it was not Boston, nor Salem, nor Charlestown, nor Dorchester, nor Roxbury, nor Watertown, and of the few others Concord seems most likely. To what part of Conn. he first rem,. is unkn. or at what time; but he is seen in 1647, as rep. at Hartford, and prob. in a high degree is it, that he had more s. and ds. Joseph, Samuel, Obadiah, Timothy, Elizabeth wh. m. at Windsor 16 Apr. 1663, Henry Stiles; and Hannah, wh. m. also at W. 17 Mar. 1665, Daniel Hayden; Sarah, wh. m. 1665, John Meigs; and Phebe, m. 11 Dec. 1669, John Birdseye, jr. of Stratford, so that it is not improb. that he had chos. W. for his resid. Yet he may have early rem. to Stratford, where he d. 1652. Some of his descend. have sunk the last syl. of the ancestor's name.

WILCOME, or WELOME, RICHARD, kept an aleho. 1683, at Isle of Shoals. WILLIAM, Scituate 1673, was k. at Rehoboth fight 26 Mar. 1676, under Pierce.

WILCOT, JOHN. See Woolcot.

WILD, WYLDE, WILDES, or WILDE, EPHRAIM, Topsfield, s. of John the first, was constable 1692, and unhappi. call. to serve a warrant of arrest of one charg. as a witch, wh. cunning. confess. the truth of all the diabolic. nonsense. By her, wh. thus sav. her own life, was th emo. of this min. of the law accused of the same crime; and the s. thot. she had her full revenge, when his mo. was hang. 

GEORGE, call. a husbandman, aged 37, came in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635, but I kn. not where he sat down. JOHN, Topsfield 1660, then aged 40, perhaps s. of William, m. Priscilla, d. of the first Zacheus Gould; may be that youth of 17 yrs. coming from London, 1635, in the Elizabeth. From Coffin's gatherings in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 167, it may be infer. that he had s. JOHN, wh. in his will of Oct. 1676, after ment. of his gr.f. Gould, names brs. Jonathan, Ephraim, and sis. Sarah, Elizabeth Phebe, Priscilla, and Martha. [[vol. 4, p. 549]] His sec. w. Sarah was old eno. in 1692 to be condemn. and execut. as a witch, but not young eno. to falsely accuse herself or others during the execra. delusion. 

RICHARD, Charlestown, adm. inhab. 1636. WILLIAM, Rowley 1643, is thot. to have come in the Elizabeth, 1635, aged 30, unless the number should rightly be larger, with Alice, 40, wh. may have been his w. and John, 17; was of Ipswich 1650 to 1663. He had d. Sarah, w. of the sec. Edward Bishop. Perhaps the wid. Elizabeth ment. in the rec. as this latest day, when he was d. is the same as Alice, emb. 28 yrs. bef. Nine gr. at N. E. coll. name Wild, Wilde, and Wildes are noted by Farmer.

WILDER, EDWARD, Hingham, came, tradit, says, from Lancashire, 1638, with his mo. Martha, a wid. wh. d. 20 Apr. 1652, was freem. 1644, m. Elizabeth Eames of Marshfield, had John, Ephraim, Isaac, and Jabez, with four ds. and d. 18 Oct. 1690. His wid. d. 9 June 1692. Elizabeth m. 22 July 1673, Israel Fearing. EDWARD, Hingham, a soldier in the comp. of the brave Isaac Johnson of Roxbury, Dec. 1675. ISAAC, Hingham, s. of Edward of the same, m. 3 Jan. 1689, Mary, d. of the first James Whiton, had Thomas, b. 11 Oct. foll. and d. 6 Sept. aft. His wid. m. a Jordan. JOHN, Lancaster, s. of Thomas of Charlestown, to wh. again he was driv. in Philip's war, by w. Hannah had John, bapt. at C. 30 Apr. 1676; Thomas, b. 2 Mar. 1677; Hannah, bapt. 31 Oct. 1680; Ebenezer; and prob. other ch. From Ebenezer descends Hon. David of Leominster. 

NATHANIEL, Lancaster, prob. youngest s. of Thomas of Charlestown, was perhaps a soldier under sentence of d. in 1676, wh. had showed his hatred of some friend. Ind. in Philip's war, disch. by the Gen. Ct. with Daniel Hoar, his fellow offender, or paym. of cost, and some L10. ea. to the Ind. His youth might plead in extenuat. He had by the Ind. war in wh. L. was destroy. been driv. to Sudbury, and there by w. Mary had Ephraim, b. 16 Apr. 1677; Mary, 12 May 1679; Elizabeth 14 Feb. 1681; and went back to L. and prob. had more; but was k. by the Ind. July 1704. ROGER, Plymouth, came in the Mayflower 1620, as serv. of Gov. Carver, d. in few days aft. land. THOMAS, Charlestown 1639, by tradit. call. br. of Edward, join. the ch. 30 Mar. 1640, and was adm. freem. 2 June 1641, by w. Hannah had Mary, b. 30 June, bapt. 3 July 1642; Thomas, b. 4 Sept. 1644; John; Elizabeth; Nathaniel, 3 Nov. 1655; and Ebenezer, perhaps others wh. d. young, either at C. or at Lancaster, whither he rem. 1 July 1659, was a selectman in the new town, and d. 23 Oct. 1667. His will of 22 Jan. preced. names w. Ann, the four w. and two ds. and made his wid. and s. Thomas, excors. 

THOMAS, Charlestown, s. of the preced. in his will of 10 May 1716, pro. 25 Aug. foll. names James and Joseph his s. to be excors. and ds. Mary Fairbanks, Elizabeth Hutchins, Ann Willard, and [[vol. 4, p. 550]] Sarah Hartwell, w. of Edward. Of the passeng. in the Confidence from Southampton, emb. 1638, a "Martha W. of Shiplake, Oxfordsh. spinstr, and Mary W. her d." print. in Geneal. Reg. II. 109, we can make no exact settlement. yet perhaps the spinster was a wid. and she may have first sat down at Hingham. Farmer notes gr. of this name, 1834, two at Harv. two at Yale, and four at other N. E. coll.

WILDGOOSE, JOHN, Pemaquid, took o. of fidel, 1674, to Mass.

WILEY, JOHN, Reading 1640, or at least an early sett. TIMOTHY, Reading, the freem. of 1690, may have been s. of the preced. Easy is it to mistake this name for Willey, either in index or rec.

WILFORD, GILBERT, Ipswich 1668, was of Bradford 1671. *JOHN, New Haven 1641, took o. of fidel. 1644, was a merch. rem. to Branford bef. 1663, rep. 1665, and most of the time to May 1677 incl. had w. Lydia, and d. early in 1678. His will of 23 Feb. in that yr. gave his est. to a neph. John Wilford, in London, aft. d. of his wid. She m. soon, capt. Thomas Tappan of Milford, and disput. the effect of the will, bec. the est. had been hers, bef. her m. with testat. JOHN, Boston, by w. Bridget, had John, b. 26 May 1656. RICHARD, Branford 1679, or later, agent of John W. some yrs. in the suit for est. giv. to him by will of his uncle.

WILKES, or WILKS, GEORGE, Dorchester 1639, of wh. no more can be kn. for the name is a mistak. of Dr. Harris. JOSEPH, Dorchester 1668, s. of the preced. as cop. erron. by Dr. Harris for Weekes. ROBERT, Salem, merch. d. 24 Sept. 1677, prob. unm. for in his will of that same day, pro. 27 Nov. foll. he made Isaac Woodbury excor. and gave his sis. Mary, w. of said Isaac, and their ch. Robert and Mary, all his prop. See Essex Inst. II. 274. THOMAS, Salem 1656, shipwright, was d. in 1662. WILLIAM, Boston 1633, had w. Joan, wh. join. our ch. 9 Feb. 1634. He rem. to New Haven, prob. with Gov. Eaton, and aft. few yrs. went home, a. 1644, as is kn. by the will of his w. 12 Jan. 1646, "call. to go to her h. but not knowing whether he be liv. or not," embark. that mo. for London, in the ill-fated sh. with Grigson, Lamberton and others. She left ho. ld. and goods to pay her legacies. Her inv. is of 11 Jan. 1647.

WILKEY, or WILKIE, JOHN, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Samuel, b. 3 Apr. 1653; and Mary, 17 Dec. 1655.

WILKINS, BENJAMIN, HENRY, and THOMAS, Salem vill. now Danvers, wre adm. freem. together 1690, but I have no kn. of either, nor can conject. any thing. exc. that as the last (wh. was decid. against the hypochondr. Rev. Samuel Paris a. the witchcr. delus. that long torment. the ch.) is call. sen. he may have been f. of the other two. BRAY, Lynn 1630, if Lewis is right, freem. 14 May 1634, but in Dorchester [[vol. 4, p. 551]] 1633, kept the ferry over Neponset, 1638, and for certainty that he was inhab. of D. in 1641, we may see his signat. to donat. of right in Thompson's isl. with most, if not all, other proprs. to the town, for support of free sch. forever. In his latter yrs. was tenant of Gov. Bellingham's farm at Lynn, where his ho. was burn. 1664, near Salem. He d. 1 Jan. 1702, aged 91. In his name is sometimes seen the addit. on in the rec. JOHN, Salem, had w. Mary, and ch. Elizabeth John, Mary, and Abigail, all under age, when his w. adminx. render inv. of his little prop. 24 June 1672. JOHN, Boston, the freem. of 1673, may be the person, wh. Babson, 84, says, came from Wilts, had Abigail, b. 1676, wh. m. 30 July 1696, Benjamin Ellery. 

RICHARD, Boston, freem. 1690. He is the man nominat. for postmaster, aft. the overthrow of Andros; but in 1685 was a bookseller, from Limerick. Of him we learn from the agreeable book of John Dunton, wh. in his visit to Mass. saw much of all the appertain. in any way to his trade. In Thomas's Hist. of Print. II. 412, he is noticed, and he d. at Milton, 10 Dec. 1704, aged 80. THOMAS, Topsfield, m. May 1667, Hannah, d. of William Nichols, but no issue is kn. WILLIAM, Gravesend, L. I. favor. the Jurisdict. of Conn. 1664, with James Hubbard, appoint. in a commissn. Of this name Farmer counts gr. in 1834, four at Yale, three at Harv. and two at other N. E. coll.

WILKINSON, often WILKESON, EDWARD, Milford, m. 2 July 1672, Rebecca, d. of Henry Smith of Stamford, had Elizabeth aged 24; Rebecca, 22; Edward, 19; Ruth, 16; Hannah, 13; Abigail, 11; Samuel, 8; John, 6; and Thankful, less than 2; at the giv. of the inv. 21 Mar. 1698. HENRY, Ipswich, is prob. the tallow chandler, emb. at London, early in May 1635, aged 25, in the Elizabeth and Ann, but all else is unkn. JOHN, Malden, by a wid. Prudence W. who was of Charlestown 1635, in her will of 1655, pro. July in that yr. call. her only s. and she names no other person but gr.ch. John Bucknam, wh. had been tak. by her from inf. as in the will of his f. is explain. and d. Elizabeth w. prob. of George felt. He d. 12 Dec. 1675, hav. fam. I judge from seeing the summons to John, prob. his s. in 1674, to come up to take o. of fidel. JOHN, constable of Scarborough 1640. JOHN, Providence, s. perhaps youngest, of Lawrence, by w. Deborah, m. 16 Apr. 1689, had John, b. Mar. 1690; Mercy, 30 June 1694; Sarah, 22 June 1696; Freelove, 25 July 1701; Daniel, 8 June 1703; and Jeremiah, 4 June 1707. This last was ancest. of the disting. prophetees Jemima Wilkinson. His eldest s. m. Rebecca, d. of the sec. Richard Scott. 

JOSEPH, propound. for freem. 1667, in Conn. as Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. 60, shows; yet the name is not seen on the list of 1669, and he may have gone to Providence to take engagem. of alleg. 1668 to Charels II. JOSIAH, [[vol. 4, p. 552]] Providence, perhaps eldest s. of Lawrence, took engagem. of alleg. to Charles II. 29 May 1682, had no male offspring to surv. him, and only d. Ruth wh. m. a Dexter, of wh. are still descend. LAWRENCE, Providence, bef. 1646, m. Susanna, d. of Christopher Smith, had beside three s. Joseph, Samuel, and John, the first b. 2 Mar. 1654; ds. Susanna, b. 9 Mar. 1652; Joanna, 2 Mar. 1657; and Susanna, again, Feb. 1662; own. alleg. to the k. 31 May 1666, and d. 9 Aug 1692. He was call. capt. and tradit. tells that he was a capt. under Cromwell, but it is rather inconsist. that he should have hurried to get out of that serv. and be so early at Providence, as to avoid much of the peril of the civil war, and forego all the benefits of the triumph of the holy brethren in his native ld. ROSIMUS, if the real name were not Erasmus, d. 22 Aug. 1669, by shipwreck, in the W. I. and Henry Coggan claim. 5 Nov. 1670, his little prop. under the nuncup. will. SAMUEL, Providence, s. of Lawrence, engag. alleg. to the k. 29 May 1682; m. 1672, Plain, d. of William Wickenden, had Samuel, b. 18 Sept. 1674; John, 25 Jan. 1678; William, 1 Aug. 1680; Joseph, 22 Jan. 1683; Ruth, 31 Jan. 1685; and Susanna, 27 Apr. 1688. Ruth m. William Hopkins, and thus bec. mo. of Ezek. the first commodore of an Amer. fleet in 1776, and of the more disting. Gov. Stephen, whose chirography is so sacred. legib. on the Declarat. of Independence. 

THOMAS, "for disord. carriage in the meeting-ho." on Sunday, was commit. to pris. in Conn. Sept. 1649, "till the Ct. sees cause to free him;" but we find not in what town he was inhab. THOMAS, Billerica 1675, was complain. of next yr. for pract. of chirurg. and physick contra. to law, but he contin. an inhab. and is found in the tax list 1679; and at B. d. 8 Feb. 1692, Ann W. says Farmer, aged 94, wh. may have been his mo. A wid. Isabel W. d. at Cambridge, 23 Feb. 1656, whose d. Margaret was w. of Edward Goffe, and next of John Witchfield; and perhaps her d. Jane was the first w. of Edward Winship.

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