History of Orphanages The Childhaven Story - Alabama**
Texarkana Baptist Orphanage - Arkansas
The McClelland School History- Colorado
                    Angel Guardian Orphanage - Illinois
Dept. of Juvenile Justice - Maryland
German Roman Catholic Orphan Home - New York**
Oxford Orphanage: A Brief History
2nd web site- North Carolina**
Goodland Presbyterian Childrens Home - Oklahoma**
Bureau of Charities - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Directory of Orphanages in Allegheny & Some Adjacent Counties - Pennsylvania
From Almshouse To Asylum:Orphans In Allegheny County - Pennsylvania
Greater Philadelphia Orphans' Court Rules - Pennsylvania
Guardians of the Poor - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Orphans' Court Procedural Rules Committee - PA
Poor House Farm Circa 1814, Loudoun County, Virginia
Federal and State Census With List of Children Residing in Orphanages
Hebrew National Orphan Home
Legends & Legacies
True History of Orphanages

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