A List of the Maps

Modern Europe
The Mediterranean in Ancient Times
Map of the Ancient World (about 50 A.D.)
Greater Greece and the Phoenician Colonies
The Greek Peninsula
The City of Athens and its Harbor of Piraeus
The Empire of Alexander the Great
A Physical Map of Italy
The Roman Empire at Its Greatest Extent
Europe in the Time of Charles the Great
England Under the Heptarchy
The Danelagh (or Danelaw)
Medieval Trade Routes to the North from the Mediterranean
The Routes of the Crusaders
Ancient and Medieval Trade Routes to the Orient
Map Showing the Route of Marco Polo's Journey
The Race for India
The Discoveries of the Northmen
Spanish Voyages of Discovery to North America
Routes of French and English Voyagers to America
Territory Gained by the Treaty Which Closed the War with    Mexico
The Berlin-Bagdad Railroad
The Western Front


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