A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Wood - Woodbury 

By James Savage

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Wood Continued:

NICHOLAS, Dorchester, had liv. at Braintree, when freem. 2 June 1641, and there m. Mary, d. of Robert Williams of Roxbury, as Mr. Clapp assures me, had Mary and Sarah, tw. b. 25 Dec. 1642 as the Roxbury rec. in Geneal. Reg. VI. 377, 8, affirms, tho. Clapp claims him as early as 1640 to be overseer of Glover's farm until 1654. He had also Hannah. In 1645, he was one of the petitnrs. for Pumham's ld. to be gr. to them. Farmr, relying on a passage in Hutch. I. supposes he was of Medfield 1656, and there he certain. was soon aft. and also earlier. Records at M. give to him and w. Mary, Jonathan, b. 3 Jan. 1652, wh. was k. by the Ind. 21 Feb. 1676; Mehitable 22 July 1655, wh. m. 17 Oct. 1671, Joseph Morse; Abigail, 13 Sept. 1657; Bethia, 28 July 1660; and Eleazer, 14 Mar. 1662; and his w. d. 19 Feb. foll. and he d. 7 Feb. 1670. His d. Hannah m. 26 Nov. 1665, John Harding, but d. bef. her f. In his will of 16 Jan. 1670, all the six ds. are nam. of wh. Hannah was dec. and her s. Abraham, as well as the two s. are well provid. for, out of his ample est. Mary m. John Thurston; Sarah m. 4 Oct. 1660, deac. Thomas Bass of Braintree. Who was his sec. w. call. Ann in his will,or whether he had more ch. bef. or aft. is wholly ukn. Ano. 

NICHOLAS is nam. by Morse, as of Concord, but no more is told, than that he had Abigail, b. 10 Apr. 1642. OBADIAH, Ipswich 1649, a baker, by w. Margaret had a ch. b. 11 Mar. 1665; and Margaret, 28 June 1667, wh. d. the same yr. but the mo. d. next wk. By a sec. w. Hazabelponah, he had Obadiah, 5 June 1675; James, Nathaniel; Josiah; Samuel; Elizabeth; Mary; Susanna; and Margaret; and he d. 3 Dec. 1694, leav. all these ch. and the wid. with the hard name. 

OBADIAH, a soldier wound. in Philip's war late in 1675; for whose cure the Conn. counc. made liberal paym. [see Col. Rec. II. 484], was of Hartford 1676, and perhaps s. of the [[vol. 4, p. 629]] preced. had there bapt. Margaret, 1687; Abigail, 1699; and Margaret, again, 1705; and prob. others; but when he d. is not heard. RICHARD, Boston, ar.co. 1642, was capt. of that comp. 1677, and d. 23 Apr. 1681, leav. good est. the amount of inv. giv. in by his wid. Frances being L1,090. includ. 1,500 acres at Quinebug at L30. He wrote his name Woodde, an unpleasant peculiarity, as it might be made into two syllab. and so confound. with Woody, a distinct fam. 

RICHARD, Hingham 1659, a witness with Thomas Lincoln the weaver. 10 Jan. 1660, to the nuncup. will. of wid. Margaret Johnson; may have liv. at Marblehead, 1668, with s. of the same name. RICHARD, Norwalk 1694, may be the man, wh. d. at Wallingford, 1705, leav. wid. and d. Miriam. ROBERT, Dedham, d. 30 Dec. 1638. SAMUEL, Ipswich 1643. SAMUEL, Groton, one of the earliest, tho. not of the largest proprs. there, by w. Alice had Thomas, b. 9 May 1663; Elizabeth 17 Sept. 1665; Nathaniel, 27 Mar. 1668; Mary, 2 Aug. 1670; Abigail, 19 Aug. 1672; and Hannah, 18 Sept. 1674; and he d. 29 Sept. 1703. 

SAMUEL, Danbury, a physician in the early days of that town, came from Eng. SAMUEL, Groton, by. w. Hannah had Susanna; Rachel; Alice, b. 26 Sept. 1700; Abigail 12 Sept. 1703; Esther, 13 Nov. 1705; Joseph, 21 June 1707; and Martha, 15 Apr. 1709. He was m. 1685 at Chelmsford. SAMUEL, Middleborough, s. of Henry of Plymouth, was one of the found. of the ch. 1694, had m. bef. 1679 w. Rebecca, by wh. he had Ephraim, Samuel, and perhaps others. SAMUEL, Rowley, s. of Thomas the first of the same, m. Margaret Elithorpe, prob. d. of the sec. Thomas of the same, had Thomas, b. 1689, and prob. others. 

SIMON, Ipswich, eldest s. of Isaiah of the same, m. 8 Aug. 1674, Elizabeth Foster, had Elizabeth b. 16 Aug. 1675, d. next mo.; Mary, 27 Dec. 1676; Jonathan, 6 Mar. 1678; Philemon, 4 Apr. 1679; Elizabeth again, 15 Jan. 1683; Daniel, 12 June 1685; and William, 3 Jan. 1690. He had sec. w. Abigail, wh. d. 1 Oct. 1732, aged 67. STEPHEN, Plymouth 1643, had John, b. 1648; and Hannah, 14 Oct. 1649; in the will of John Dunham, 25 Jan. 1669, is call. his s.-in-law. THOMAS, Rowley 1655, by w. Ann had John, b. 1656; Thomas, 1658; Josiah, 1664; Samuel, 1666; Solomon, 1670; Ebenezer, 1671; James, 1674; and four ds. of wh. one m. the third Joseph Jewett, and next John Lunt. THOMAS, Rowley, s. of the preced. of wh. I find no acco. of m. or fam. 

THOMAS, Groton, prob. s. of Samuel the first, by w. Hannah had Esther, b. 29 July 1697; Josiah, 15 Sept. 1701; Elizabeth 9 Nov. 1702; and Thomas, 25 Nov. 1705. TOMPSON, Ipswich, s. of Isaiah of the same, m. 8 Dec. 1691, Martha, d. of Isaac Foster, had Jemima, b. 18 May 1693, d. within twenty days. TRYALL, Salisbury, d. 11 June 1678, but we kn. not whether male or fem. ch. or adult. 

WALTER, Newport, perhaps br. of Henry, at least [[vol. 4, p. 630]] the same perversity. of spelling the name, Whod, leaves uncertain what to call it, by w. Amy had Martha, b. 2 May 1676. WILLIAM, the valu. author of New England's Prospect, London 1634, may well be thot. that freem. of 18 May 1631; but more prob. is it, that he was sett. at Lynn, as early as 1630, as claim. by Lewis. He prob. came to Salem, 1629, and 15 Aug. 1633 left our country, as his book relates. That was print. 1634, and it is conject. by Shattuck, wh. would magnify the honor of Concord by so respectab. a citizen, that he came again to our side of the water, and d. at C. aft. many yrs. resid. 14 May 1671, aged 86. For a William this is well vouch. Lewis has better appear. of proof in p. 84, of his sec. Ed. quot. Wood's words of minute descript. of Lynn river; beside wh. the fact of one of this name being rep. at the Gen. Ct. Mar. 1636, when he was chos. either from Salem or Lynn. bef. any one came from C. with the resid. at Sandwich 1643, so large a proport. of the first inhab. of S. having gone from L. are no slight object. to the hopes of Shattuck. Still the fame of Bulkley may have drawn him from S. where we never hear of him more. One Miriam whose f. we kn. not, was b. 8 May 1648, bur. next day; and Mary was b. 29 Mar. 1649, both at S. 

One WILLIAM came, 1635, in the Hopewell, Capt. Babb, a husbandman, aged 27, with Elizabeth 24, wh. may have been his sis. or w. and John, 26, bef. ment. prob. his. br. and it is clear, that if this be the author (wh. I neither affirm nor deny), two points decide against the Concord claim to him; for at C. w. of William d. 1 Sept. 1659, was call. Margaret; and the passeng. in the autumn of 1635 on the Hopewell, must have been b. 1608, while Shattuck's client could not have come into our world aft. 1585; or, if his faculties were not weaken. when he made his will, 15 Sept. 1670, reckon. hims. as 88 yrs. old, still earlier was his advent. At C. no ch. was b. to him; but he had ch. perhaps all, certain most. b. in Eng. Michael; Ruth, wh. m. Thomas Wheeler; and Abigail, wh. m. 24 Mar. 1667, Stephen Hosmer. The will names, beside Michael, Ruth and her h. the. gr.d. Abigail Hosmer. 

WILLIAM, Portsmouth, R. I. m. Martha, d. of the first Ralph Earle. WILLlAM, Marblehead 1668, had perhaps William, both old eno. to sign the petition to the Gen. Ct. that yr. and was liv. 1678. WILLIAM, Ipswich, took the o. of fidel. 1678. WILLIAM, Newtown, L. I. 1640-1686, may have come from Stamford, Conn. WILLIAM, Ipswich, s. of Isaiah, d. 27 Sept. 1689, prob. unm. as he nam. no ch. but did sev. brs. and sis. WILLIAM, Salem vil. now Danvers, freem. 1690. Gr. in 1834 were count. by Farmer, thirteen at Dartm. twelve at Harv. five at Yale, and ten at other. N. E. coll. Woods are unit. as Wood.

WOODBRIDGE, BENJAMIN, Newbury or Cambridge, whichever may be prefer. by the reader as resid. of this first-b. of H. C. 1642, younger [[vol. 4, p. 631]] br. of our John, wh. prob. brot. him in the Mary and John, 1634, and s. of Rev. John of Stanton, near Highworth, Co. Wilts, where he was b. 1622. Strangely confus. is an acco. in Geneal. Reg. VI. 279, that he was brot. by his br. on his return from Eng. 1663, aft. wh. he "became one of the first br. of Harv." He had, if we receive the acco. that Mather gives, Magnalia, III. 219, been tak. by that br. wh. had gone back to Eng. in 1637, on receiv. news of d. of his f. but I see no small reason to doubt the narrative in the Eccles. Hist. Yet it is more consistent with itself than the Geneal. Reg. story. He went home, soon aft. grad. and obtain. a living in his native Co. perhaps at Salisbury, into wh. he was induct. 16 Nov. 1648; and honor. at Oxford with degree of S. T. D. the same yr. He next succeed. famous Dr. Twist at Newbury in the adjoin. shire of Berks, and in 1662 was eject. from office, and d. 1 Nov. 1684, at Englefield, in the same Co. His verses on our John Cotton, purport. to be inscript. on gr.-st. are in the Magnalia, III. 31. 

But in Allen's Biogr. Dict. the ingenious lines ae ascrib. to his neph. and his opinion should have weight, yet it may be that either of us follow. no course of inquiry to ascertain, which Benjamin has the best claim. BENJAMIN, Medford, s. of Rev. John of Andover, b. in Eng. whither his f. had gone a. 1647, and was prob. brot. by him, when he came back in 1663, m. 3 June 1672, Mary, d. of Rev. John Ward of Haverhill, wh. d. 11 Oct. 1680. By her prob. was b. only ch. Benjamin, that had been heard of by Farmer, as in his MS. notes to his Reg. is told. But in the "Ancestry of the Jones Fam." of Geneal. Reg. VI. besides this s. he is enrich. with Dudley, of Barbadoes, and Rev. Samuel of E. Hartford, H. C. 1701. That article contains too many errors to entitle it to the confidence desirable, among others one suspic. point is, that this s. was b. some yrs. aft. the d. of his w. 

He preach. some yrs. at Bristol, and aft. at Kittery 1688, and was resid. 1694 at Newcastle, N. H. but at last sat down 17 June 1702 at M. says Farmer in MS. and there d. 15 Jan. 1710. I wish the fair author of that Jones Geneal. could teach us, wh. are the two Dudley Woodbridges, for only one should be ascrib. to Benjamin, in our Coll. Cat. 1694 and 1696. JOHN, Newbury, s. of Rev. John of Stanton in the N. E. part of Wiltsh. b. 16l3, had been bred at Oxford, Mather says, but on the requirem. of the o. of uniformity, he left the Univers. for "a course of more private studies," and was brot. by his uncle, Rev. Thomas Parker, whose living was at Newbury in the neighborhood, in comp. with his cous. Rev. James Noyes, 1634, in the Mary and John, was one of the first planters of our Newbury, but he seems to have little tendency to preach, as in 1637, the yr. when his f. d. in Eng. (for by the Registry of Diocese I obs. that a successor was then appoint. to the vacancy) he was made [[vol. 4, p. 632]] "surveyor of the arms," and rep. to the Gen. Ct. He not long aft. taught a sch. in Boston, when Portmorth had gone, in the religious schism, to Exeter, and he is even claim. as a mem. of ar. co. 1644, and m. a. 1639, Mercy, d. of Gov. Thomas Dudley, and was liv. at N. when his f.-in-law, in Nov. 1642, stir. him up to seek. advancem. as a min. and on 24 Oct. 1645 he was ord. not 16 Sept. 1644, wh. is Mather's date (more than a yr. bef. the ch. was gather.), as first min. at the new town of Andover. More trustworthy, however, is the tale, that he went, in 1647, "on the invitat. of his friends" to Eng. once more. exc. in this last circumstance; tho. why friends should withdraw him, in less than two yrs. from his first settlem. in the pulpit here, is not easi. explain. 

Sixteen yrs. contin. in Eng. first having employ. in the serv. of the able men of that Parliam. commiss. for treating with the king in his prison at the Isle of Wight bef. the overthrow of Parliam. authority by the soldiers wh. adopt. the more summary mode of negotiat. for remodel. tle old constitution of their country. Here, prob. he was fix. in the presbyter. views of ch. governm. in opposit. to the levellers and Cromwellians, and was employ. aft. as min. at Andover, in Hampsh. and a less import. parish in Wilts, finally at a sch. in Newbury, whence, Mather says, the Bartholomew Act exclud. him. In 1663, July 27, he reach. Boston in the ship Society, and in two yrs. was engag. as asssist. in the min. of his unlce Parker. In this honorble duty, aft. two or three yrs. a sad controv. distract. the quiet of the ch. and he was dismiss. some time bef. 1670, tho. Parker remain. in the tempestuous sea to his d. in 1677. Of his ch. Coffin names Sarah, b. 7 June 1640; Lucy, 13 Mar. 1642, wh. m. 2 Oct. 1667, Rev. Simon Bradstreet of New London, her cous. and next, Capt. Daniel Epps; John, H. C. 1664; but this last and other eight or nine were b. aft. he left our Newbury, and most of them in Eng.; Thomas, 1649; Mary, 1652; Benjamin; Timothy, 1656, H. C. 1675; Dorothy; Ann; Joseph; Martha; but tradit. in Mather gives ano. without name, and says eleven liv. to adult age. 

Aft. retiring from the ministry, the notice in Geneal. Reg. VI. 279, proceeds,"he was immediately chos. into the magistr." but it was not until 1683, and Mather left him out of the Counc. in his new chart. of 1691, as prob. too old. His w. d. 1 July 1691, and he d. 17 Mar. 1695. JOHN, Killingworth, s. of the preced. b. prob. at Andover, began to preach there 1666, but early in 1668 at Windsor, where in Oct. preced. had been gr. div. of the sentiment of the old parishion. of Warham, wh. was grown too infirm, a major part unit. in desire of one of the s. of Presid. Chauncey. Aft. long disquiet, the earlier and elder candidate went to Eng. and W. was ord. 7 Apr. 1669 for Kenilworth as the settlem. was first call. by the people and the rulers bef. modern [[vol. 4, p. 633]] barbarity inflict. its present name; and the governm. of the Col. made him a gr. of 250 acres of ld. next yr. for his good conduct, but in 1679 he was sett. at Wethersfield. He m. 26 Oct. 1671, Abigail, eldest d. of Gov. William Leete, and Miss Jones in the Geneal. Reg. VI. gives him s. John, b. at K. 1678, H. C. 1694, the min. of West Springfield; but she makes the f. d. bef. 1682, while the Coll. catal. notes him 1690. Ano. s. was Ephraim, H. C. 1701, ord. 8 Nov. 1704 at Groton, Conn. For a gr.s. John, Y. C. 1726, min. at Windsor, and aft. at So. Hadley, s. of the W. S. min. a weak tradit. that he was "ninth John W. in the min. thro. as many successive generat." 

Farmer adopts. Sufficient honor it may be esteem. if a begin. of this tale be true, as the judicious author of the memoir indicates "Rev. John W. a follower of Wickliffe, b. not far from 1492. His s. John braved the dangers of the same profession and faith, as also did John the third, John the fourth, and John the fifth, in regular succession. The last named was the much esteemed pastor of a puritan ch. in Stanton, Wilts." Now the same faith may have been enjoy. in private by the first, sec. third, fourth, and fifth John; but I shall doubt the profession was not pubic, until some account be found of the benefices filled by them under the tyrannic. power of buff old Harry in his long reeign, and durirg the power of his harder daur. Queen Mary. On our side of the water, the fam. has been illustr. by a long line of clerg. 

JOHN, Newbury, sch.-master 1719-31, was prob. s. of Joseph of the same, d. 13 Dec. 1731. JOSEPH, Newbury, youngest s. of John the first, b. in Eng. bef. 1634, and brot. that yr. by his f. m. 20 May 1680, Martha, eldest d. of Ezekiel Rogers of Ipswich, and gr.d. of the historian, had Joseph, b. 7 May 1687; John, 13 Feb. 1690, H. C. 1710; Nathaniel, 28 Jan. 1696; and Margaret, 1698; but when he d. is not seen in Coffin's Hist. SAMUEL, Hartford, prob. s. of Timothy, was first min. of the parish on E. side of the riv. says Dr. Allen, wh. could tell no more but that he d. 1746, acc. Coll. catal. 

THOMAS, Newbury, sec. s. of the first John, b. in Eng. m. 12 June 1671, Mary Jones, d. of Ann, sec. w. of Capt. Paul White by a former h. had Paul, b. 12 Feb. 1673; Mary, 20 Feb. 1675; Thomas, 28 Jan. 1677; and John and Benjamin, tw. 24 Feb. 1679. He was capt. and d. 30 Mar. 1681, of suffer. from burn. in his ho. as Coffin, from Sewall's Diary tells. His wid. m. Joseph Coker. TIMOTHY, fourth s. of the first John, b. in Eng. was sixth min. of Hartford, but not ord. bef. 18 Nov. 1685, m. Mehitable, d. of Samuel Wyllis, wid. of Rev. Isaac Foster, wh. was predecess. of W. in the Hartford ch. but she had first been wid. of Daniel Russell of Charlestown, by her had Samuel, H. C. 1701; Susanna; and prob. others, beside Ashbel, b. 1704, Y. C. 1724, wh. by mistake in Geneal. Reg. VII. 75, I presume, is made s. by a sec. w. that [[vol. 4, p. 634]] his f. did not have. The sec. w. of Rev. Timothy W. was Abigail, d. of the rich wid. of Phineas Wilson of Hartford, by her third. h. John Warren of Boston; and Goodwin, 349, wh. is wrong in call. her sec. w. of Warren when she was the third, must be right to her d. Abigail, being wid. of Richard Lord, and giv. only to Woodbridge, Theodore, b. 23 June 1717. A third w. he had in Mary, d. of Hon. William Pitkin, wid. of some min. that Miss Jones has not nam. in her Memoir. Geneal. Reg. VI. 280, and to me it seems very strange, that such details cannot be gather. but she tells of his d. 30 Apr. 1732. Farmer counts, in 1834, gr. of this name, eighteen at Yale, twelve at Harv. two at Dartm. and four at other N. E. coIl. add. that one half had been clerg. among wh. the first eight at Harv. and first four at Yale.

WOODBURY, sometimes WOODBURY, ANDREW, Salem, 1668, s. of the elder William, wh. was br. of John and Nicholas, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 14 May 1657, d. next yr.; Susan, 9 June 1660; and Hannah, 1 Apr. 1664. His wid. Mary brot. inv. to Ct. 29 June 1685. HENRY, in Essex Inst. I. 12, nam. as overseer with two others in the will of George Williams, 23 Sept. 1654, seems to me a mistake, perhaps for Humphrey. HUGH, Salem 1650, s. of William the first, liv. prob. on Beverly side, as he was one of the found. of ch. there, m. Dec. 1650, Mary Dixey. perhaps d. of Thomas of S. had Samuel, b. 6 Dec. 1651,bapt. 25 Jan. 1652, d. young; Samuel, again, but rec. says Sarah, 2, bapt. 4 June 1654; Hugh, 12 Feb. bapt. 9 Mar. 1657; John, b. 5 Sept. 1658, bapt. 6 Mar. 1659; Priscilla, 8 Apr. 1666, but no more is kn. of him, unless he be the man of this name in 1686 at or near Taunton. 

HUMPHREY, Beverly, s. prob. eldest of John, b. in Eng. a. 1609, had perhaps come with his f. 1626 to Cape Ann, rem. with Conant next yr. to Salem, and there he prob. contin. while his f. went home in 1627 to obt. assist. for the planta. and came back in June 1628, a. three mos. bef. Endicott. He unit. with the ch. July 1643, yet is not sw. freem. bef. 1678, even if this be not better evidence for his s. than hims. had w. Elizabeth and ch. bapt. at S.; Isaac, 4 Feb. 1644; Humphrey, 8 Mar. 1646; Susanna, 4 Feb. 1649; William, 4 May 1651; Peter, 17 Apr. 1653, yet said to be b. 28 Mar. 1652, and one or the other rec. may be wrong; Richard, b. 28 Feb. 1655, bapt. prob. 11 Mar. foll.; Elizabeth b. 28 Apr. 1657, bapt. 30 May 1658, wh. m. John Walker; Christian, b. 20 Apr. bapt. prob. 11 Aug. 1661, wh. m. John Trask, prob. as his sec. w.; and John, Thomas, and Joseph, all three nam. in his will, as also are Sarah and Eunice Walker, ds. of Elizabeth He was one of the found. of the ch. at B. and its first deac. and d. Feb. 1681. By the change in process on wills and est. of dec. persons aft. overthr. of the oldl charter, under direct. of Presid. Dudley, his will, of 4 Mar. 1686, pro. 11 Oct. foll. is found in [[vol. 4, p. 635]] Suffolk jurisdict. Vol. XI. His w. Elizabeth was the extrix. His wid. by her will of 1 May 1689, with codic. of 8 Aug. foll. pro. 26 Nov. aft. at Salem, as giv. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 322, names the three ds. but only two s. William, wh. is made excor. and John, ea. hav. call. a s. Peter aft. her s. wh. was k. at Deerfield with Capt. Lothrop and the flower of Essex, 18 Sept. 1675. 

HUMPHREY, Beverly, s. of the preced. m. 8 Jan. 1671, Ann, perhaps d. of Richard Window of the same, had Bethia, b. 1672; Abigail, 1674; Humphrey, 1677, d. at 18 yrs.; Ann, 1680; Nehemiah, 1686; Abel, 1688; Nathan, 1691; and Israel, 1693; beside these at Gloucester, Nathaniel, 1684; Susanna, 1695; and Humphrey, 1698. He d. 9 Apr. 1727, and his wid. d. 28 Feb. foll. ISAAC, Beverly, s. prob. of William the first, m. Mary Wills, or Wilkes, sis. of Robert, wh. by his will of 24 Sept. 1677, in wh. he was made excor. gave est. to her and their ch. Robert and Mary, freem. 1678, was tak. 1689 in his fish. sch. by the French. 

JOHN, Salem, had come from Somersetsh. perhaps some fish. village on the Bristol Channel, and sat down first at Cape Ann, soon form. with others, under direct. of Roger Conant, the settlem. at Salem in 1626, went home next yr. and came back early in 1628, prob. bring. w. Agnes and s. William, unless it be conclud. that they were brot. two yrs. bef. with s. Humphrey. In the notice of Roger Conant, one of the most valua. of Mr. Felt's illustra. of our early hist. Geneal. Reg. II. 235-8, is seen the degree of organiz. of governm. bef. the coming of Endicott, wh. did not, so far as we can learn, exercise any higher authority, and prob. bef. the arr. of Higginson, and the fleet of 1629, had not add. a greater num. of subjects than he found already in the planta. He was sw. constable, 28 Sept. as in our Col. Rec. I. 76, appears, and req. to be adm. freem. 19 Oct. 1630, aft. the governm. had been transfer. to this side of the water, and was sw. 18 May foll. was. rep. 1635 and 1638, prob. took a sec. w. had Hannah, bapt. 25 Dec. 1636; Abigail, 12 Nov. 1637; and Peter, 20 Sept. or Nov. 1640; and d. 1641. His wid. Agnes did not produce the will until some mos. aft. being summon. and the inv. was not sw. bef. 20 Feb. 1644. 

JOHN, Beverly, s. of Humphrey, or of William, perhaps, freem. 1670, was next yr. at Rowley, and soon back to B. The s. of Humphrey nam. a ch. Peter in mem. of his own br. Peter, the soldier, wh. fell at Bloodybrook, 18 Sept. 1675, as in the will of the child's gr.mo. is seen, Geneal. Reg. VII. 322. But an elder JOHN of Salem, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 15 Aug. 1654; John, 15 Mar. 1657, d. young; and Abigail, 8 June 1660. He may have been s. of William the first. JONATHAN, Boston, mariner, m. Abigail, d. of Henry Phillips, had Jonathan; and d. 1677, hav. made his will 22 Jan. of that yr. His wid. m. David East, and next, Thomas Walter. 

NICHOLAS, Beverly, [[vol. 4, p. 636]] came from Great Yarmoth, Co. Norfolk, was early of Salem, s. of the elder William, is call. br. in the will of James Patch 1658, perhaps from his m. a sis. had gr. of ld. 1638, tho. prob. he was then only a young man, m. Ann Palsgrave, d. perhaps of Richard of Charlestown, had Nicholas, bapt. 22 Nov. 1657; Joseph; Isaac; and Andrew, all 19 Nov. 1665; was freem. 1673, made his will, 1 Aug. 1685, and d. 19 May foll. aged 70. In it he ment. w. Ann, ch. Isaac, Andrew, Benjamin, Joan, w. of Samuel Plummer, wh. was b. Mar. 1653 and Abigail, Aug. 1655; w. of Richard Ober, and her ch. Ann and Hezekiah. To these he div. good. est. here, but to his eldest s. Nicholas, 31 July 1657; he devis. his ld. in the mother country at Great Yarmouth. But that w. had been d. some yrs. as I presume, for admin. 2 Dec. 1691, was giv. to his wid. Mary. 

PETER, Beverly, s. of John the first, freem. 1668, was serg. 1685, by w. Sarah, d. of first Richard Dodge, had Peter, bapt. 21 July 1667; perhaps others beside Josiah, b. 15 June 1682, wh. was gr.gr.f. of Hon. Levi, late one of the Justices of the Sup. Ct. of the U. S. was deac. rep. 1689, and at the first Gen. Ct. under the new chart. 1692, d. 5 July 1704. RICHARD, Beverly, s. of Humphrey, d. 1690 on ret. from Phips's wild crusade against Quebec. Inv. was brot. in 20 Nov. 1690. His will of 1 Aug. preced. recit. "how being, by God's providence call. out to the serv. of God and the country in the present expedit." nam. w. Sarah, elsest s. Richars, brs. Thomas and William, and br. Roger Haskell. THOMAS, Salem, when the petition of 1668 was present. but of Beverly when adm. freem. 1683, of wh. I find nothing more, but that he was s. of Humphrey, m. 2 Dec. 1661, Hannah Porter, perhaps d. of William Dodge, and wid. of Samuel Porter, had William, b. 17S foll. 

WILLIAM, Salem, br. of the first John, had gr. of ld. 1637, of wh. our ch. knowledge comes from his will and inv. In the will of 5 June 1663, pro. 26 June 1677, he names w. Elizabeth s. Nicholas, William, Andrew, Hugh, and Isaac, and d. Hannah Haskell. The inv. says he was aged a. 88, and d. 29 Jan. 1677. WILLIAM, Salem, s. of the preced. unit. with the ch. 29 Dec. 1639, had Nathaniel, bapt. 12 Jan. 1640; and John, 24 Oct. 1641; freem. 2 June 1641; was one of the found. of the ch. at Beverly 1667, d. 1674. WILLIAM, Beverly, s. of Humphrey, had Peter, b. prob. aft. the fall of his uncle at Bloody Brook, for wh. he was nam. as rememb. in her will, by wid. gr.mo. 1689, wh. made this f. excor. I find six of this fam. gr. at Dartm. and two at Harv.

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