1930 - A Moment in Time

and then we went to Indian Head and you talked so much to him. We will try to see you all Monday. Be sure and remember us to Mr. and Mrs. Noyes and do as they tell you. Write to us when you can. We all send love to you all.

Lovingly your sister,
ps. your step mother and Charlie said they were going to come out to see you all Sunday if nothing happens.

Note: I can read between the lines here that the step mother did not want these four boys to go to the orphanage. Who was Mr. Bailey, the cop, and why did he talk to Robert for so long? I was told by Uncle Robert that he was old enough that he could have stayed with the step mother. He decided to go for the younger boys. Can you feel the tension and stress of this situation? 1930 was not a good era in Charles County. It was very rural and jobs were not that easy to get. The 1930 census shows the older teen aged Baldwin boys working as Laborers. It was mentioned that they went to Indian Head to talk. That is were the oldest son, Randolph (Buck) lived with his wife and young son in his father-in-laws home, and about three other grand children.

submitted: Aug. 18, 2004
Information and research by:
Judith Baldwin Hurley

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