A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Winsgate - Winslow 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

WINGATE, or WINGET, JOHN, Dover 1660, had gr. of ld. there 1658, m. Mary, d. of Hatevil Nutter of the same, had Ann, b. 18 Feb. 1668; John, 13 July 1670; Caleb; Moses; Mary; Joshua, 2 Feb. 1680; and Abigail; but most of these latter five were by ano. w. for he had m. bef. May 1677, Sarah, wid. of the sec. Thomas Canney; was freem. 1672, and he d. 9 Dec,. 1687. Ann m. Israel Hodgdon of Portsmouth. His will of 12 Mar. 1684, was pro. 23 Mar. 1688, under the Andros rule, wh. brot. it to Boston. Not the least of may cause of malediction against the usurp. Gov. and his subord. Walter Barefoote, is, that, under their admin. this name bec. pervert. into Windiat, to mislead honest, unskeptical Farmer. See Windiat. 

JOHN, Dover, s. of the preced. by w. Ann had Mary, b. 3 Oct. 1691; John, 10 Apr. 1693; Ann, 2 Feb. 1695; Sarah, 17 Feb. 1697; Moses, 27 Dec. 1698; Samuel, 27 Nov. 1700; Edmund, 27 Feb. 1703; Abigail, 2 Mar. 1705; Elizabeth 3 Feb. 1707; Mehitable, 14 Nov. 1709; Joanna, 6 Jan. 1712; and Simon, 2 Sept. 1713; and d. 1715. *JOSHUA, Hampton, br. of the preced. m. 9 [[vol. 4, p. 596]] Nov. 1702, Mary, eldest d. of the sec. Henry Lunt, had Paine, b. 19 Sept. 1703, H. C. 1723 (wh. was. f. of Hon. Paine, b. 14 May 1639, H. C. 1759, that long stood the oldest surv. in the Catal. and d. at Stratham, 7 Mar. 1838); sarah, 8 Dec. 1705; Mary, 14 June 1708; Joshua, 7 Sept. 1710; Jane, 12 July 1712; Abigail and Ann, tw. June 1715; Martha, 30 Mar. 1718; Love, 4 Apr. 1720; Elizabeth 21 Nov. 1722; and John, 24 Jan. 1725, H. C. 1744. He was rep. 1722 and aft. head of one of the comp. at the conquest of Cape Breton 1745, was aft. a col. and d. 9 Feb. 1769; and his wid. d. 27 May 1772, aged 90. 

OLIVER, from Bridgetown, Eng. Farmer says, was cast away at the Isle of Shoals in 1664, and gives such good authority as Coffin, for the relat. A mistake in geogr. of this sort, is not lightly to be imput. to the latter of these writers, and still less to the former; but it can hardly be doubt. that he should have writ. Barbadoes instead of Eng. for Bridgetown is the chief mart of that island, and no place of the name is found in Britain. It is almost equal to that of the writer in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 86, wh. would correct the descript. of the bark Bachelor from London, of thirity-five tons, giv. by Winthrop in his Hist. I. 173, to the bark in wh. Lion Gardiner came, 1635, when the Gov. as in his orig. MS. any one sees, calls her "a small Norsey bark," meaning a Norwegian built, as to me it seemed, while by the writer it is shown, that one of the patentees of Conn. wh. fitted out this bark dwelt at Nosely, Leicesterhshire, in the very centre of Eng. Whether the Bachelor could float in any of the rivulets of the est. of Nosely, that may be thot. not to be deeper than three of four inches, or in the head waters of the Avon, or the Welland, beside those of the Soar, and a dozen inferior, young tributaries of the Trent, springing in Leicestershire, that may be half as many feet in depth, was not perhaps seriously consid. by the author. No doubt they would serve for sailing to playthings of children. Farmer notes five of his name among gr. of Harv. and none at any other coll.

WINN, EDWARD, Woburn 1641, freem. 10 May 1643, by w Joanna or Jane, wh. d. 8 Mar. 1649, had Increase, b. 5 Dec. 1641, the earliest on rec. of the town; prob. earlier had Joseph; beside ds. Ann and Elizabeth yet whether these were all b. in Eng. as seems prob. or only a part of them brot. over by him, can be only conject, for no ment. of him at Charlestown is found bef. Dec. 1640. For sec. w. he m. 10 Aug. 1649, Sarah Beal, wh. prob. brot. him no ch. and d. 15 Mar. 1680. He took third w. Ann or Hannah, wid. of Nicholas Wood, wh. bef. was wid. of William Page; and d. 5 Sept. 1682. His will of 6 May of that yr. pro. 6 Oct. foll. names s. Increase, s. Joseph's d. Sarah, three youngest ch. of s. Moses Cleaveland, wh. had m. his d. Ann, and youngest three ch. of s. George Polly, wh. had m. his d. Elizabeth His wid. made her will, [[vol. 4, p. 597]] 9 Sept. 1685, pro. 1 Nov. 1686; but she does not enlarge our kn. of this fam. INCREASE, Woburn, s. of the preced. first b. aft. incorp. of the town, m. 13 July 1665, Hannah, d. of Richard Sawtell, had Hannah, b. 11 Apr. 1666; Edward, 15 June 1668; Mary, 1 May 1670; Sarah, 23 Dec. 1672; Abigail, 8 Jan. 1678; Rebecca, 5 Nov. 1679; Jacob, 4 Oct. 1681; Joanna, 24 June 1683; and Increase, 9 Feb. 1685. He was serj. and d. 14 Dec. 1690. 

JOSEPH, Woburn, s. prob. of Edward, b. in Eng. had Rebecca, b. 25 May 1665, prob. d. young; Sarah, 9 Nov. 1666; Abigail, 18 June 1670, d. next wk.; Joseph, 15 May 1671; Josiah, 15 Mar. 1674; Timothy, wh. d. 22 Mar. 1678; Rebecca and Hannah, tw. 14 Feb. 1679, of wh. Rebecca d. soon; Ann, 1 Nov. 1684, d. young; and Timothy, again, 27 Feb. 1687. TIMOTHY, Woburn, s. of the preced. had w. Elizabeth wh d. 14 May 1714, and he d. 5 Jan. 1753.

WINNOCK, JOSEPH, Scarborough 1665, then fin. by Ct. for call. Justice Hooke, a moon calf, and liv. 1675, when the gr. Ind. war began, as in the valua. Hist. of the town, 83.

WINSHIP, WINSHOPE, or WINDSHIP, *EDWARD, Cambridge, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, ar. co. 1638, by w. Jane, prob. d. of Isabel Wilkinson, had Sarah, b. Apr. 1638; Mary, 2 July 1641; Ephraim, 29 June 1643; Joanna, 1 Aug. 1645; Edward, 8 June 1648, bur. the same day, if we believe the rec. and by sec. w. Elizabeth wh. surv. him, had Elizabeth 15 Apr. 1652; Edward, again, 3 Mar. 1654; Abigail, 13 Feb. 1656; Samuel, 24 Oct. 1658; Joseph, 21 June, bapt. 25 Aug. 1661; Margery, 11 Dec. 1665, bapt. 5 Feb. foll.; and Mehitable, 14 bapt. 17 Nov. 1667. He was selectman, Harris says, 1637, and many yrs. aft. to 1684, rep. 1663, 4, 81-6, the last Ct. under the good old chart. and he d. 2 Dec. 1688, in 76th yr. says the gr.st. wh. adds the d. of his wid. 19 Sept. 1690, in her 58th yr. Joanna, long the maiden sch.mistress, d. 19 Nov. 1707. EDWARD, Cambridge, s. of the preced. m. 14 May 1683, Rebecca Barsham, d. of William of Watertown, had Edward, b. 9 Mar. 1684; Elizabeth 19 June 1686; Ephraim, 4 Feb. 1688; Nathaniel, 16 Feb. 1690; William, a. 1691; John, a. 1697; Jason, bapt. 29 Oct. 1699; and perhaps more. His w. d. Aug. 1717; and he d. 10 June aft. 

EPHRAIM, Cambridge, freem. 1679, and 1681 (if the rec. may find credit, beyond what it deserves), was s. of the first Edward, m. 7 Apr. 1670, Hannah, d. of Samuel Rayner, wh. d. 10 Nov. 1674, had no ch. by her, nor by sec. w. Elizabeth d. of Francis Kendall, m. 9 Nov. 1675; at least no ch. is heard of. He d. 19 Oct. 1696, and his wid. m. Joseph Pierce of Watertown. JOSEPH, Cambridge, br. of the preced. by w. Sarah wh. d. 28 Nov. 1710, aged 39 yrs. 6 mos. and 18 days, as the exact gr.st. tells, had Joanna, b. 14 Jan. 1689, d. young; Sarah, a. 1691, perhaps d. young; Susanna, a. 1693; Joanna, again, a. 1695, the [[vol. 4, p. 598]] last two bapt. 14 Feb. 1697; Abigail, bapt. 16 Oct. 1698; Joseph, b. 28 Feb. 1701; Margery, 8 Oct. 1703; and he d. 18 Sept. 1725. He had sec. w. Sarah, wh. d. one yr. aft. him. SAMUEL, Cambridge, s. of Edward the first, m. 12 Apr. 1687, Mary, d. I suppose of John Poulter of Medford, had Samuel, b. 8 Jan. 1688; Mary, 12 Dec. 1689; Elizabeth 26 Nov. 1691; John; and Abigail; all liv. 23 Feb. 1709, at partit. of the est. of the f. and he d. 18 June 1696. His wid. m. Isaac Powers.

WINSLEAD, WENSLAD, or WINSLEED, JACOB, Malden, s. of John the first, was freem. 1690, by w. Elizabeth d. of Benjamin Whittemore, wh. he m. 26 May 1690, had Mary, b. 7 Jan. 1694; John, 29 Mar. 1699; and Jacob, 3 Apr. 1702. JOHN, Malden, m. 5 May 1652, Sarah Moulton, d. of Thomas of Charlestown, was f. of John, b. 1655; Jacob, 1657; and Mary, 27 Jan. 1660; beside Sarah, 1653; Jonathan, Oct. 1666; thomas; and Joseph. Sarah m. Jonathan Knower, Oct. 1676. Prob. he is the witness of execut. of a deed by Francis Small of Casco to Isaac Walker of Boston in Nov. 1658, and politic. reasons caus. the whole proceed. to be enter. on the rec. of our Gen. Ct. in Aug. 1683, as in Vol. V. 405. JOHN, Malden, s. of the preced. in Dec. 1674, took o. of fidel. tho. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 28, spell. Winglate, serv. in Dec. 1675, under capt. Moseley in the war against Philip, perhaps suffer. eno. to cause his d. 10 Jan. 1684, aged 28 as the gr.st. tells in Geneal. Reg. IV. 65, tho. monstrous perversion gives the name Winshad, and wait. for correct. until IX. 328. But this name as well as that of Wensley is oft. misrepresent. by Winslow; and the Malden rec. seem to me abundant in this mislead. Full as oft. may the wrong be prov. as the right, if the rec. faithful. copies (as I have the best testimony other than that of my own eyes), be turn. to in Geneal. Reg. X. 162, 4, 233, 4, 7, and 9, when seven times the occurence is seen, where right of three and wrong of four is by me fully believed. In the transcript. made for Geneal. Reg. VI. 335-8, wherein the scribe fell into mistake as to the name of every month in the whole list nearly, he found, I suppose, the handwriting of this name where it was earliest insert. "Mary Winslade, of John Winslad -- 27, 11, 59," utterly illegib. and therefore omit. it wholly.

WINSLEY, See Wensley.

WINSLOW, EDWARD, Plymouth, eldest s. of Edward, b. at Droitwich, Co. Worcester, 18, bapt. 20 Oct. 1594, as Belknap, Am. Biogr. II. 281, gives the yr. but an ancient bible, erron. said to have been brot. by him, has a list of the ch. of his f. in wh. all the dates of bapt. purport to be insert. makes it 1595, yet my suspicion of a slight error was raised when observ. that 20 Oct. was Sunday in the earlier yr. and Monday in the foll. Baylies, II. 17, holds to the former yr. and the careful [[vol. 4, p. 599]]


authority of Dr. Young in his notes on Chron. of the Pilgr. 46, counts the same, tho. 274 he adopts the later yr. on the faith of "extr. from the rec. of St. Peter's ch. in that place" as foll. 1595, Oct. 20, bapt. Edward, s. of Edward Winslow, b. the previous Friday, adding wh. was the 19th. Whose blunder this was, is immater. Friday bef. 20 Oct. 1595 was the 17th. But for the yr. it might seem more desirab. that should be mark. than the day, and perhaps, tho. not prob. it may be as the informant of Dr. Young gave it, mak. the m. of his parents Nov. 1594. On the first sight of this bible, pasted to its left hand cover is found the traditionary story of what is call. "Family Record," as in Gen. Rec. IV. 298, the mind instantly rejects the right to such honor, inasmuch as the whole rec. was evident. made at once, tho. entries for eleven yrs. 1595-1606, purport to be expressed; and secondly, the handwriting is manifestly of four generations later than the Govnr's. father (who only ought to have made such rec.) could have written it; and furthermore the age of the vol. (tho. early part of the old Test. is lost, and the latter part of the new) is apparent. to a practised eye, at least one hudnred and forty yrs. later than the first child's b. No great value attaches to such MS. and it has been, in more than three or four places, correct. by erasures and interlin. prob. from presum. transcripts of the Eng. parish rec. But modern tradit. gives a glorious myth to this bible, that may be really of the time of George I. tho. to me it seems more likely an imprint under George II. as if it were in the Mayflower, brot. by Edward in his first voyage, at least a century bef. the paper was made. He had fallen into comp. on a tour in Holland, a. 1617, with the band of puritans at Leyden, and was led to join them, there m. 16 May 1618, Elizabeth Barker, when the Dutch rec. calls him printer of London, came with her in the little vessel from Delfthaven over to Eng. for embark. in the Mayflower from Southampton, and she d. 24 Mar. aft. the land. at P. He had five in his fam. on reach. the shore, George Soule, Elias Story, and Ellen More, count. with hims. and w. but Story and More, as well as his w. d. in short season aft. the end of that fatal voyage. On 12 May foll. he m. Susanna, wid. of Willaim White, wh. had been his compan. in the ship, and wh. dec. only thirty-one days earlier than Winslow's w. This was the first. m. in N. E. as had in Dec. preced. been first the b. of her s. Peregrine, at Cape Cod, bef. reach. P. By the sec. w. he had, bef. the div. of cattle in 1627, Edward, and John, both d. young; Edward, again, b. 1629; and Elizabeth wh. m. Robert Brooks, and next, 22 July 1669, capt. George Curwin of Salem. For his high public spirit, wh. took him, in the serv. of his country, over to Eng. 1623, and four or five times more, besides the freq. excurs. that were req. of him to Kennebeck, and all the adj. [[vol. 4, p. 600]] colon, until 1646, he gain, great esteem for sagacity and faithfuln. and was more of his days inhab. of Marshfield, chos. as Assit. to the Gov. 1625, and every subseq. yr. while he cont. on our side of the water, exc. in 1633, 5, and 44, when he was made Gov. to change places with Bradford, Mass. made choice of him to manage her difficult controvers. at home in 1646, where powerful complaint might have prevail. against her in Parliam. and Gov. Bradford closes his Hist. with regret for his long abs. Seven yrs. later, Cromwell, the great projector of designs to overthrow the Spanish power in the West Indies, fitted out large naval and milit. forces under adm. Penn and gen. Venables, against Hispaniola; and (with his extraord. insight into human charact. almost equal to the skill with wh. he conceal. his own) as he had some ground for suspect. the loyalty of both, nam. three commiss. with control. authority, of wh. our Gov. W. was the head. 

He d. of fever, exasperat. prob. by the ill success of the expedit. 8 May 1654; and his wid. d. 1 Oct. 1680, at the N. E. home in Marshfield, where he had left her. EDWARD, Salisbury, the rep. at Gen. Ct. 7 Mar. 1644, as giv. in Col. Rec. II. 54, must have been Wensley. EDWARD, Boston, s. of the first John, by w. Sarah Hilton, perhaps d. of the first William, had John, b. 18 June 1661; Sarah, 10 Apr. 1663; and Mary, 30 Apr. 1665; and by w. Elizabeth sec. d. of the sec. Edward Hutchinson, had Edward, 1 Nov. 1669; Catharine, 2 June 1672; Elizabeth 22 Mar. 1674; and Ann, 7 Aug. bapt. 8 Dec. 1678; beside ano. d. whose name is not in the fam. tradit. found, 31 July 1675. He was a mariner, and d. early, for his will of 8 Nov. 1680, pro. 1 Feb. 1683, is in our Vol. VI. 418. It gives w. Elizabeth if she cont. wid. use of al his est. for life, but if she m. then one third only, and the other two thirds in equal portions to his ch. exc. that ea. of the two s. should have double shares. 

GILBERT, Plymouth, third br. of Gov. Edward, with wh. he came in the Mayflower, 1620, had lot in the div. of lds. 1624, but none in the 1627 div. of cattle, so that perhaps he went home bef. that act; tho. Dr. Young, Chron. of Pilgr. 275, thinks he went ot Portsmouth. But the indisputab. word of Bradford (in Hist. since discovered), 454, shows that he went to Eng. and there d. bef. 1650. ISAAC, Charlestown, s. of the first John, m. 14 Aug. 1666, Mary, youngest d. of secr. Increase Newell; and his w. was rec. of the ch. 23 Feb. 1668, had Parnel, b. 14 Nov. 1667, bapt. 1 Mar. foll.; and Isaac, 22, bapt. 24 July 1670, d. next mo. as did the f. wh. went in July to Jamaica. His will of 25 Aug. made three, pro. four days aft. provid. for w. ch. and the one unb. when he left home. 

*JOB, Freetown, s. of Kenelm, was rep. 1686, for the Col. of Plymouth, and in 1692, for Mass. under the chart. of William and Mary. At the break. out of the Ind. war, June 1675, his ho. at Swansey, wh. he had inhab. eight or nine [[vol. 4, p. 601]] yrs. was burnt by the enemy. Job had James, b. 9 May 1687, and other childr. prob. bef. and aft. *JOHN, Plymouth, br. of the first Edward, said to have been b. Apr. 1597, on Saturday bef. his bapt. 18th, but I suspect an error of a day, came in the Fortune, 1623, m. a. 1627, Mary, d. of James Chilton. She had come in the Mayflower, and in her favor circulates the ridicul. tradit. that she was the first of Eng. parentage that leapt on Plymouth rock, but the worthless glory is equally well or ill claim. for John Alden, for neither of them is entitled to that merit. By her nine ch. at P. were count. of wh. the exact day or mo. of b. is not found in any one case, but approxim. to date is prob. as well as also to some line of succession; Susanna, wh. m. Robert Latham; Mary, b. 1630, wh. m. 16 Jan. 1651, Edward Gray; Edward, a. 1634; Sarah, wh. m. 15 Aug. 1660, Miles Standish, next, 1665, Tobias Payne, and last, Richard Middlecot, and so happy as to bear ch. to the two latter; John; Joseph; Samuel, 1641; Isaac, 1644; and Benjamin, 12 Aug. 1653. 

For this, I have partly foll. Russell's Guide to P. 240; and from him we learn that the last ch. d. bef. m. He was rep. 1653 and two yrs. more. In 1657 he rem. to Boston, was a thrifty merch. was freem. 1672, and d. 1674. In his will he names w. s. John, William Payne, s. of his d. Sarah Middlecot, Parnel, d. of his s. Isaac, Susan, d. of d. Latham, his s. Benjamin and Edward, childr. of Edward Gray by his d. Mary, his s. Joseph's two ch. gr.ch. Mary Harris, wh. was d. of Isaac of Bridgewater, his neph. Gov. Josiah, his br. Josiah's s. and his niece Elinor Baker, d. of Kenelm W. For this I have only ref. to Dean's Hist. of Scituate; but perhaps he gives the name of Harris's d. wrong, and I am sure that he is mistak. in mak. the w. of Miles Standish ano. d. of Kenelm. His wid. d. 1679; and her will of 31 July 1676, pro. 24 July 1679, wh. may be seen in VI. 300, well provides for s. John, d. Sarah Middlecot, with her ch. William Payne, d. Susanna Latham, with her ch. Susanna L. and the gr.ch. Ann Gray. 

JOHN, Boston, s. of the preced. merch. by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 22 May 1669; and Ann, 7 Aug. 1670, wh. prob. d. young. He had sec. w. Judith, but d. early, mak. his will 3 Oct. 1683, pro. nine days aft. as in Vol. VI. 435, in wh. he gives w. Judith half his dwel.-ho. and ld. in Boston, while she cont. a wid. the other half to only s. John, his ld. at Namasket, that is, Middleborough, to two s. of his sis. Latham, and L5. to ea. of the s. of his three brs. Edward, Joseph, and Samuel. His s. John was the merch. wh. brot. to Boston in Feb. 1689, from the West Ind. the declarat. of William, the Prince of Orange, on land. in Eng. and was, by Gov. Andros, imprison. for publish. the libel. JONATHAN, Marshfield, only s. of the first Josiah, m. Ruth, d. of William Sargeant [[vol. 4, p. 602]] of Barnstable, had John, b. 1664, as Miss Thomas in Memor. 29 tells; but we do not learn whether he had more ch. and the rec. of M. shows, that he was bur. 8 Sept. 1676, within a yr. and 9 mos. aft. his f. His wid. m. Richard Bourne, as his sec. w. JOSEPH, Boston, s. of John the first, by w. Sarah had Mary, b. 25 Sept. 1674; and Joseph, 16 June 1677, a legatee in the will of his uncle John; rem. to Long Island, prob. bec. his w. was d. of capt. Thomas Lawrence of Newtown; and he d. as Russell says, in 1679. His w's f. took admin. 26 Jan. 1680, and the wid. m. Charles Le Bross, or Labros. See Riker, 284. 

*JOSIAH, Marshfield, youngest br. of Gov. Edward, b. 11, bapt. 16 Feb. 1606, at Droitwich, came with his br. Kenelm, a. 1630, as Miss Thomas teaches, but from Bradford's and Winthrop's contempo. Histories we know, that he came with Allerton in the White Angel, arr. at Saco, 27 June 1631; liv. some time at Scituate, m. Margaret, d. perhaps, of the sec. Thomas Bourne, had Elizabeth b. 1637; Jonathan, 1638; Margaret, 16 July 1640; Rebecca, 1642; Susanna, 1644; and Mary; yet Miss Thomas miscalls Hannah, 1644, wh. m. 1 Apr. 1664, William Crow; and next, John Sturtevant. He was rep. 1643 (not as Farmer in MS. had confer. the honor on his neph. Josiah in the next line aft. tell. of his b. a. 1629), beside 1645, 7, and sev. later yrs. certain, 59 and 60. Also he serv. as town clk. from 1646 to his d. 1 Dec. 1674; and his wid. d. 1683. Margaret m. 24 Dec. 1659, John Miller; Rebecca m. 6 Nov. 1661, John Thacher; and Mary m. 10 June 1670, John Tracy. In his will of 12 Apr. 1673, pro. 4 June 1675, four of the five ds. are refer. to, without any being nam. so that one was prob. d. tho. wh. may be uncert. for of gr.ch. that he had plenty of, Hannah Miller alone is designat. and she, perhaps, on acco. of her liv. with him. 

*JOSIAH, Marshfield, only s. of Gov. Edward that liv. to grow up, of admira. discret. yet brave, enterpise. constant in prosp. or adv. circumst. as early as 1657, was chos. an Assist. had been rep. a yr. or two bef. and was in milit. office at 23 yrs. of age, in 1658 became head of the forces of the Col. and one of the commiss. of Unit. Col. of N. E. when he did not subscr. their recommend. to put to d. the quakers, wh. shold return aft. a former conviction and banishm. always reelect. to this most import. duty until he was raised to the stat. of Gov. 1673, to his d. In the early part of the gr. Ind. war with Philip, that broke out in that Col. of Plymouth, June 1675, the Mass. seem. to have the chief direction of the body of troops, as later, in its Western sweep on Conn. riv. the Col. of Conn. was very forward with her supplies; but ther advice of the Commiss. of the Unit. Col. in the autumn of the first yr. made him the Gen.-in-chief over the aggreg. soldiers of the larger communities for the gr. battle. He was a stud. at Harv. Coll. and with others left in disgust, says [[vol. 4, p. 603]] tradit. less entitled to any credit, than usual; but truth is that he m. 1651, Penelope, d. of Herbert Pelham of Cambridge, had a d. b. 1658, d. very soon; Elizabeth 8 Apr. 1664, wh. m. 4 Sept. 1684, Stephen Burton; Edward, 14 May 1667, d. young; and Isaac, 1670, wh. well sustain. the ancestr. reput. 

He d. 18 Dec. 1680, and his wid. d. 7 Dec. 1703. Baylies, IV. 9, has giv. just character of this first native Gov. of any of the Col. KENELM, Marshfield, br. of Gov. Edward, bapt. 3 May 1599, says the parish reg. hav. been b. the Monday bef. i. e. 30 Apr. came, perhaps, 1629, m. June 1634, Ellen or Elinor, not as Deane says d. but wid. of John Adams of Plymouth, the passeng. in the Ann, call. Elinor Newton, in the conject. of Judge Davis, had Kenelm, b. 1635; Ellen, 1637, wh. m. 29 Dec. 1656, Samuel Baker; Nathaniel, 1639; Job, 1641; and was a man of good condition, rep. 1642, and oft. later, engag. in settlem. of Yarmouth and other towns, d. on a visit at Salem, 12 Sept. 1672. His wid. d. 5 Dec. 1681, aged, as Miss Thomas tells, 83. KENELM, Yarmouth, s. of the preced. had Kenelm, bapt. 9 Aug. 1668; Josiah, 3 July 1670; Thomas, 3 Mar. 1673; Samuel; and Edward, b. 30 Jan. 1680; all at Scituate, as Deane, 389, shows. He liv. at Harwich, set off from Y. 1694, where he d. 4 Nov. 1715. His gr.-st. may be seen in the E. part of what is now Dennis, ano. offshoot from Y. His w. Mercy, whose fam. name is unkn. d. 23 Sept. 1688, aged 47. Of the ch. Kenelm, wh. left large posterity, d. 20 Mar. 1728; Josiah is not ment.; and Thomas d. at 16 yrs.; Samuel was of Rochester, and had six ch. whose dates are not heard; and Edward, an import. magistr. and milit. officer, had Edward, five ds. and d. 25 June 1760. NATHANIEL, Marshfield, s. of Kenelm the first, m. 3 Aug. 1664, Faith Miller, d. of Rev. John of Yarmouth, had Faith, b. 19 June 1665; Nathaniel, 29 July 1667; James, 16 Aug. 1669; Gilbert, 11 July 1673; Kenelm, 22 Sept. 1674; Elinor, 2 July 1677; Josiah, 21 July 1681, d. in ten mos.; and Josiah, again, 13 Jan. 1684; was capt. and rep. in the yr. of liberty recover. 1689, and d. 1 Dec. 1709, in his 71st yr. His. wid. d. 9 Nov. 1729, in her 85th yr. 

SAMUEL, Boston, s. of John of the same, mariner, by w. Hannah, d. of Walter Briggs, to wh. he convey. his est. 22 June 1675, as in our Vol. IX. of rec. is seen; had Mary, b. 8 June 1678; and Richard, of wh. there is no rec. He d. early, as quite observ. is it, that so many of this fam. did; and his will, in Vol. VI. 347, next preced. that of John Wensley, made 7 Oct. 1680, pro. 26 Jan. foll. names w. s. and d. makes brs.-in-law Richard Middlecot, and John Briggs, overseers. Of this name, in 1834, Farmer notes gr. nine at Harv. two at Yale, and four at other N. E. coll.

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