A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Woodward - Worden 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

Woodward Continued:

GEORGE, Watertown, s. of the preced. m. 31 Dec. 1686, Lydia; d. of Abraham Brown, had Abraham, b. 1 Feb. 1688; George; Nathaniel; Lydia; and Echabod; rem. aft. b. of his first ch. to that part of Boston, call. Muddy riv. now Brookline, and d. 1696. HENRY, Dorchester 1639, came, says Clapp, in his careful Hist. of Dorchester, p. 141, in the James, Capt. Taylor, in the summer of 1635, with Richard Mather, and he calls him a physician. He had there, Experience; Freedom, bapt. 1642; Thankful; and John; rem. 1659 to Northampton, with those ch. and the mo. Elizabeth there was one of the founders of the first ch. and had been an early mem. at D. He was k. by accid. at the grist-mill, 7 Apr. 1685; and next mo. the wid. made her will, tho. she d. not bef. 13 Aug. 1690. Of her s. she says "has been a dutif. and well carriaged s. to me all my life." Experience m. 21 Nov. 1661, Medad Pomeroy; Freedom m. 18 Nov. 1662, Jedediah Strong; and Thankful m. 18 Dec. 1662, John Taylor; all of Northampton. 

ISRAEL, Taunton, m. 4 Aug. 1670, Jane Godfrey, perhaps d. of Richard the first, had Elizabeth b. 15 June preced. if Col. Rec. be right, wh. I distr. and it adds that he d. 15 June 1674, had Israel, posthum. 4 Oct. 1674. JAMES, Dover, 1646, may be the same wh. was of Watertown 1630, in serv. of Sir Richard Saltonstall, and then, by our Col. Rec. I. appears to have been not valua. citiz. 

JOHN, Watertown, s. of Richard of the same, brot. by his f. in the Elizabeth 1634, aged 13, in Nov. 1639, partook of the paternal Kindness of our governm. on a complaint "ad monish. to take heed of drink. strong water again;" by w. Mary had [[vol. 4, p. 645]] John, b. 20 Mar. 1650, prob. d. young; rem. to Sudbury, where his w. d. 8 July 1654; next he rem. to Charlestown, there m. Abigail, d. of John Benjamin, wid. of Joshua Stubbs, had Rose, 18 Aug. 1659, wh. m. 10 Aug. 1686, Richard Norcross the sec.; again, at Sudbury, had John, 12 Dec. 1661; and Abigail, m. 13 Jan. 1682, Jeremiah Morse, was freem. 1690, and d. at W. 17 Feb. 1696, his will being of 10 Jan. preced. 

JOHN, Cambridge, s. of Georhe of Watertown, liv. in that part wh. bec. Newton, m. Rebecca, d. of Richard Robbins of the same, had John, b. 7 Sept. 1674, d. in few ds.; John, again, 18 July 1675; Richard, 26 Sept. or Dec. 1677; Rebecca, 29 Oct. 1679, d. young; Daniel, 24 Sept. 1681; Rebecca, again, 2 Feb. 1683; Mary, 6 Oct. 1684, d. young; Jonathan, 28 Sept. 1685; Joseph, 26 Nov. 1688; Ebenezer, 12 Mar. 1691; and Abigail, 25 May 1695. His w. d. next yr. and he m. Sarah Goodnow, wh. d. 22 Sept. 1723. He had rem. to Newton a. 1681, and d. 3 Nov. 1732, in his will of 1728 names five s. of wh. Joseph was not one, and ds. Rebecca Hunting and Abigail Greenwood; and made Ebenezer, excor. 

JOHN, Northampton, only s. of Henry of the same, freem. 1680, m. 18 May 1671, Ann, d. of Thomas Dewey of Windsor, had Elizabeth b. 17 Mar. 1672; John, 2 Apr. 1674; Samuel, 20 Mar. 1676, d. at 7 mos.; Henry, 18 Mar. 1680; Thomas, 22 Apr. 1682; and Israel, 6 Feb. 1685; rem. to Westfield, and in few yrs. more to Lebanon, Conn. Much distinct. in the science of med. has been attain. by descend. JOHN, Taunton, m. 11 Nov. 1675, Sarah Crossman. Perhaps he had John, b. at Taunton, 2 Mar. and Israel, 30 July 1681. JOHN, Reading, by Eaton call. one of the early sett. was freem. 1691. JOHN, sec. min. of Norwich, s. of Peter of Dedham, succeed. Rev. James Fitch, the first min. of that city, aft. long agitat. ord. Oct. 1699, m. 1703, Sarah, d. I think. of Richard Rosewell of New Haven, but Caulkins, from wh. is learn. most of the little kn. of him, in her Hist. of N. ment. no issue. He had been Secr. to the Assembly of divines that formed the Saybrook platform, almost as powerful in moulding the machinery of eccles. discipline in Conn. as for few yrs. was the Westminster Assembly in Eng. The majority of the people were dissat. with his rule, tho. the greater part of the ch. sustain. him, and aft. sev. yrs. of contention, he was dism. 13 Sept. 1716. Whether he obt. ano. parish is not heard, and by the Coll. Catal. he liv. to 1746. 

JOHN, Sudbury, perhaps s. of John the first, in his will of 2 Oct. 1736, ment. s. John and Daniel, and gr.d. Susanna Haines. JOSEPH, Providence 1676, there had liv. thro. Philip's war. NATHANIEL, Boston, a mathematician and surveyor, employ. as our Col. Rec. I. 237, shows, to run the line, 1638, betw. Plymouth Col. and Mass. and Mass. and Conn. Afterwards he was sent to the Merrimac survey. See Winthrop I. 284. It [[vol. 4, p. 646]]


is great mortificat. that we kn. not any thing of this fam. exc. that he had s. John, and Robert, of course, b. in Eng. allow. to have lots in Boston 1637. NATHANIEL, Boston 1633, perhaps s. of the preced. but on join. the ch. 1 Dec. of that yr. is ca.ll. serv. to our br. William Coddington, and possib. brot. by him that yr. when he ret. from Eng. was freem. 17 Apr. 1637, by w. Mary had Elisha, bapt. 21 Apr. 1644, a. 6 days old; Nathaniel, 12 Apr. 1646, a. 7 days old; and prob. other ch. but perhaps he rem. for in 1648, he sold dwell.-ho. and garden to John Langdon. PETER, Dedham, freem. 18 May 1642, brot. a fam. of wh. the names of founr may be prob. found in the rec. Peter, William, Rebecca, wh. m. 1666, Thomas Fisher, and Ann, wh. d. in that yr. He was rep. 1665, 9, and 70, but strange. miscall. 1669, Woodwine. He d. 9 May 1685, as the date of 11 May may be understood as that of the bur. from Sewall's Diary in Geneal. Reg. VI. 72. But when he calls him f. of the min. we must infer that he intends William. 

PETER, Dedham, prob. s. of the preced. by w. Mehitable, had Willim, b. 1 Jan. 1669; Ann, 2 Feb. 1670; John, 10 Sept. 1671, H. C. 1693; Ebenezer, 15 Sept. 1675; Mehitable, 17 Nov. 1677; Peter, 29 Dec. 1679; Judith, Mar. 1683; and Samuel, 26 Dec. 1685. Possib. he was b. in Eng. and his d. on 15 Feb. 1721, is noted as of the aged P. W. RALPH, Hingham, was of Dublin 1635, came in 1637, was freem. Mar. 1638, deac. ord. 2 Feb. 1640, says Lincoln, was honor. by our governm. 1649, with a commiss. to solemn. m. RICHARD, Watertown, came in the Elizabeth, from Ipswich, 1634, aged 45, with w. Rose, 50, and two ch. George and John, ea. 13, if we accept the custom.-ho. papers, was freem. 2 Sept. 1635. His w. d. 6 Oct. 1662, aged a. 80 yrs. says the rec. with the usual tendency to exagger. and he d. 16 Feb. 1665; but first he m. 18 Apr. 1663, Ann, wid. of Stephen Gates of Cambridge, wh. d. 5 Feb. 1683. ROBERT, Boston, carpenter, s. of the first Nathaniel, by w. Rachel, d. of John Smith of the same, tailor, wh. as his w. had join. the ch. 6 Nov. 1641, had Joseph, b. 24 Oct. bapt. 7 Nov. 1641, d. prob. soon; Nathaniel, bapt. 30 Oct. 1642, a. 4 days old; Smith, 4 Aug. 1644, a. 5 days; Robert, b. 14 Nov. 1646; John, wh. d. 23 Aug. 1652; Jeremiah, wh. d. 26 Nov. 1653; the f. d. five days bef. His wid. m. 7 July 1654, Thomas Harwood. 

ROBERT, Boston, s. of the preced. was k. in Philip's war at Pocasset, 1675. SMITH, Dorchester, perhaps s. of Robert, had w. Thankful, d. 15 June 1738, aged 66, by her gr.-st. His ch. were Sarah, bapt. 11 Sept. 1692; Thankful, 24 Dec. 1693; Mary, 15 Dec. 1695; Deliverance, 16 Jan. 1698; Ebenezer and Abigail, tw. 19 Nov. 1699; all in right of their mo. for he was adm. of the ch. not bef. 1701, aft. wh. were bapt. John, prob. 29 Mar. 1702; Silence, 20 June 1703; Submit, 10 Dec. 1704; Samuel, 12 Jan. 1707; and Abigail, [[vol. 4, p. 647]] 1 June 1712. THOMAS, Boston, carpenter, rem. to Roxbury, m. 7 Mar. 1660, Mary, d. of William Goose of Charlestown, had Thomas; Esther, both bapt. 1 May 1664, the f. hav. join. the ch. in the preced. mo.; Hannah, 14 May 1665; Elizabeth 30 June 1667; Mary, 17 Jan. 1669; Rachel, 27 Nov. 1670; Robert, 19 Oct. 1673; and Mehitable, 29 Apr. 1675; and he d. Oct. 1685, says Farmer, trust. the town rec. wh. I distr. because it ment. not the day of d. contains not a single name of the childr. and the ch. rec. of bur. or d. is 10 Sept. evidently nearer to a contempo. authority. 

WILLIAM, Dedham, perhaps s. of Peter the first, was a "min. of the gosp." d. at D. 26 June 1669, as by the Roxbury ch. rec. is told, and the Diary of John Hull calls him "a young but powerful preach." Of this name Farmer notes, that in 1834, twenty-one had been gr. at N. E. coll. of wh. I count ten at Dartm. five at Yale, four at Harv.

WOODWELL, JOHN, Salem, wh. admin. 7 July 1701, on est. of his br. JOSHUA, was s. of MATTHEW, a seaman, in 1661, when ment. of him is first seen but later is call. brickmaker, in 1671 had w. Mary, and names her in his will of 28 Dec. 1690, pro. 30 June foll. with ch. Samuel, b. 3 Oct. 1659; John, 9 May 1665; Matthew, 4 Dec. 1668; Joshua; Mary, 3 Feb. 1662; Margaret, 4 Aug. 1671; Elizabeth 5 May 1674; and Dorcas. But Mary prob. d. young; and he had Mary, again, 26 Nov. 1677. Elizabeth was a witness allow. to sw. to ridicul. nonsense, or impertin. falsehood in the witchcr. trials of 1692. 

MATTHEW, Salem, s. of the preced. left wid. Ann to admin. his est. 11 Apr. 1702. SAMUEL, Salem, prob. eldest br. of the preced. by w. Thomasine, had Jonathan, b. 5 Apr. 1693, who prob. d. soon for, from his will of 25 Nov. 1697, pro. 10 Jan. foll. we find that he left wid. Thomasine, ch. Samuel, b. 14 Jan. 1685; Daniel, 17 Nov. 1697; and the f. d. in four days aft. John, 2 July 1687; Gideon, 30 Jan. 1689; Joseph, 25 Sept. 1690; Benjamin, 28 Dec. 1691; Elizabeth and David. Mr. Felt confid. assures me that this is a differ. name from Wardwell or Wardell.

WOODWORTH, BENJAMIN, Scituate, s. of Walter of the same, had Elizabeth Deborah, Abigail, and Robert, and d. in Philip's war. HENRY , the freem. of 10 May 1643, of wh. no diligence has discov. the resid. or anything more. Farmer here introd. the name of Recompense Woodsworth, on Middlesex rec. call. A. B. wh. d. 12 July 1679; but this must be double error, prob. for Recompense Wadsworth, and certain. for the coll. honor. In the Catal. such a surname has never yet appear. and bef. 1680 the only instance of the bapt. name is, 1661, with Osborn; and in the foll. generat. is attach. to a Boston Wadsworth. JOHN, Taunton, had Nathaniel, b. 31 July 1679. 

JOSEPH, Scituate, s. of the first Walter of the same, prob. youngest, m. 1669, Sarah, d. of Charles Stockbridhe of the same, had Joseph, b. 1670; Mary, 1673; Benjamin, 1676; Sarah, 1678; Elizabeth 1680; Eunice, 1682; Abigail, 1685; and Ruth, 1688. THOMAS, Scituate, br. of the preced. m. 1666, Deborah Daman, prob. d. of John of the same, had Deborah, b. 1667; Hezekiah, [[vol. 4, p. 648]] 1671; and Catharine, 1673. WALTER, Scituate 1640, had Benjamin; Walter; Thomasma; and Joseph; Mary, wh. m. 1677, Aaron Simons; Martha, wh. m. 1679, Zachary Damon; and Mehitable, wh. suffer. from witchcraft. WALTER, Scituate, s. of the preced. prob. eldest, left, says Deane, Mary, b. 1658; Mehitable, 1662; and Ebenezer, 1664.

WOOLCOT. See Wolcott.

WOOLLEN, or WOOLEN, JOHN, New Haven 1642, was imprison. next yr. by the Swedes at Delaware, as he was there trad. in the river, agent for Capt. Lamberton.

WOOLER, EDWARD, is the name of a man found by Coffin, among the rec. of Essex, or the tempora. Co. of Norfolk, of wh. all he tells is, that in 1658 he was 34 yrs. old.

WOOLERY, or WOOLSWORTH, RICHARD, Newbury 1678, when he was 30 yrs. old, a weaver, whose name being occupied in Geneal. Reg. VII. 349, as Woolpoorle, call. for indignant remonstr. in the ensuing No. of that periodic. from Mr. Coffin, m. 24 Dec. 1678, Hannah Huggins, had a d. b. 1 Feb. 1680, d. very soon; Hannah, 10 Feb. 1681; and Mary, 22 Feb. 1683. In 1685 he was of Suffield, there had Elizabeth b. 29 Sept. of that yr. and ano. d. Abia, 16 Sept. 1691; and his w. d. 30 July of the same yr. a contradict. in the rec. that my seem easily reconcil. but it is of little conseq. whether the d. was b. 30 July, for she d. on 19 Oct. foll. and he d. 1696. His d. Hannah, tho. so young, was allow. to present. inv. wh. prob. was very small. Yet possib. an inf. s. was left, for in 1732, a Richard W. is at S.

WOOLEY, or WOOLLY, sometimes WOLLEY, CHRISTOPHER, Concord 1666. EMANUEL, Newport, on the freemen's list 1655, by w. Elizabeth had Adam, b. Mar. 1654; Edward, Dec. 1655; Elizabeth and Mary, tw. Nov. 1657; John, Oct. 1659; William, 15 Sept. 1662; Ruth, 12 Oct. 1664; Grace, Apr. 1666; and Joseph, May 1668; is nam. in Rh. Is. Hist. Coll. III. 251. ROBERT, Fairfield 1649 and 53, rem. soon aft. to parts unkn.

WOOLRIDGE, or WOOLRYCH, JOHN, Dorchester 1630, perhaps came in the Mary and John, at least on 19 Oct. of that yr. desir. to be adm. freem. and as he did not appear in May foll. to take the requisite o. when. ch. membership was not demand. as qualificat. I conject. that he had gone home, there found a w. Sarah, with wh. coming again, 1632, to our country, it seems they sat down at Charlestown, there join. the ch. 15 Mar. 1633, and he was made freem. 4 Mar. 1634, then by the Secr. on his rec. dignif. with prefix of Mr. was rep. 1635, and I regret to say, that no more of him is kn. so that it may be thot. that he went home. 

MICHAEL, Fairfield 1674, of wh. no more is told me, exc. that he was apparent. unm. [[vol. 4, p. 649]]

WOOLSON, JOSEPH, Watertown, s. of the first Thomas of the same, by w. Hannah had Joseph, b. 13 Dec. 1699; Mary, 13 Sept. 1701; Hannah, 8 Aug. 1704; Thankful, 3 June 1708; Isaac, 17 Feb. 1711; and Beulah, 1 Mar. 1714; made his will 27 Nov. 1751, and d. 16 May 1755. THOMAS, Watertown 1660, the freem. of 1690, had been of Cambridge 1653, m. 20 Nov. 1660, Sarah, d. of deac. Samuel Hyde of C. had Sarah, b. 1661, wh. m. 30 Sept. 1680, Thomas Bond; Thomas, 28 Feb. 1667; Elizabeth 30 Apr. 1688, m. 3 Nov. 1686, John Howe; Mary, 28 Nov. 1673; Joseph, 16 Nov. 1677; perhaps Nathaniel; and d. 1713; had gr. of ld. 300 acres, in 1685, for mak. good a gr. bef. 1682, when the Ct. refus. to accept the survey, bec. it gave more ld. than was intend. This seems to throw discredit on the knowl. or honesty of the officer. Bond thinks the name may have been Wilson, as sometimes he found it. THOMAS, Watertown, s. of the preced. m. a. 1693, Elizabeth d. of John Chadwick, had John, b. 8 July 1694; Elizabeth 17 Aug. 1698; and Jonas.

WOORY, WOOREY, or WOORIE, RALPH, Charlestown, leather-dresser, came to dwell there 1640, by w. Margaret had John, b. 13 June 1641; and Abel, prob. a tw. if allowance for an easy error in Geneal. Reg. IV. 270, be made; and Hannah, 8 Mar. 1644. He join. the ch. 4 Nov. 1643, but was never sw. as freem. and the ment. of his ho. is found 1657. I can tell no more.

WOOSTER, WOSTER, or WORSTER, ABRAHAM, Stratford, s. of Edward, m. 22 Nov. 1697, Mary Walker, had Abraham; Ruth, b. 26 Sept. 1700; Joseph, 16 Jan. 1702; Sarah, 2 Apr. 1705; Mary, 3 Apr. 1707; Hannah, 23 Feb. 1709; and David, 2 Mar. 1710. DAVID, Drby, br. of the preced. left w. Mary to admin. upon his est. 29 May 1711, for three ch. Jerusha, then 9 yrs. old; Persis, 7; and Tamar, 1. EBENEZER, Stratford, s. of Edward, m. it is said. Margaret, d. of Zechariah Sawtell of Groton, had Henry, b. 27 My 1712; Zechariah, 17 Mar. 1714; and Ebenezer, 5 Jan. 1716. 

EDWARD, Milford 1652, had Mary, b. 2 Nov. 1654, d. young; perhaps Elizabeth elder; Thomas; Abraham; Edward; David; the last two bapt. 1670; Henry, b. 18 Aug. 1666; wh. d. in the army of Queen Anne, serv. against Canada or Nova Scotia; and Ruth, 8 Apr. 1668; all thot. to be by first w. Prob. in 1669, he m. Tabitha, d. of Henry Tomlinson of Stratford, and had Timothy, 12 Nov. 1670; Hannah; Jonas; Tabitha; Sylvester; and Ebenezer. He had rem. to Derby bef. 1669, in wh. yr. he was made constable, and there the last six were prob. b. and he d. 8 July 1689, aged 67, hav. made his will that day. On settlem. of his est. twelve of the ch. took their shares. Ruth, wh. was d. had hers, when [[vol. 4, p. 650]] she m. Samuel Bowers, 1687. General David, wh. serv. with distinct. in the war of the Revo. mort. wound. 1777, was a descend. SYLVESTER, Derby, s. of the preced. d. 16 Nov. 1712, leav. w. Susanna, and ch. Moses, then aged 13; Tabitha, 11; Samuel, 8, Nathaniel, 5; Sylvester, 2; and Susanna, posthum. 

THOMAS, Derby, br. of the preced. d. 4 Jan. 1713, in his will names w. Phebe, s. Thomas, ds. Phebe Leavenworth, Elizabeth Alice, and Zervia. TIMOTHY, Derby, br. of the preced. by w. Ann had Timothy, b. 29 Nov. 1699; Tabitha, 3 May 1701; Edward, 17 Sept. 1702; Ann, 7 Jan. 1704; Samuel, 17 Apr. 1706; Damaris, 20 Feb. 1708; Henry, 19 Feb. 1710; Elizur, 16 Oct. 1715; and Arthur, 26 Mar. 1718; as the print. geneal tells.

WOOTERS, or WOUTERS, JOHN, Branford 1667-73, had a fam. it is thot. there; was prob. of Dutch descent.

WORCHESTER, or WORSTER, EBENEZER, Bradford, s. prob. youngest of Samuel, by w. Hannah, wh. d. 1705, had only Joseph; and he m. 19 Nov. 1706, Deliverance, d. of Jonathan Looke of Rowley, and had Jonathan; Mary, b. 26 Apr. 1711, Susanna, Feb. 1713; Hannah, 13 Dec. 1717; Elizabeth 1721; and Ebenezer; rem. to Littleton, and next to Harvard, there d. 5 Feb. 1764. FRANCIS, Bradford, br. of the preced. m. 20 Jan. 1691, Mary, d. of Peter Cheney of Newbury, had Hannah, b. 8 Feb. 1692; Timothy, 6 Dec. 1693; Jemima, 19 Jan. 1696; Francis, 7 June 1698; John, 5 Nov. 1700; Daniel, 19 Feb. 1703; William, 13 Nov. 1706; Benjamin, 25 Aug. 1709; James, 15 Sept. 1712; and Mary, 22 Dec. 1714; and he d. 17 Dec. 1717. Descend. of this branch have been emin. in letters and theolo. 

JOSEPH, Rowley, br. of the preced. by w. Sarah, wh. d. 27 July 1728, had Jane, b. 21 May 1703; and Elizabeth 1 July, 1705; and he m. 29 Apr. 1730, Martha Palmer, but had no more ch. and d. June 1746. MOSES, Kittery, youngest s. of the Rev. William, by first w. of wh. the name is unkn. had Thomas, William, and Elizabeth but dates of all are unkn. as also of the d. of his w. Yet it is said, that he took sec. w. 4 Apr. 1695, Sarah Soper; had been famous as enemy of Ind. and was liv. in 88th yr. *SAMUEL, Bradford, was first at Rowley, eldest s. of Rev. William, b. perhaps in Eng. freem. 1670, constable and rep. 1679, d. at Lynn, in the road on his way from home to Boston, 20 Feb. 1681, to attend in his place at the Gen. Ct. leav. wid. Elizabeth d. of Francis Parrott of Rowley, m. 29 Nov. 1659, by wh. he had William, b. 21 July 1661; Samuel, 31 Mar. 1663; Francis; Joseph; Timothy, 4 June 1669; Moses, 15 Jan. 1671, d. young; Elizabeth 16 Feb. 1673; Dorothy, 21 Jan. 1675; John, 31 Aug. 1677; Ebenezer, 29 Apr. 1679; and Susanna, 11 Feb. 1681. 

TIMOTHY, Salisbury, br. of the preced. was as mariner, had Sarah, b. 15 Aug. 1667; and Susanna, 29 Dec. 1671; d. early in 1672, and his wid. Susanna m. [[vol. 4, p. 651]] the last week in Oct. of that yr. Henry Ambrose. TIMOTHY, Newbury, s. of Samuel of Bradford, but by Farmer easi. mistak. for the s. of William, by w. Huldah, d. of Peter Cheney, m. 29 Jan. 1691 (the same day on wh. two of his brs. m. two of her sis.), had Samuel, b. 23 Oct. 1691. Coffin tells no more of him; but the fam. geneal. gives d. Lydia, 21 May 1706, wh. d. in a few mos. He d. 13 Aug. 1706, and his wid. m. 1718, Simon Dakin. 

WILLIAM, Salisbury, the first min. there, is suppos. to have come in 1639, and Mr. Coffin thot. he was from Salisbury, Co. Wilts, but the late historian of that city in 1842, aft. investigat. for me, found no trace of him, and add. "I think W. is not a Salisbury name." He had been min. in Eng. if the Magn. classif. be correct, yet nowhere have I seen the place of his educ. ment. but he brot. w. Sarah, and ch. Susanna, Samuel, and William; had here, prob. Sarah, wh. d. 1 Apr. 1641; Sarah, again, b. 4 Apr. 1641, d. soon; Timothy, 14 May 1642; Moses, 10 Nov. 1643; Sarah, again, 22 June 1646, d. young; Elizabeth 10 Mar. or 9 Apr. 1648, d. 9 Mar. foll.; and Elizabeth again, 9 Jan. 1650. His w. d. 23 Apr. 1650, and he m. 20 or 23 July foll. Rebecca, wid. of John Hall, wh. had been wid. of Henry Byley. He was adm. freem. 13 May 1640, and d. 28 Oct. 1663, by town rec. and the wid. got fourth h. in dep.-gov. Symonds, outliv. him, and d. 21 Feb. or July 1695. 

WILLIAM, Rowley, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. a shoemaker, had w. Constant, by her, a s. Joseph, b. 20 June 1667, wh. prob. d. young; rem. to Boston, where he d. 1683; and his d. Constance was b. 10 Mar. 1668, wh. m. 15 July 1692, Abraham Tuckerman, and next John Noiles, jr. of Newfoundland. Other ch. were William, 7 May 1672; Timothy, 2 June 1674; Samuel, 23 Dec. 1679; and Joseph, again, 22 June 1681. But no descend. of ony one of these six ch. is heard of. A passeng. in the Speedwell from London to Boston, 1657, was Rebecca W. aged 18, of wh. neither by accid. nor research have I learn. any thing more. Farmer in MS. noted, that in 1834 of this name were gr. seven at Harv. five at Dartm. two at Yale, and four at other N. E. coll. besides six with spell. of Wooster.

WORDEN, ISAAC, came in the Increase, emb. at London in Apr. 1635, aged 18, call. in the cledar. from the custom-ho. serv. but to wh. or where he sat down is unkn. A Jane W. aged 30, came in the Christian, the first vessel in 1635 from London for our country. JAMES, Boston, by w. Mary had Joseph, b. 21 Mar. 1671; William, 9 July 1673; and Henry, 20 Jan. 1675. PETER, Yarmouth m. 9 Feb. 1639, made his will, giv. all his est. to only s. Peter. PETER, Yarmouth 1643, s. of the preced. had a d. b. 10 Feb. 1649, perhaps that Mary, wh. m. 8 Sept. 1657, John Burge. 

SAMUEL, Boston, m. Mehitable, d. of Gov. Thomas Hinckley, had Samuel, bapt. at Barnstable, 24 Feb. 1684, not as the [[vol. 4, p. 652]] rec. has it. 25. He d. early, and his wid. m. 25 Aug. 1698, William Avery of Dedham.

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