Successful Orphans Arkansas Robert B. Macon, (1859-1925), born in Arkansas, orphaned at age nine, Representative from Arkansas Connecticut Josiah Belden (1815-1892), orphaned at age 14, raised the first American flag in California, First Mayor of San José, California
Darwin Phelps (1807-1879), born in CT, orphaned at an early age, Representative from Pennsylvania
Georgia Benjamin Fitzpatrick, (1802-1869), born in Georgia, orphaned at an early age, served in the Senate, nominated for Vice President of the US on the ticket of Stephn A. Douglas. He declined the nomination.
Edward Langworthy, (1738-1802), born in Savannah, Georgia, attended the Bethesda Orphan House, Member of Continental Congress (1777-1779), signer of the Articles of Confederation
Iowa William E. Andrews (1854-after 1932), born in Iowa, orphaned at an early age, Representative from Nebraska Kentucky William T. Ellis, (1845-1925) born in Kentucky, orphaned at age sixteen, Democrat to the 51st, 52nd, and 53rd Congresses (1889-1895)
Lewis F. Linn, (1796-1843), born in Kentucky, orphaned at age eleven, Senator from Missouri
New Jersey George T. Cobb (1813-1870), born in NJ orphaned at age six, Democrat, 37th Congress (1861-1863) New York Austin Church, (1799-1879), born in Brooklyn, NY, orphaned at an early age, attended Yale Medical School, was first to have the idea to substitute bi-carbonate of soda for baking purposes and in 1832 founded a factory in Rochester, NY for this purpose.
John T. Cutting, (1844-1911), orphaned at age ten, Republican, 52nd Congress (1891-1893)
Pennsylvania Dennis T. Flynn, (1861-1939), orphaned at age three, moved to Buffalo, NY at age two. Was an attorney KS, published the Kiowa Herald, served in 53rd, 56th, 57th Congresses South Carolina Joseph H. Earle, (1847-1897), orphaned at an early age, State House of Representatives 1878-1882; served in the State Senate 1882-1886
Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), orphaned at age 14, President of the United States
John Henry O'Neall, (1838-1907), orphaned at age 8, Representative from Indiana.
Wisconsin William J. Cary (1865-1934), born in Wisconsin, orphaned at eleven, Representative from Wisconsin

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