1930 - A Moment in Time


Envelope addressed to:

Mr. Robert Baldwin
Mt. Olivet Orphanage Inc.
935 Wash. Blvd.
Baltimore, Md.

Postmark on envelope:

Washington, D.C.
April 16, 1930
Washington, D.C.

421-131 St., S.E.
April 161 1930

My Dear Robert,
l received your letter this morning and was more than glad to hear from you and to know you all had so much fun with the peanuts. I hope you got some of the bananas also. How did Albert and Edward like the little Celluloid dolls? Bunch, Katherine and I will try to see you Easter Monday and bring you some dyed eggs. We were at the home, but as you and Joe were at school and Edward and Albert were asleep so we didn't get a chance to see them. Write to me when you can. I am always glad to hear from you and to know how the other little ones are feeling.

Be a good boy and do as you are told to do. We think of you all the time. We will come to see you as often as we can get a way to come down. I don't understand why this Home has its mail sent to Baltimore, Md unless it has to be read before the children get it at the home. All send love to you all from all.

Lovingly, Your Aunt Alice - This would be Robert's mothers sister, Alice Elliott Blanchard

The following letter was in same envelope from Robert's sister, Eleanor (Bunch) Baldwin. It is thought that she was married to Fred Gilbert at this time and living with her Aunt Alice.

same date and address as above:

Dearest Robert,

Just a few lines hopping to find you and the rest of the children well. We are about as well as usual. It has been raining all day here and it is a real cold also. We let the fire go out, but had to build it up again today. Charlie was with us the other day when we was out to the home. Mr. Bailey brought us out-you know he was the cop that brought us down in the country one night-

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