Objects Famous the World Over

Railroads in te United States

The Constitution and government of the United States

Patent Laws of the United States

The Inter-State Commerce Law

Civil Service Regulations

The United States Postal Service

Undersirable Immigrants and Statistics of Immigration

Reclaiming of Arid America

"Uncle Sam" and Nut Culture

What the Weather Man Does

Postage-Stamp Department

How the President of the United States Officially Travels Over the Country

How and Where the World Gets its Meat

Western Farms of Great Extent

Big Trees of California

Where the Various American Industries are Mainly Carried On

Public Schools of the United States—at Home and Abroad

How the United States Government Educates the Indian

Chocolate Making in America



Florida's Products and Pleasure Resorts

Making Money at the Mint

Nine Great Wonders of America

Salaries Paid by the United States Government

The Government of Germany

Moving Boats by Cable on the Elbe

The United States Government Fisheries

Buying Human Hair in Germany

Mountain Climbing in Switzerland

The Government of Great Britain

In a King's Kitchen and Plate Room

A Famous English Locomotive

What Fogs Cost London

Matrimony in England

Scotland's Model Town

Canada and its Government

Canada's Long Bridge Span

The Government of France

The Government of Russia

Marriages in Russia

Short Supply of Platinum in Russia

Facts About New Guinea

The Cinchona Tree in Peru

A Custom Peculiar to New Zealand

The Wool Industry in Australia

The Cannibal Tree of Australia

Lace Making in Paraguay

Chinese Rice Paper

Canton—Examination Hall

Chinese Weddings

Elephants Used for Plowing in India

Where Certain Things Came From

The Delhi Durbar of 1903

The Great Pyramids

Scenes of Great Financial Panics

Scenes of Great Floods

Scenes of Ten Terrible Plagues

Countries Smitten by the Great Famines of History

The Culture of Tapioca

Cotton Culture

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