A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Wills - Wing 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

Wills Continued:

NATHANIEL, Hartford, s. of Phineas of the same, m. Susanna, d. of Dep.-Gov. William Jones of New Haven, had Benjamin and Rebecca, but aft. much misconduct to her, and foll. the evil courses begun bef. m. he desert. her, went to parts unkn. and was regard. as d. insomuch that his est. was admin. 1703, when the inv. was only L606. 6s and the w. d. 1705. Aft. est. was giv. to his sis. Rowlandson and Jesse, the reprobate reappear. and long trouble in the law foll. until 1720, when the assembled wisdom of the Gen. Ct. was invoked for final adjustm. PAUL, Charlestown, a householder 1677, of wh. no more is learn. exc. that his w. Mary join. the ch. 10 Apr. 1687. PHINEAS, Hartford 1675, had come from Dublin, and was a prosper, merch. by first w. perhaps tak. in Eng. Mary, only d. of Nathaniel Sanford, had Nathaniel; Hannah; and Mary; and by sec. w. Elizabeth m. a. 1690, whose fam. name is sought in vain, wid. of John Hayward the Notary of Boston, wh. had been wid. of Samuel Sendall, and earlier, the third w. of John Warren, had no ch. and d. 22 May 1692, aged 64. His inv. 6 June next, shows L4,102. By his will of 6 May 1691, he gave a small sum to ea. of three sis. of his, all liv. near Hull in E. riding of Yorksh. and an equal amount to Abigail Warren, d. of his w. wh. m. first, 14 Jan. 1693, Richard Lord, and next, Timothy Woodbridge; and the shares of his ds. were L955. ea. Hannah m. Joseph Rowlandson; and Mary m. David Jesse of Boston, and next Joseph King of Suffield. 

The son had, of course, a larger amo. quite eno. to ruin him. Aft. d. of this fourth h. the wid. transact. large business in money lending at H. until some yrs. bef. her d. 9 or 19 July 1727, aged 86, by her will gladdens many relatives, and the details may be agreeable: to her s. Rev. Timothy Woodbridge, who had m. her d. Abigail, £50.; to the five s. of said Abigail, Elisha, Richard, Epaphras, and Ichabod Lord, with Theodore Woodbridge, all her real est. and £200. to ea. and to the gr.ds. Jerusha Whiting, Mary Pitkin, and Elizabeth Lord. £100. ea. and her furnit. and to d. Woodbridge all resid. of personal est. to ea. of Woodbridge's childr. a gold ring; Rev. Thomas Buckingham, £10.; Joanna Stone of Boston, £10.; to d. Warren of Boston, and her s. Thomas, ea. £10.; to d. King, i. e. w. of Joseph, £10.; to Elizabeth d. of John Hunlock of Boston, £3.; to d. Mary, w. of John Burr of Hingham, £10.; to d. Sarah Gardner, £10.; to d. Lydia David of L. I. £10.; and last ot gr.d. Mary Jesse, £5.; beside £40. to poor wids. in Hartford; and the sum of inv. was £7,154. 

RICHARD, Boston 1639, a youth who stole money from his master, and was set to serv. for some yrs. to a new master, but abus. him, so as to be sentenc. to be whip. in 1641, may not reason. seem the same as the [[vol. 4, p. 588]] foll. but may be he of Duxbury, able to bear arms 1643, of wh. no more is heard. RICHARD, Boston, m. 7 Apr. 1654, Sarah Hurst, perhaps d. of one wh. d. the yr. preced. made his will of 19 Aug. 1654, of wh. William Kilcup was one of the overseers, and gave every thing to his wid. and the amt. was worth having, tho. not large. See Geneal. Reg. V. 305, and VIII. 277. 

ROBERT, Windsor, an early sett. tho. not among the first, m. Elizabeth d. of deac. Edward Stebbins, had John, rem. to Farmington, and had Samuel, b. 1653; perhaps no other ch. and d. at F. 21 July 1655. His wid. m. 1658, Thomas Cadwell. An Isabel W. m. 4 June 1645 or 6, the sec. William Phelps of Windsor, was prob. sis. of Robert. ROBERT, Salem 1662, in wh. yr. his w. was severely punish. with her mo. Buffum, perhaps w. of Joseph or Robert, and sis. Smith, perhaps w. of James or John, as Quakers. Yet six yrs. later, he was join. with the majority in petition. against imposts; and d. prob. May 1681, for his inv. was tak. in May, and his w. Ann had admin. in June that yr. His wid. Ann m. 21 Nov. 1683, Joseph Foster. 

ROBERT, Cambridge, of wh. we see not when or whence he came, rem. to Sudbury, m. Deborah, d. of Andrew Stephenson of C. had Deborah, b. 25, bapt. 30 Sept. 1666; Sarah, 6 Oct. 1668; and Andrew, 17 Sept. 1670; and d. a. 1685. ROBERT, one of the soldiers of capt. Lothrop's comp. call. "the flower of Essex," cut off 18 Sept. 1675 at Deerfield. SAMUEL, New Haven, sw. fidel. 1644, rem. a. 1649, and possib. may be the SAMUEL of Fairfield 1654, whose d. Mary, by w. Jane is ment. on Boston rec. of deaths sub. an. 1654 for wh. various conject. may furnish explanat. The ch. may have been sev. yrs. old. or but few days. Yet ano. SAMUEL of Fairfield m. Phebe, d. of Joseph Middlebrook, under a contr. 1679, and was liv. there 1686, when her f's. est. was to be distrib. Still we kn. not eno. to authorize infer. that he was or was not the same as the preced. SAMUEL, Portsmouth, R. I is among freem. 1655, was in 1657 one of the gr. Petaquomscot purch. with John Hull and others, and perhaps of Wickford 1674, m. Tabitha, d. of John Tift, had Samuel; James; and jeremiah; beside Mary, wh. m Robert Hannah; and next, 1708, George Webb; and Sarah wh. m. John Potter; and he d. a. 1682, aged 60. 

SAMUEL, Windsor, s. of Robert of the same, m. May 1672, Mary, d. of John Griffin, had Elizabeth or Isabel, b. 24 Feb. 1674, to wh. the damnable name of Jezabel is ascrib. by the queer blunder of Geneal. Reg. V. 364; Mray, 5 Aug. 1675; Samuel, 21 Nov. 1678, d. at 11 yrs.; Abigail, 1684; John, 1686; Samuel, again, 1692; and Mindwell, early in 1696; and he d. 3 Aug. 1697, when all the ch. exc. Samuel the first were liv. SAMUEL, Woburn, m. 24 Feb. 1682, Elizabeth Pierce, had Elizabeth b. 28 Jan. foll,; Mary, 10 Apr.1685; Samuel, 2 Feb. 1688, d. very soon; Hannah, 24 Dec. 1688; Rebecca, 5 Mar. 1693, d. next yr.; Samuel, again, 21 Nov. 1695; and Rebecca, again, 5 July [[vol. 4, p. 589]] 1698. Ano. SAMUEL, perhaps that freem. of 1684, earlier by one yr. than Joseph of Malden, may have been his br. and prob. the lieut. of 1690. SAMUEL, Newton, s. of Nathaniel first, m. Experience, d. of the first James Trowbridge, had Experience, b. 21 Sept. 1697, d. young; Margaret, 28 Aug. 1699; Samuel, 18 Mar. 1701; Thomas, 8 May 1703; and Experience, again, 2 Aug. 1705. 

SHOREBORN, Ipswich, s. of William of the same, a cooper, m. 9 Sept. 1657, Abigail Osgood, d. perhaps of Christopher of the same, had Joseph, b. 1 June 1660; Mary, 24 Aug. 1662, d. very soon; Samuel, 4 Apr. 1664, d. in few wks.; John, 4 May 1665; Abigail, 10 Mar. 1667; William, 14 May 1672; Deborah, 22 Sept. 1673; Christopher, June 1677, d. soon; and Christopher, again, 13 Dec. 1679 THEOPHILUS, Ipswich 1636, had perhaps d. Seaborn, b. on his passage, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, was constable for long time, and prison-keep. had w. Elizabeth in 1654, wh. d. 10 Jan. 1681; but she may not have been mo. of all, or even any of the ch. He d. 29 July 1689, aged 88, leav. S. Thomas, s.-in-law John Pindar, and David Fiske, and gr.ch. Elizabeth Lovell, Elizabeth Russell, and Thomas Pindar. 

THOMAS, Roxbury, came in June 1633, with w. Ann, and ch. Humphrey; Samuel; Joshua; there had Deborah, b. Aug. 1634; Lydia, Nov. 1636; was made freem. 14 May 1634; lost his ho. and goods by fire, as from the ch. rec. is seen, was delud. into the heresy of Wheelwright, with wh. on his banishm. he went to Exeter, came back and made peace with the ch. but contin. to reside at Exeter, there made his will, 9 Jan. 1643, in wh. w. and the five ch. are provid. for, as in Geneal. Reg. II. 384 is found. His wid. m. next yr. John Legat. See Col. Rec. II. 58. THOMAS, Ipswich, perhaps s. of Theophilus, had Mary, b. 27 Dec. 1657; and may also have had Hannah, wh. d. June 1682; but w.'s name is not heard. THOMAS, Fairfield, accept. to be made free 1664, was br. or neph. of Anthony of the same, had good est. and d. 1691, leav. wid. Hannah, no s. one d. whose name is not seen. THOMAS, Mildford, had b. there Benjamin in 1673, and soon rem. THOMAS, Brookfield 1667-72, may not be the same as the preced. but no more is kn. of him. 

WILLIAM, Boston, a joiner, with w. Patience, was adm. of our ch. 6 Sept. 1635, had, as is seen in the rec. of Geneal. Reg. III. 40, Shoreborn, b. 6 Aug. preced. and brot. to bapt. 13 Sept. foll. but if this name imply that a ch. of the fam. had bef. been nam. Seaborn, as Bond suppos. I doubt, for the incident might as well be tak. for evid. that Theophilus was br. of William, since it is said that David Fiske, wh. is call. s.-in-law opf Theophilus, had m. Seaborn Wilson. Also he had Mary, 11, bapt. 21 Jan. 1638; John, Jan. bapt. 9 Feb. 1640; Joseph, 10, bapt. 12 Nov. 1643, "a. five days old;" Newgrace, bapt. 23 Mar. 1645, "a. four days old," d. in Aug. foll. He [[vol. 4, p. 590]] was freem. 25 May 1636, dept.-marshall, and prison-keep. 1642, d. 1646 and the Gen. Ct. wsas hardly able to persuade his wid. that she must not always liv. at the pub. build. 

WILLIAM, Lynn, m. 26 Oct. 1663, Priscilla, perhaps d. of Oliver Purchase, had William, b. 28 Aug. 1664; Priscilla, 28 Mar. 1666; Oliver, 9 Feb. 1668; and Sarah, 5 June 1670; and his w. d. 21 Oct. 1671, unless the d. ment. on the rec. be of his ch. instead of his w. Of this name Farmer found forty-five had been gr. 1829 at N. J. and N. E. coll. of wh. I find ten at Harv. two at Dart. and one at Yale.

WILTERTOWN, WOLTERTON, or WINTERTON, GREGORY, Hartford, among orig. proprs. 1637, of wh. I can learn nothing but that he had good est. large tanworks, and no ch. m. perhaps as sec. w. a. 1663, Bennet, wid.of Thomas Stanley, wh. d. early in 1665, and he had ano. w. Jane, who outliv. him; made his will 17 July 1674, and d. soon aft. Legacies to sev. distance relat. one of wh. was John Shepherd wh. call. him uncle, and ano. was James Wolterton, s. of Matthew, describ. as of Ipswich in Old. E. perhaps a neph. are ment. but most of his est. was giv. to John Merrills, bec. he had adopt. him.

WILTON, *DAVID, Dorchester 1632, freem. 11 June 1633, rem. with the gr. migrat. to Windsor 1635 or 6, was rep. 1646, 7, 50-4, 6, rem. 1660 to Northampton, and was one of the pillars at the foundat. of the ch. 18 June next yr. and rep. to Boston 1665, ens. 1662, in 1663 was lieut. and serv. in Philip's war, d. at Windsor, on a visit, 5 Feb. 1678. His only ch. Mary m. 6 May 1652, that brave capt. Samuel Marshall, wh. fell in the gr. Narraganset fight, 19 Dec. 1675, and her f. in his will gave est. to her and her childr. with his wid. Catharine, wh. m. 6 May 1679, Thomas Hosmer. NICOHOLAS, Windsor, br. of the preced. m. 20 Nov. 1656, Mary Staniford, had David, b. 13 Jan. 1661; and John, 8 Aug. 1664; of neither of wh. is any thing kn. He and his w. d. 4 Aug. 1683.

WINBOURNE, or WENBORN, JOHN, Manchaster, a preacher 1686 and earlier, but was gone in 1689. He had m. 11 Apr. 1667, Elizabeth Hart at Malden, but prob. did not reside there; nor is it kn. where or whence he came, or whither he went. Possib. he was s. of William Wenbourne of Boston. See that.

WINCH, JOHN, Framingham, s. of Samuel, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 21 Dec. 1706; John, 10 July 1710; David, 9 Dec. 1714; Jonathan, 3 July 1716; Deborah, 27 Dec. 1717; and d. 19 Jan. 1719. SAMUEL, Framingham, had been of Sudbury 1671, m. 11 Feb. 1674, Hannah, d. of Matthew Gibbs of Sudbury, had John, b. 1675, d. young; Samuel, 27 Mar. 1677; John, again, 8 Jan. 1680; David, 15 Mar. 1684; Hannah, 16 Jan. 1688; Silence, 10 Nov. 1690; and by sec. w. m. 12 [[vol. 4, p. 591]] Jan. 1699, Sarah, wid. of Benjamin Barnard of Watertown, had Mary, 23 Nov. 1700; and Daniel, 28 June 1702; and d. or was bur. 3 Aug. 1718. Of the orig. of this fam. no acco. is to be found. A maid of 15 yrs. nam. Mary W. had come 1634, in the Francis, with Rowland Stebbins, from Ispwich in Co. Suffolk.

WINCHCOMBE, JOHN, Boston 1670 or earlier, appoint. 1684 a sergeant to attend the Gov. with salary, by w. Mary had John, b. 22 July 1676, prob. d. young; Elizabeth 8 Sept. 1678; Charles, 19 Sept. 1679; and John, again, 3 Jan. 1682.

WINCHELL, or WINSHALL, DAVID, Windsor, s. of Robert m. 18 Nov. 1669, Elizabeth d. of William Filley, had Joseph, b. 13 Sept. 1670; Christian, 9 Mar. 1673; Elizabeth 9 Dec. 1675; and ano. d. perhaps two ch. rem. to Suffield, and had David, 19 Mar. 1682; Mary, 8 Feb. 1685; Jedediah, 13 Mar. 1688, d. at 2 yrs.; Jedidiah, again, 29 Dec. 1690, d. young; and he d. 1723 or 4, leav. two s. and four ds. Perhaps the name of Elizabeth W. aged 52, a passeng. in the Rebecca, from London, Apr. 1635, with John, 13, prob. her s. may rather be Wincol. JONATHAN, Windsor, br. of the preced. m. 16 May 1666, Abigail, perhaps d. of Richard Brownson of Farmington, had Jonathan, b. Feb. 1667, if the copy of rec. in Geneal. Reg. V. 363, be trusted; Jonathan, 14 Feb. 1669; Benjamin, 28 June 1674; rem. to Suffield, and had Abigail, 8 June 1679, and perhaps other ch. bef. or aft. for no acco. of him further is giv. but that he was on freemen's list, 1669. 

NATHANIEL, Windsor, eldest br. of the preced. freem. 1657, m. 4 Apr. 1664, Sarah Porter, eldest d. of Thomas of Hartford, had Nathaniel, b. 5 Aug. 1665; Thomas, 25 May 1669; Sarah, 26 Dec. 1674; Stephen, 18 Aug. 1677; John, 1680; and Mary, 1683; and he d. 8 Mar. 1700. ROBERT, Dorchester, but how early is not kn. nor how he came, but prob. with w. and perhaps one ch. was there 1635, and carr. two s. Nathaniel and Jonathan, to Windsor a. 1638, there had Phebe, bapt. 24 Mar. 1639, d. at 23 yrs.; Mary, 5 Sept. 1641; David, 22 Oct. 1643; Joseph, 5 Apr. 1646, wh. d. bef. his f.; Martha, 18 June 1648, d. in 7 yrs; and Benjamin, 11 July 1652, d. at 4 yrs. His w. whose name is not heard, d. 10 July 1655, and he d. 21 Jan. 1668. In his will of that mo. s. Nathaniel, Jonathan, and David are nam. and Mary refer. to as hav. had her portion.

WINCHESTER, *ALEXANDER, Braintree, came over in the train of Henry Vane in the Defence, arr. 3 Oct. 1635, was rec. mem. of Boston ch. 8 Nov. foll. and made freem. 7 Dec. 1636; had Mary, bapt. 19 Nov. 1637; liv. at Braintree aft. that, was rep. 1641, and clk. of the writs, but rem. to Rehoboth, where he was one of the first combinat. 1644, as in Baylies II. 198, is seen, was selectman 1647, d. 16 July in that yr. [[vol. 4, p. 592]] It appears id. 208, that he left childr. but their names are not found, exc. Elizabeth b. 28 Mar. 1640; and Hannah, 10 Dec. 1642, both at Braintree; and Lydia at Rehoboth, beside the first ment. Boston ch. so that as his will names no s. we may believe that he never had one. 

JOHN, Hingham 1636, came in the Elizabeth the yr. bef. at the age of 19, with Clement Bates, and therefore may be suppos. from Co. Herts, was freem. 9 Mar. 1637, m. 15 Oct. 1638, Hannah, d. of deac. Richard Sealis of Scituate, had Mary, bapt. 1640; John; Josiah, b. 27 Mar. bapt. 20 May 1655; and Jonathan, says Farmer, wh. notes in MS. that this last d. of smallpox at Roxbury 1679, refer. to ch,. rec. for his authority; and soon aft. 1650 rem. to the Muddy riv. part of Boston, d. 25 Apr. 1694, and in his will of 1691 gave his est. to the s. John and Josiah, wh. contin. to live upon the same. He had, in the great milit. quarrel of 1645, fallen under fine for the trouble, wh. he and his neighb. caused, wh. was next yr. remit. on acco. of his poverty as in Col. Rec. III. 80, is read. *JOHN, Brookline, s. of the preced. by two ws. Hannah, and Joanna, had six s. and four ds. fo wh. Jackson gives the name of Stephen only, b. Feb. 1686, was the first rep. of the town, and d. 1718. In the copious Hist. of Newton may be read valuab. acco. of descend. of Stephen.

WINCOL, WINCALL, or WINKLE, HUMPHREY, Cambridge 1634, was perhaps, from little Waldingfield in Co. Sufflk. JOHN, Salem, 1631. Felt. *JOHN, Watertown, s. of Thomas of the same, perhaps a passeng. aged 13, in the Rebecca from London, 1635, with Elizabeth 52, wh. may have been his mo tho. more prob. his aunt, is by Bond mark. as a propr. 1637, freem. 1646, rem. soon aft. to Kittery, where with many others he submit. 1652 to jurisdict. of Mass. and for wh. he was rep. at Boston 1653, 4, and 5, in the sec. yr. titled lieut. yet the yr. aft. call. at W. serg. and in 1658 rep. for W. in 1665 was of loyalty suffic. to be made a justice by the royal commissnrs. as of Newichawanock, that includ. perhaps both sides of the riv. tho. his resid. was in Berwick, and faithful to Mass. was rep. for K. again 1675, 7, and 8, and from 1676-85 in the commissn. under either or both Stoughton and Danforth, as Pres. to serve in the counc. clk. and reg. yet seeming most to rejoice in the style of capt. and w. Elizabeth and d. 22 Oct. 1694, as we may be sure, by fall. from his horse, and also from the ment. in Sewall's Diary of the appoint. of Hammond to succeed him in Dec. of that yr. ROBERT, Mass. but of what town can hardly be judg. as all that is kn. of him is adm. as freem. 6 May 1635. THOMAS, by Farmer mark. of Salem 1631, may be the man fin. for drunk. 4 Mar. 1633. 

THOMAS, Watertown, a propr. in 1642, is therefore suppos. by Bond to have come over aft. his s. John, and to hav brot. w. Beatrice, wh. d 1 June 1655, and he d. 10 June [[vol. 4, p. 593]] 1657, well advanc. in in yrs. Bond says he was allow. 1649 to keep an inn.

WINDALL, THOMAS, Ipswich 1643, Felt -- is the total of Farmer's MS. note; but little more worth having is to be seen under Wendall.

WINDIAT, JOHN, DOVER, sen. and jun. are introd. on the authority of Farmer in MS. note, from rec. of Ct. of Quarter sess. in 1686; and without daring to propose a substitute, I suggest that the name may have been mistak. for aft. sev. hours' search, I am unable to discov. it in any quarter. But aft. a week's despair unexpected. I find solution of Farmer's puzzle. Such is the spelling in the Prob. Rec. X. 264, of the will of 12 Mar. 1684, with codic. 1 Dec. 1687, pro. 23 Mar. foll. bef. Walter Barefoot, whereof the excors. refus. admin. was giv. to the wid. 5 Apr. next, by Sir Edmund Andros, and I kn. from Infallib. marks that the testator was WINGATE, first ancest. of a much disting. fam.

WINDOW, RICHARD, Gloucester 1648, selectman in 1654, had d. Ann by w. Elinor, wh. d. 16 May 1658, and he m. 30 Mar. 1659, Bridget, wid. of Henry Travers, made his will 2 May 1665, and d. 5 June foll. and in Col. Rec. IV. pt. 2, p. 304, the wid. and her s. obtain. relief, so far at least, as to be told by the Gen. Ct. that Essex Ct. might act. In his will are ment. d. Ann, Elizabeth Bennet, call. d.-in-law, and Sarah Davis. His wid. wh. had childr. by former h. d. Oct. 1673; but the settlem. of her est. next mo. leaves me in doubt, as did his ,as to some relationships of either.

WINDS, WENDES, WINES, or WYNES, *BARNABAS, or BARNABY, Watertown, freem. 6 May 1635, sold his lds. in 1642 and 4, and rem. to Southold, L. I. the Conn. jurisdict. adm. him as freem. 1662, and Barnabas, jun. prob. his s. in 1664 to the same privilege; but nothing more is kn. of his fam. In the mutations of this name, from variety of sound prob. it will be seen to have the increm. into Winders; but my evid. can reach only to Barnabas the first, wh. was rep. 1664. FAINTNOT, Charlestown 1635, was adm. of the ch. 4 Nov. 1643, as few mos. later was Bridget, prob. his w. freem. 29 Mary 1644, of wh. no ch. is ment. nor can any more be learn. but that he d. 25 Feb. 1665.

WING, ANANIAS, Sandwich, s. of the sec. John, by w. Hannah had nine ch. whose names I have not seen, and he d. 3 Aug. 1718. His wid. d. 9 Dec. 1730. DANIEL, Sandwich 1643, s. of John, b. in Eng. m. 5 Nov. 1642, Ann or Hannah, d. of the first William Swift, had eleven ch. Samuel and John, nam. in the will, 12 Oct. 1662, of Swift's wid. beside ds. of who. was prob. Deborah, b. 10 Oct. 1648, and d. in 1659. See Geneal. Reg. V. 387 with VI. 96. Besides Deborah's exact date of b. I have gained those of the other ch. Hannah, 28 July 1642; Lydia, 23 May 1647; Ephraim, or Daniel, 1649; Samuel, 20 or 28 Aug. 1652; [[vol. 4, p. 594]]


Hepzibah, 7 Nov. 1654; John, 14 or 16 Nov. 1656; and Beulah, 16 Nov. 1658; beside Daniel, 28 Jan. 1664; and his w. d. 3 days aft. He favor. the Quakers, and not a few of his desend. adhere to them. DANIEL, Sandwich, s. of the preced. m. 1686, Deborah Dillingham, had Samuel, b. 12 Oct. 1690, and prob. others JOHN, Sandwich, had m. in Eng. Deborah, d. of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, and had at least three ch. Daniel, John, and Stephen, perhaps others, bef. cross, the ocean, tho. in wh. yr. that was is uncert. but in 1643 the s. are all enroll. among those able to bear arms. as in Geneal. Reg. IV. 257, is seen; so that the youngest must have been b. bef. 1628. In rec. of Yarmouth is read "Old goody Wing bur. 31 Jan. 1692," wh. by Otis is refer. with prob. to w. of this first John. JOHN, Sandwich 1643, may have been of Yarmouth 1648, when Col. Rec. says his s. as if he then had but one, "was drown. in the snow a. 11 Dec." of that yr. and it is seen that he had Ephraim, b. 30 May preced. may be. he wh. perish. in the snow; and again, Ephraim, 2 Apr. 1649, bur. 10 Dec. foll. unless this were s. of Daniel; Joseph, 2 Sept. 1650; Ananias; Susanna; Osiah; and John. 

He was b. in Eng. br. of Daniel, and outliv. him. He had been at Lynn 1638, there perhaps found first w. of unkn. name, but he took later w. Miriam, d. of Stephen Dean, had no ch. by her, and d. 1699. His wid. d. 1703. Susanna m. William P ------, and d. 2 Aug. 1717; and Osiah m. a Turner. JOHN, Sandwich, s. of the preced. d. 1683, leav. one ch. whose name is unkn. as also that of his w. and date of m. JOHN, Rochester, perhaps s. of Daniel, as he came from Sandwich, had Stephen, b. 5 Sept. 1684; Joseph, 23 Dec. 1686; Deborah, 15 Oct. 1688, d. soon; John, 1 Mar. 1690; Hannah, 10 Jan. 1692; Daniel, 8 Feb. 1694; Deborah, again, 23 Feb. 1696; Desire, 3 Feb. 1700; and Samuel, 12 Nov. 1704. JOHN, Boston, shopkeep. s. of Robert of the same, ar. co. 1671, of wh. he was capt. 1693, m. Joshabeth, d. of James Davis of the same, had John, b. 14 Aug. 1660, d. young; Joanna, 4 Sept. 1662, d. young; Sarah, 3 May 1664, d. soon' Sarah, again, 9 Feb. 1666; Joshabeth, 15 Dec. 1667; Ebenezer, 15 Oct. 1669; Elizabeth 19 Sept. 1671; Robert, 8 Sept. 1673; John, again, 7 Aug. 1678; and Joanna, again, 25 Nov. 1680. He was a very thrifty man, so early as 1674 mak. bond to Samuel Shrimpton for £4,200. secur. by Castle tavern near the midst of the town, and other est. of wh. part was near the common, and this mortg. was disch. in three yrs. and he d. 22 Feb. 1703. His will of 24 Feb. 1702, pro. 12 Mar. of next yr. wh. may be seen in Vol. XV. 122, names w. s. Robert, John, and ano. wh. is strange to me. Cord, beside the ds. Sarah Tomlin, and Elizabeth Dowell, and gr.ch. James Dowell, Sarah and Thomas Tomlin, of none of wh. can I learn any thing. 

JOSEPH, Sandwich, s. of the sec. John, [[vol. 4, p. 595]] m. 12 Apr. 1672, Jerusha Mayhew, but of wh. she was d. is not read, and my conject. calls her of the sec. Thomas; and he d. 3 May 1679. JOSEPH, Woburn, freem. 2 Oct. 1678, sw. again 15 Oct. 1679, unless two of the same name in that litle town were then inhab. wh. I do not suppose; but the ghost of Secr. Rawson would refuse to appear, if summon. back from the other world to explain the suspicious conditon of his rec. here or other parts. ROBERT, Boston, came in the Francis, 1634, from Ipswich, aged 60, with w. Judith, 43, wh. d. soon, and by w. Joan had John, the preced. b. 22 July 1637; Hannah, 14 Feb. 1640; Jacob, 31 July 1642; all bapt. 16 Oct. 1642; Elizabeth b. July 1644; Joseph, 13 Oct. bapt. 1 Nov. 1646; and Benjamin, bapt. 18 Feb. 1649, a. 7 days old; in 1647 prays the Gen. Ct. for relief, being above 80 yrs. old, with nothing to live on, and four small ch. obtain favor of being releas. from fine, as in Col. Rec. II. 216 appears. How fast he had grown old, is quite observa. and may render as tender as to relators of similar mistakes; and d. leav. four ch. as by the rec. of Prob. Ct. appears in the autumn of 1651; but wh. one of the ch. had dec. is not seen; yet it was not that one, whose bapt. is unkn. His will was nuncup. Elizabeth m. 3 Apr. 1661, John Walley. 

SAMUEL, Sandwich, s. of Daniel. STEPHEN, Sandwich 1643-59, br. of Daniel b. in Eng. had, by w. Oziah Dillingham, Deborah, b. 10 Oct. 1648; and Mercy, 13 Nov. 1650. His w. d. 29 Apr. 1654, and he m. 7 Jan. foll. Sarah Briggs, but I do not ascert. the name of f. had Stephen, 2 Sept. 1656; Sarah, 5 Feb. 1658; John, 22 or 25 Sept. 1661; Abigail, 1 May 1664; Elisha, 2 Feb. 1669; Ebenezer, 11 July 1671; and Matthew, 1 Mar. 1674. His w. d. 26 Mar. 1689, and he d. 24 Apr. 1710.

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