Orphan Stories and Sites ALHN - Mystery Families
Child Abuse Stories
Helen Kuhn Dillenbeck Ward (NY & PA)
Richard B. McKenzie, An Orphan Biographical Sketch of Richard B. McKenzie
The Home: A Memoir of Growing Up in an Orphanage
Orphanages: Did They Throttle the Children in Their Care
Rethinking Orphanages in the 21st Century
Clark Kidder
          Marilyn's Collectibles - Orphan Trains and Their Precious Cargo
          Orphan Train - A WIGenWeb Project
Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.
          The State-The Orphanage-Their Story
Samuel White's Family Reunited (born 1899) (NC & NY)
The Search for Patricia Hollo Kozlowski
The True History of Orphanages
Jewish Orphanages in the United States

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