1930 - A Moment in Time

step son, Clarance age 9
son, Baldwin, William age 20
mother in law, Hartman, Frances M. age 84

Fact: Occupations on census page - farm hand, laborer, pay roll clerk at Gaskins Company, chauffeur for county roads, hardware merchant and carpenter.

Moments in time passed on from Mount Olivet
This is another sketchy story handed down with only bare facts left for me to tell. Joe, my father, was only 12 years old in 1930 and was new at the orphanage. Robert was 14 and I remember he said he left at age 15, as schooling was over by then. Little Edward and Abby were still very young after Robert left and Joe at 14 was feeling like a man and very protective. He had witnessed much abuse with lack of love and compassion. A young man, his age, was made to work around the establishment and earn his keep. I am sure the attendants were very strict with the children, no matter what the age. The year would have most likely been 1932, Joe 14 and Abby about 6. Abby was offered a bowl of hot cereal for breakfast. Abby cried and refused it. I am thinking he was sick and felt horrible and again refused the same bowl of food at lunch time and dinner. The attendant thought a spanking would help and Abby continued to cry and then strong soap was applied to his eyes and mouth. Yes, this was a horrible way to abuse a small child and Joe had seen it too much. He was young and strong and punched this guy in the mouth and knocked him down the steps. I understand the men broke his leg on the way down. Joe was an intelligent young man and knew the handwriting was on the wall. His punishment would have been too severe and he ran away. Again, I wish I had listened more closely. This 14 year old took off on foot and headed no where at first, but wound up in Danville, Virginia. I thank God even today for the outcome. This must have been terrifying, but Dad never said so. He met another teen about his age, who took him home for dinner. He was asked to stay and work on the farm. Both Hubert Carter, the new young friend and his parents treated Joe like family. He ate well, had a roof over his head, no abuse and learned much on the farm. These skills were used throughout his life time. It is not know how long Joe stayed in Danville. It is still possible that Joe knew of Hubert in Danville and purposely took off for Danville after leaving the orphanage. A photo belonging to Lorraine Baldwin Mccoy show Robert Baldwin and Hubert Carter in about 1934 at Marshall Hall Amusement Park.

Edward remembers the day that the police came and took Mr. and Mrs. Noyes, the couple in charge at Mount Olivet, away, because of the filth and neglect at the orphanage. Young boys, who have been through the loss of both parents and being taken from their family may have terrible memories of an orphanage, so I don't want to state for sure that the facility did everything wrong. In about 1933 Edward and Abby were brought back to Charles County to separate foster homes, where they worked on the form and went to school until ready for the military service.

Below are several letters to Robert Baldwin, while at the home with his brothers.

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