Construction of the "Sky-Scraper"

Marvelous Development of Printing Apparatus

A Railroad Encircling the Globe

Mammoth Catering Enterprises

Australia's Great Railway Project

Biggest Ships Afloat

Egg Candling by Machinery

Evolving New Kinds of Wheat

The Twentieth Century Daily Newspaper

The "Soo's" Great Power Canal

The World's Stupendous Granary

Railways, the Arteries of Commerce

Great Tunnels of the World

Science the Benefactor of the Farmer

How Glass is Made To-day

Irrigation of the Nile Region

Olive Culture on an Extensive Scale

How Rubber is Made To-day

How Salt is Produced

High-Grade Tobacco Grown Under Mammoth Tents

Monster Ship Canals

Great Strides in the Oil Industry

The Modern Piano

Making Lead Pencils

Artificial Ice

A Substitute for Iron in Building

Compressed Air—What it Means to the World

Sugar Cane in Sugar Making and Paper Making

Mining Coal and Making Coke

New Method of Fattening Poultry

Iron and Steel Manufacturing

Silk Cacoons, and the Silk Industry

Beet Sugar and its Commercial Value

New Inventions in Floor Coverings

Elevated Railroads

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