1 Ralph obtained much celebrity as a political and historical writer. He also wrote poetry and plays, but with less success. He published "Night," a poem; and another poem, called "Sawney." In this latter he abused Swift, Pope. and Gay. In revenge, Pope introduced his name into the "Dunciad."

"Silence, ye wolves, while Ralph to Cynthia howls,
And makes Night hideous; answer him, ye owls."

He wrote a much approved work, entitled "Use and Abuse of Parliaments"; and also a "History of England during the reign of William the Third," in two folio volumes. Alluding to this work, Fox pronounces the author a historian of great acuteness, as well as diligence, but who falls sometimes into the common error of judging by the event." Ralph produced also many political pamphlets, and was employed by the ministry at different times to promote their aims with his pen. For these services he was pensioned.
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