1930 - A Moment in Time

1920 Census - 7th District Pomonkey, Charles County, MD

BALDWIN, Mason R. (Randolph) head, age ?,

wife, Sadie E. age 31

son, Randolph age 12

daughter, Eleanor age 10

son, Charles age 8

son, William age 6

son, Robert age 4

son, Joseph age 2

The Baldwin family was in Pomonkey by the 1920 Census and had moved from a tenant home in Fenwick situated on the Elliott Farm on the Potomac River. William, Robert and Joseph were born there. Randolph had just bought his first automobile for $800 per son, Robert Baldwin. These were difficult days for all in the county, but also a happy time, which was also told to me by Uncle Robert Baldwin. Four other children would be born to Randy and Sadie by 1928 and before their deaths in 1928 and 1929. That would be Alice, Edward, Albert and Kathleen. Alice died from complications of measles in 1926 and infant Kathleen died from complications of child birth. Sadie died from complications of delivering the child, Kathleen, at home, and six months later Randy died from a lung infection. The 1930 Census will show four brothers in an orphanage, two older Baldwin brothers still in the Pomonkey home with step mother, a married sister in Washington, DC and a married brother in Indian Head, MD.

This is the Baldwin home in 1920.

Home in Pomonkey, Charles County, MD, where Baldwin children lived before the death of their parents. Circa 1920

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