A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Yates - Zullesh

By James Savage

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YATES, FRANCIS, Wethersfield, rem. 1641 to Stamford, says Hinman, but I judge him the same wh. was of Hempstead 1647, made a freem. of Conn. 1658, and perhaps at last a resid. at West Chester, in the prov. of New York, where he made his will, 1682, pro. and rec. in N. Y. [[vol. 4, p. 668]] by wh. are nam. five ch. Mary, John, Dinah, Jonathan, and Dorothy. GEORGE, made freem. of Conn. 1658, may have been br. of the preced. HENRY, Guilford 1669, there d. Jan. 1705, in his will giv. all his prop. to the ch. and to deac. John Meigs,and thus we may assume tho. the amount was only L61. that he had no w. nor ch. 

JOHN, Duxbury, by w. Mary had John, b. 15 Aug. 1650; perhaps rem. to Eastham, and d. soon, for his wid. m. Oct. 1651, Richard Higgins of E. JOHN, Eastham, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 11 Jan. 1700, Abigail Rogers, prob. d. of Lieut. James. One JOHN, perhaps the same, if the spell. of the name on the roster, Yeates, may mean the same (as in the Boston rec. we call Yeale, Yale), was a soldier in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675. WILLIAM is the name of a passeng. aged 14, in the Abigail from London 1635, of wh. no more is kn.

YEALES, TIMOTHY, Weymouth, m. at Boston, Naomi, d. of George Frye of W. had Ann, b. 25 Apr. 1673, d. prob. young; Ann, again, 7 May 1679; and Nehemiah, 17 Sept. 1689; perhaps others.

YELINGS, ROGER, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 30 Aug. 1680; and David, 12 Aug. 1682.

YELL, or YEAL, JOHN, Ipswich, m. says Mr. Felt, 27 July 1690, Joanna Smith, had Elizabeth b. 15 June 1691; and John, 20 June 1694; and d. 20 Jan. 1701.

YEO, or YOW, SAMUEL, I find in the Essex rec. 1653, as is also ALLEN; but the name is giv. Yew, and sometimes is spell. Yeow, and in Drake's valua. Hist. of Boston, 800, is Yow. THOMAS, Boston, m. Sarah, d. of David Phippen or Phippeny of Hingham, bef. Nov. 1650, as the will of P. calls him s.-in-law, but Elizabeth b. 1 Oct. 1652; and Thomas, 24 Apr. 1654; perhaps more. Our col. Rec. IV. shows that in 1652 he was one of the projectors of the conduit in Ann street, long a valua. supply of pure water, and discontin. in the present century. I think he had a br. Charles, at Bristol, Eng.

YEOMANS, EDMUND, Charlestown, by our Col. Rec. III. had w. Susanna, and sold beer in 1650; but he is not seen as a householder there in 1658. He may be the man of Haverhill, 1666, by Coffin, in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 168, call. Edward. EDWARD, Boston, m. 21 June 1652, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Joslin, Jocelin, or Josselin, had Edward, b. 6 May 1657; and perhaps other ch. but he d. not long aft. for his wid. m. 9 May 1662, Edward Kilby. EDWARD and JOHN, early sett. of Plainfield. a. 1700, may have been s. of the preced.

YESCUTT, RICHARD, Ipswich, with w. Alice, giv. me by Mr. Felt, prob. came to N. E. too late for adm. in this work.

YORK, or YORKE, BENJAMIN, Dover, s. of Richard, prob. of the same, was first tax. there 1677. JAMES, Stonington, had first liv. at [[vol. 4, p. 669]] Braintree, where his s. James was b. 14 June 1648; was freem. of Conn. 1666, but when he d. is not heard. JAMES, Stonington 1670, s. of the preced. freem. 1673, sold the yr. preced. his est. in Boston, and d. early, perhaps in 1678, for his wid. Deborah m. 12 Mar. 1679, Henry Eliot. JOHN, Dover, prob. s. of Richard of the same, took o. of fidel. 1669, had w. Ruth, perhaps was of North Yarmouth 1684. 

RICHARD, Dover 1648, was prob. f. of Benjamin, Edward, and John, and d. early in 1674, his inv. being of 27 Mar. He left wid. Elizabeth SAMUEL, Gloucester, by w. Hannah had John, b. 1695, but some yrs. bef. had liv. at North Yarmouth. This s. and ano. (Thomas) d. says Babson, 1699, and the f. d. 18 Mar. 1718, aged 73. But in his will he ment. other ch. all prob. elder, Samuel, wh. had three s. Samuel; Benjamin; Richard; beside three m. ds.

YOUDALL, PHILIP, Gloucester, of wh. nothing good is told by Babson,and no w. or ch. ment. nor any date giv. by him, 183, exc. that of 1648 in connex. with some offence.

YOUNG, CHRISTOPHER, Salem 1638, came from Yarmouth, Co. Norf. by w. Priscilla had Sarah, bapt. 2 Dec. of that yr.; Ruth, Mar. 1641; Judith, 1 Jan. 1643, d. soon; and Christopher, 18 Feb. 1644; and d. at Wenham 1647, betw. 19 June, date of his will, and 8 July, when it was pro. See Essex Inst. II. 6 By our Col. rec. II. 272, it is seen that discretion in our Ct. control the affection of the testator, by wh. he directs his childr. to be sent to Eng. Coffin, in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 169, has some slight variat. from the names and dates, but my bapt. are sure. Sarah m. 20 Mar. 1662, I suppose, John Marsh. DAVID, Eastham, s. of the first John of the same, m. 20 Jan. 1688, Ann, d. of John Doane of the same, had Abigail, b. 28 Dec. foll.; Rebecca, 24 Oct. 1689; Ann, 5 Oct. 1691; Hannah, 6 Sept. 1693; John, 20 Mar. 1695; Priscilla, 26 June 1697; Dorcas, 16 Dec. 1699; David, 25 Sept. 1701; Lois, 2 Nov. 1704; Esther, 16 Nov. 1708; and Henry, 23 Mar. 1711. 

EDWARD, Boston 1675, a fisherman, perhaps is the same, wh. by Coffin is ment. at Newbury, having w. Hannah, and ch. Thomas, b. 17 Jan. 1691; and Richard, 7 Sept. 1693. GEORGE, Scituate 1660, m. 15 Jan. 1662, Hannah, d. of Thomas Pinson, had Thomas, b. 5 Nov. 1663; Hannah, 1666; Margery, 1669; Elizabeth 1671; and Patience, 1673; as Deane, 393, tells. GILES, Boston, by w. Ruth had Susanna, b. 5 July 1672; and Naomi, 16 Dec. 1680. HENRY, Concord, was of Wheeler's comp. and 2 Aug. 1675, at Brookfield, mort. wound. by the ind. at the same time with Capt. edward Hutchinson. HENRY, Eastham, youngest s. of the first John of the same, by w. Sarah had Martha, b. 28 July 1695; Elizabeth 18 Jan. 1698; Reliance, 3 Mar. 1700; Moses, 15 Nov. 1702; Thomas, 24 Oct. 1705; and the f. d. 26 Apr. foll. 

JOHN, [[vol. 4, p. 670]] Plymouth 1643, had perhaps the George bef. ment. and John, b. 9 Nov. 1649. JOHN, Salem 1638, rem. prob. to Charlestown, and d. 29 Dec. 1672. JOHN, Eastham, by w. Abigail m. 13 Dec. 1648, had John, b. at Plymouth (where his w. had liv.), 16 Nov. 1649; Joseph, 12 Nov. 1651, d. soon; Joseph, again, dec. 1654; Nathaniel, Apr. 1656; Mary, 28 Apr. 1658; Abigail, Oct. 1660; David, 17 Apr. 1662; Lydia, 1664; Robert, Apr. 1667; Henry, July 1669, d. in few mos.; and Henry, again, 17 Mar. 1672; and d. 29 Jan. 1691. His wid. d. 7 Apr. 1692. Mary m. 3 Mar. 1677, Daniel Smith; and Abigail m. 3 Jan. 1683, Stephen Twining. 

JOHN, Portsmouth, had John, b. 1649, perhaps others. JOHN, Southold, L. I. 1662, had, perhaps, been of Windsor 1641, whence he rem. bef. 1650, and in that yr. sold his est. at W. was by S. employ as agent to manage affairs with Conn. jurisdict. and Hammond has in his Index, mark. him as rep. but not so print. him in the body of the Vol. was a capt. and so much betrust, by the Gen. Ct. of Conn. that he was made a magistr. over that part of L. I. wh. the people of Conn. hoped to extort from the weakness of the Dutch; and he was, in 1663, by act of the Ct. put in nominat. for an Assist. That he was never chos. was prob. the conseq. of the conquest of N. Y. from the Dutch, and royal gr. to the Duke of York. Oft. this man's name appears in Conn. Col. rec. without the u. and once an addit. es is seen; and I am much inclined to believe that he was s. of the Rev. John Youngs. 

JOHN, Exeter, perhaps s. of John of Portsmouth, took o. of alleg. 1677, was k. by the Ind. 10 June 1697. JOHN, Eastham, eldest s. of John of the same, m. Ruth, d. of Daniel Cole of the same. JOSEPH, Salem 1638, of wh. I kn. only that he was one of a Comtee. in early days, to adjust the line of boundary betw. S. and Ipswich. See Col. Rec. II. JOSEPH, Eastham, br. of the preced. m. 23 Oct. 1679, Sarah Davis, prob. d. of Robert of Barnstable, had Samuel, b. 23 Sept. 1680; Joseph and Isaac, tw. 19 Dec. 1682; James, 4 Apr. 1685; and perhaps others. MATTHEW, Hartford, apprent. of William Williams to learn the trade of a cooper, in 1658 assent. to transfer to ano. master; and that is all I hear of him. NATHANIEL, Eastham, s. of the first John of the same, left wid. Mercy, wh. m. 10 June 1708, Nathaniel Mayo of the same. PAUL, Boston, d. 1641, perhaps sudden. at least we see in Col. Rec. I. 318, that a commissn. to sett. his est. ws giv. by the Gen. Ct. 

RICHARD, by Farmer giv. as the freem. of 1652 at Kittery, but was of Cape Porpus, when he d. left wid. Margery, wh. ret. inv. 18 Feb. 1673, for L124. ROBERT, York, perhaps br. of Rowland, took o. of alleg. 22 Mar. 1681. ROBERT, Eastham, s. of the first John of the same, m. 22 Mar. 1694, Joanna Hicks, whose f. is not told, had Robert, b. 11 Apr. 1695, d. at 2 mos. Robert, again, 11 Dec. 1696; Lydia, 29 May 1699; Joanna, 1 [[vol. 4, p. 671]] June 1703; and Jennet, 22 May 1708. ROWLAND, York, freem. 1652, sw. alleg. 22 Mar. 1681, may have been f. or rather gr.f. of the Rowland, a boy, prisoner in Canada, 1695, wh. is call. of Dover. THOMAS, perhaps of Warwick, m. Elizabeth d. of Richard Harcutt of W. but he may have come from L. I. or at least went thither. THOMAS, Scituate, s. of George, m. Sarah, eldest d. of Peregrine White, wh. long outliv. him, and d. 9 Aug. 1755, aged almost 92 yrs. had George, b. 1689; Joseph, 1692, d. young; Sarah, 1695; Thomas, 1698, d. young; Thomas, again, 1700; Joseph, again, 1701; Ebenezer, 1703; Joshua, 1704; and Isaac, 1706; and d. 25 Dec. 1732. See Boston Newsletter of 29 Aug. 1755. 

One Thomas I find of New Hampsh. among the petnrs. in Feb. 1690, for protect. of Mass. Farmer counts the gr. of this name at Harv. five, Yale, four, and other N. E. coll. four up to 1834.

YOUNGLOVE, JAMES, Brookfield, d. without fam. and his br. John had admin. on his est. ret. inv. 13 Jan. 1667. JOHN, Hadley, perhaps s. of Samuel of Ipswich, was appoint. as appears by Col. Rec. IV. part 2d in 1667, with John Pynchon of Springfield, a Comtee. for Quaboag, aft. nam. Brookfield, freem. 1676, with prefix of respect, as he had preach. there a yr. or two, with no great satisfact. sch.-master at H. six or seven yrs. and was a preach. at the settlem. of Suffield 1681, in that Co. and there met no better accept. than at B. d. 1690, leav. wid. Sarah and ch. four s. and three ds. John; Samuel, b. 10 Feb. 1677, at H.; James; Joseph, 6 Nov. 1682, at S.; Mary, w. of Thomas Smith; Hannah, wh. bec. 1695, w. of George Norton; and Lydia, wh. m. 1693, George Granger. But he had also Sarah, wh. m. 1682, John Taylor, and d. next yr. with new b. ch. Prob. he was never ord. and when the Court advis. him to cease preach. it may derogate nothing from his moral worth, for as my correspond. says, "he may have had an unhppy temper, but it is not unlikely that the temp. of the people was worse than his." The wid. d. 17 Jan. 1711. 

SAMUEL, Ipswich, came in the Hopewell, Capt. Babb, in the autumn of 1635, aged 30; with w. Margaret, 28; and Samuel, 1 yr.; prob. had other ch. aft. arr. perhaps James; certain. Joseph; and d. in 1668, then call. 62 yrs. old. as Coffin gives it in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 169, with the name of Simon. SAMUEL, Ipswich, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. wheelwright, was adm. freem. 1671, m. 1 Aug. 1660, Sarah Kinsman, had Sarah, b. 5 Feb. 1663; Samuel, 30 Oct. 1665, d. soon; Mary, 17 Mar. 1668; Samuel, again, 27 July perhaps for the yr. is indistinct) 1671; Mercy, 25 May 1676; and John, 29 Aug. 1677. On his est. admin. was gr. 23 Jan. 1707, when the wid. was call. Mary, and she soon aft. sold to the same John her share of the prop. Sarah m. 20 June 1684, John Shatswell.

YOUNGMAN, FRANCIS, Roxbury, m. 2 Dec. 1685, Ann, wid. of the [[vol. 4, p. 672]] third Isaac Heath of the same, had Jonathan, b. 9 Oct. 1686; Cornelius, 1 Sept. 1688; Ebenezer, 2 Nov. 1690; Ann, 1 Dec. 1695; Elizabeth 17 Jan. 1699; and Leah, 4 May 1701, d. the same mo.; beside John, whose b. is not seen, but his d. is on the rec. 26 July 1711; as is also that of the f. 23 July of next yr.

YOUNGS, or YONGS, JOHN, Southold, L. I. a min. of St. Margarets, Co. Sufflk. aged 35, with Joan his w. 34, and six ch. John, Thomas, Ann, Rachel, Mary, and Joseph, would have come to Salem, in N. E. in the Mary Ann from Great Yarmouth, May 1637, with many other passeng. of wh. was the wid. of learn. William Ames, the Professor at Franequer, as is seen in a collect. of rec. at Westminster, with copy of wh. her majesty's keeper of those treasures favored me; and in the margin of this part is insert. "This man was forbyden passage by the Commissnrs. and went not from Yarmouth." Probably the scivener had no idea of a negative pregnant, as the lawyer says, in his mind, when he made that entry, but may have suppos. that the power of the great archbp. the imperious and foolish Laud, would forever restrain that migrat. As the whole complication of ecclesiast. impolicy was overthrown three yrs. aft. the puritan's desire was then, if not earlier gratif. 

One report places him at New Haven 1638-40. I presume that Wood, in his Hist. of L. I. where he makes Y. a min. at Hingham, Eng. and to come to New Haven with part of his church in 1640, and to begin the settlem. of Southold, in Oct. of that yr. foll. tradit. of the neighb. and may be more trustworthy, as Farmer quotes him, where he says, he d. 1672, in his 74th yr. JOHN, Southold, L. I. eldest s. of the preced. (wh. is duly commeno. under Young), was, in 1681, under the governm. of the Duke of York, sheriff of the whole insular territo. as Wood tells, and d. in his 75th yr. 1698. JOSEPH, Southold, L. I. sen. and JOSEPH, jr. of the same, adm. freemen of Conn. 1662, were prob. br. and s. of the Rev. John, or possib. s. and gr.s. tho. less prob. ROBERT, York, k. by the Ind. betw. York and Kittery 16 or 22 Aug. 1690. THOMAS, Greenwich 1673, and of Oyster Bay, on the opposite coast of L. I. 1682, may have been s. of Rev. John, brot. from Eng.

ZECHARIAH, LEWIS, Ipswich 1675, is all that Mr. Felt can tell a. this person, whose surname may have changed places with the bapt. as Farmer found Merry Waters. Yet I have no acquaint. with Zechariah Lewis, not even so much as with Lewis Zechariah. The name of Daniel Zechary in Boston, turns up in 1706.

ZULLESH, DAVID, freem. of Mass. 18 May 1642, is the last name on the long list of that day's adm. as well as the latest in the labor of this Dictionary, wh. closes with regret that no further report of him can be afford, nor can any conject. be hazard, even for his resid. It hardly [[vol. 4, p. 673]] seems like an Eng. name, and f. mo. br. sis. w. or ch. are unkn. As approxim. to so unusual a surname, I have seen nothing but Mr. Zellick, a merchant at New Haven, 1647, only as a transient visitor, if even he were not far remote, whose goods of £200. value were attach. there by Mr. Pell, no doubt Thomas, one of the chief men there. I suppose he was a Dutchman from Manhattan; and that his name was by Boston folks turn. into Sellock.


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