List of Early Orphanages (mid 1800s-early 1900s) Alabama Alabama Baptist Children's Homes Arkansas Texarkana Baptist Orphanage History Page California Mount St. Mary’s Convent and Orphan Asylum Connecticut St. Agnes Home, West Hartford, Ct. Pls. contact Julie Cromwell at janncromwell@Highland.Net if you have "early" information on this home. Delaware Elizabeth W. Murphey School for Orphan Children Georgia Augusta Orphan Asylum
Bethesda Orphanage and the Slaveholding Evangelist
Illinois Odd Fellows Orphans' Home, Lincoln
Soldiers' Orphans' Home,Normal
St. Mary's, Chicago
Iowa Christian Children's Home, Council Bluff, Iowa - Jarvis children left in this home, Fifth Generation
Soldiers' Orphans' Home
Kentucky Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children
Potters Orphan Home and School - Bowling Green
St. Joseph Catholic Orphan Society
Louisiana Female Orphan Asylum in New Orleans
Margaret Monument, New Orleans
Maryland Baltimore Orphan Asylum, Baptist Orphanage & Christian Home, James Gerard Wiltshire, Physician
Baptist Orphanage & Dispensary of the Nursery & Child's Hospital; Bernard Purcell Muse, Physician
Mount Olivet Orphanage, The Baldwin Children
St. Anthony's Orphanage, 1899, James Bates Bennett, Visiting Physician
St. John's Orphanage, Waverly (Baltimore County/City?), Wm. J. Pillsbury, Physician
Michigan St. Vincent's Orphan's Home, Saginaw New Jersey Federal and State Census With List of Children Residing in Orphanages New York NY Almshouse Records
Orphanages in the State of NY and Records
Half Orphan Asylum for Destitute and Abandoned Children, later called Stuart House.  Please email Jeanne Brickey at: if you have any information about this orphanage.
Leake and Watts Orphan House
Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum
Federal and State Census With List of Children Residing in Orphanages
Hebrew Orphan Asylum, Brooklyn
New York Juvenile Asylum
Old Schuler Mansion, Albany
North Carolina Barnum Springs - (See The Home: A Memoir of Growing Up in an Orphanage)
Elon College, North Carolina
Falcons Childrens Home, Falcon, North Carolina
Thomasville Baptist Orphanage, (opened in 1885) Thomasville
Ohio Cincinnati Orphan Asylum, Cincinnati Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Soldiers' Orphan Schools
Soldiers' Orphans' Home
South Carolina Orphan House, Charleston Texas St. Mary's Orphanage, Galveston
Galveston Orphans Home

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