Ships of the Air

Automobiles and Their Development

Messages Without Wires

The Roentgen X-Ray

New Wonders of the Electrical World

Latest Machines of Modern Warfare

A Slot Machine that Takes Photographs

New Discoveries in the Field of Medicine and Surgery

Acetylene Gas, the Latest Artificial Light

Wonderful Moving Pictures

Largest and Fastest Trolley Car

Bread Supplied from the Atmosphere

Liquid Air—its Wonderful Power

New Process of Making Stained-Glass Windows

New methods of Making Porcelain

A New Process for Making White Lead

Marvelous Metals Recently Discovered

Snap-Shots of the Human Voice

The Solar Furnace

A Telegraph Machine that Prints

Tin-Making in the Twentieth Century

Submarine Navigation Scores New Triumphs

Saving Ships and Life at Sea

About the Phonograph

Driving Mechanism of the Hooseless Vehicle

Inventions Minimizing Farm Labor

The Sewing Machine and Knitting Machine

The Semi-Automatic Piano Player

How the Pulse is made to Keep a Record of its Beats

Respiration Registered in Characters by the Action of the Lungs

Photography and the Use of the Camera

Book II

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