From throughout the Land and also from Elsewhere the Wizards did then Assemble. They inspected one another's Credentials and the meeting was called to order.

Now it must be understood that in a Conference of Wizards many things are understood without being mentioned. For example, they all knew without being told that n Rockyfinger's Image must be kept unsullied by even the slightest suspicion that N Rockyfinger himself would stoop so low -- er-r-ah -- be so devious as to try to influence the Demagog Party's choosing of their Champion. If possible, even Brother D's participation in creating the Strawman should be kept secret -- at least until after the Carnival.

"How then," asked one of the Wizards, "shall we make certain the Good People will not too soon learn just who is financing the building of a Strawman to be the Demagog's Champion at the Carnival -- and other such things which for their own sake they are better off not knowing?"

"Quite simple," replied D Rockyfinger. "When you have completed the Strawman except for installation of memory cells, I will at once myself introduce him to the TLC without telling anyone else."

And all the Wizards did nod in agreement to signify their understanding, except for one Apprentice Wizard. He whispered to his mentor Wizard who had brought him to the Conference:

"Who is this 'TLC', oh wise and learned Master Wizard?"

Oh that --," the wily Master Wizard whispered back wilily, "--TLC means Three Large Contributors."

Whereupon the Apprentice Wizard wilily watched the wily Master Wizard for a while and after that while whispered wonderingly, "Is that all it means, oh wise and wonderful Sir?"

"Well now, my lad," said the Master patting the Apprentice on the head, "just by asking that question you show great Promise and Potential in the wonderful world of wizardry. But you must for a while yet also show Patience. There is, I will tell you, much more meaning than that to TLC. But it is best you should not know the full meaning until you have completed your Apprenticeship. Patience you must show, and Faith, and Trust."

"Faith and Trust in what -- Oh learned Master?"

"In Wizardry, my boy; all Wizardry; especially Rockyfinger Wizardry -- if you know what's good for you."

"I trust." Scroll Four