1930 - A Moment in Time

Reynolds, Thelma age 8
Schloer, Joseph age 7

Schessler, Joseph age 7
Schessler, Mildred age 11

Simpson, Stewart age 6

White, Edward age 5

Wolfe, Oliver age 6

Roberts, Florence age 13
Roberts, Ida age 12
Roberts, William age 10
Roberts, Wilson age 7
Roberts, Evelyn age 5
Roberts, Irvin age 2 year 10 months

Thompson, Margaret age 6

Armiger, Guy age 7
Armiger, Gail age 3 years 3 months

Mosley, William age 60, born VA, Negro, listed as Boarder and Farm Laborer

NOTE: This orphanage was listed under District Training School for Anne Arundel County, MD. The District Training School was in Annapolis and the connection will have to be researched.

Dwelling # 90
TARBELL, William E. age 31, born Maine, listed as High School Teacher
wife, Marion G. age 30, born MD
daughter, Elizabeth A. age 7
son, John W. 1 year 11 months
Note: Edward Baldwin remembers a neighbor family that was kind to him and his brothers. This may be the one or it could be dwelling # 88.

Dwelling # 97 (this Baldwin is not related as far as I know)
Baldwin, William E. age 56, head, white, owns home valued at $6000
wife, Mary F. age 39
step son, Kendyijeski, John S. age 18
step daughter, Agnes A. age 14
step son, L. J. age 14

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