GROVER CLEVELAND, President, was born in Caldwell, Essex County, New Jersey, March 18, 1837; removed with his parents when four years of age to Fayetteville, Onondaga county, New York; received an academic schooling in Fayetteville and Clinton, to which latter place the family had removed; at sixteen years of age he became a clerk and an assistant teacher in New York Institution for the blind in New York City, in which his elder brother, William was then a teacher; in 1855 went west in search of employment; engaged with his uncle at Buffalo, New York, to aid in the compilation of the American Herd book; in August, 1855, accepted a place as copyist in the law office of Rogers, Bowen & Rogers, Buffalo, in which office he began the study of the law; was admitted to the bar in 1859; was appointed assistant district attorney of Erie county January 1, 1863, and held the office three years; was a candidate on the democratic ticket for district attorney, but was defeated; formed a law partnership with Isaac V. Vanderpool, and in 1869 became a partner in the law firm of Lanning, Cleveland & Folsom; was elected sheriff of Erie county in 1870, and held the office three years; resumed the practice of law at the close of his term of office; in November, 1831, was elected mayor of the city of Buffalo; September 22, 1882, was nominated by the democrats for governor and was elected, receiving a majority of 151,742 votes ever all candidates; July 8, 1884, was nominated for president and was elected, receiving 219 electoral votes, against 182 votes for James G. Blaine; was renominated for the presidency in 1888, and was defeated by Benjamin Harrison by an electoral vote of 233 against 168; upon retiring from the presidency located in New York City and resumed the practice of law; was again nominated for the presidency in 1892 and was elected, receiving 276 electoral votes against 145 votes for Benjamin Harrison and was inaugurated March 4, 1893.


WALTER QUINTON GRESHAM, of Chicago, Illinois, Secretary of State, was born near Lanesville, Harrison county, Indiana, March 17, 1832; received his education in the common schools and State University at Bloomington, Indiana; studied law in Corydon, Indiana, and was admitted to the bar in 1853; was elected to the state legislature in 1860, but resigned in August, 1861, to accept the Lieutenant-Colonelcy of the Thirty-eighth Indiana rogiment; was promoted to Colonel of the Fifty-third Indiana regiment in December, 1863, and to Brigadier-General in August following, after the fall of Vicksburg; commanded the Fourth Division of General Blair’s corps before Atlanta, in which fighting he was severely wounded; was brevetted Major-General of volunteers March 13, 1865, for gallantry before Atlanta; at the close of the war resumed the practice of his profession in New Albany, Indiana; was an unsuccessful candidate for congress in 1866; was financial agent for Indiana in New York, 1857-68; was appointed United States Judge for the district of Indiana in 1869; resigned in April, 1882, to accept the position of Postmaster-General; was transferred to the treasury portfolio in July, 1884, upon the death of Secretary Folger; in October, 1884, was appointed United States Judge for the 7th Judicial Circuit; was prominently before the national republican convention in 1888 as a candidate for president; was tendered the nomination for president by the populist party in 1892, which he declined; was appointed to his present position by President Cleveland, and was confirmed March 6, 1893.

JOHN GRIFFIN CARLISLE, of Covington, Kentucky, Secretary of the Treasury, was born in Campbell (now Kenton) county, Kentucky, September 5, 1835; received a common school education; taught school in the county and afterwards at Covington; studied law with J. W. Stevenson and W. B. Kinkead; was admitted to the bar in March, 1858, and has practiced since; was a member of the State House of Representatives, 1859-61; was nominated for presidential elector on the democratic ticket in 1864, but declined; was elected to the State Senate in February, 1866, and re-elected in August, 1869; was a delegate at large from Kentucky to the national democratic convention at New York in July, 1868; was nominated for Lieutenant-Governor of Kentucky in May, 1871; resigned his seat in the senate in June, 1871, and was elected Lieutenant-Governor in August, 1871, serving until September, 1875; was alternate presidential elector for the state at large in 1876; was elected to the Forty-fifth, Forty-sixth, Forty-seventh, Forty-eighth, Forty-ninth, Fiftieth, and Fifty-first Congresses; was elected Speaker in the Forty-eighth, Forty-ninth, and Fiftieth Congresses, and was elected to the United States Senate, May 17, 1890, as a democrat, to fill the unexpired term of James B. Beck, deceased, and took his seat May 26, 1890; resigned to accept the portfolio of Secretary of the Treasury in President Cleveland's Cabinet, and entered upon the duties of the office March 7, 1893; was confirmed March 6, 1893.

DANIEL SCOTT LAMONT, of New York City, New York, Secretary of War, was born in Courtlandville, New York, February 9, 1851, his parents, John D. Lamont and Elizabeth Scott Lamont, being of Scotch decent; was educated at the McGrawville Acadamy and Union College, New York; was legislative reporter and managing editor of the Albany Argus, of which he was one of the proprietors for some years; was Private Secretary and Military Secretary to Grover Cleveland, Governor of New York, from January 1, 1883, until March, 1885, and Private Secretary to the President of the United States from March 4, 1885, until March 4, 1889; was appointed to his present office by President Cleveland, and entered upon the duties of his office March 7, 1893.

RICHARD OLNEY, of Boston, Massachusetts, Attorney-General, was born in Oxford, Worcester county, Massachusetts, September 13, 1835; prepared for college at Leicester Academy, in Worcester county; graduated from Brown University. Providence, Rhode Island, in 1856; attended the Harvard Law School, 1856-59; in 1859 was admitted to the bar and entered the office of Hon. B. F. Thomas, of Boston, Massachusetts; served as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in the year 1874; and since 1859 has been continually in the practice of law in Boston; was appointed Attorney-General by President Cleveland, and entered upon his duties March 6, 1893.

WILSON SHANNON BISSELL, of Buffalo, New York, Postmaster-General, was born in New London. Oneida county, New York, December 31, 1847, when he was five years of age his parents removed to Buffalo, where he attended the public schools; prepared for college at private school in New Haven, and subsequently graduated with honors from Yale University; at the age of twenty-one commenced the study of law with Laning, Cleveland & Folsom in Buffalo; in 1872 formed a partnership with Lyman K. Bass. but about a year later, upon the admission of Grover Cleveland, the firm name was changed to Bass, Cleveland & Bissell; upon the removal of Lyman K. Bass to Colorado and election of Grover Cleveland as Governor of New York the firm was reorganized and for several years bore the name of Bissell, Sicard & Goodyear; the special character of his practice has been that of counsel for corporations; is a director in several railroad companies; always refused public office, but served as Presidential Elector at Large in 1884, and has been delegate to several state conventions; in 1890 was a member of a commissian to propose amendments to the judiciary article of the constitution of the state of New York; was appointed Postmaster-General March 6, 1893.

HILARY A. HERBERT, of Montgomery, Alabama, Secretary of tho Navy was born at Lawrenceville, South Carolina; removed with his father at the age of twelve years to Greenvile, Butler county, Alabama; was educated at the universities of Alabama and Virginia; studied law and was admitted to the bar of the supreme court of Alabama; and served in the Confederate Army as Captain and Colonel of the Eighth Alabama infantry; was disabled in the battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1861; after the war resumed the practice of law at Greenville till 1872, when he removed to Montgomery where he has practiced since; was elected to the Forty-fifth, Forty-sixth, Forty-seventh, Forty-eighth, Forty-ninth, Fiftieth, Fifty-first, and Fifty-second Congresses, and declined renomination for the Fifty-third; was chairman of the Committee on Naval Affairs in the Forty-ninth, Fiftieth and Fifty-second Congresses; was appointed Secretary of the Navy and entered upon the discarge of the duties of the office March 7, 1893; was confirmed by the United States Senate March 6, 1893.

HOKE SMITH, of Atlanta, Georgia, Secretary of the Interior, was born in Newton, North Carolina, September 2, 1855: was educated by his father, Dr. H. H. Smith; was admitted to the bar at Atlanta, Georgia, when seventeen years old, and began at once the practice of law; after being admitted to the bar devoted himself to the study of law, carefully reading all the decisions of the supreme court of the United States, the decisions of the supreme court of Georgia, and the leading text-books; did not wait for a case to study the law applicable to it, but studied law to be ready for any case in which he might be employed: preferred the practice of law to office, and never held a political office until appointed Secretary of the Interior by President Cleveland, and entered upon the duties of the office March 7, 1893.

JULIUS STERLING MORTON, of Nebraska City, Nebraska, Secretary of Agriculture, was born April 27, 1832, in Jefferson county, New York; is of Scotch-English origin, his ancestors coming to this country in the first vessel after the Mayflower, one of them, Nathaniel, being secretary of the colony; removed with his parents, when two years of age, to Michigan; was educated in the schools of Albion, the State University, at Ann Arbor, and Union college, from which latter institution he was graduated; was connected editorially with the Detroit Free Press and Chicago Times; located in Nebraska November 10, 1854, at Bellevue, and April 12, the following year, issued the first number of the Nebraska City News; was elected to the Territorial Legislature the same year and re-elected in 1857; was appointed Secretary to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Governor Thomas B. Cuming in 1858, and served till May, 1861; in 1860 was nominated for congress and was given the certificate of election, but was unseated by contest; in 1866 was nominated for Governor and was defeated by 115 votes, and has been the nominee of his party for that office three times since; has been the favorite candidate of his party several times for United States Senator; is a practical agriculturist and horticulturist, and has contributed largely to the best literature on those subjects; is the author of the Arbor Day legislation, which provides that one day each year (April 22) be made a public holiday and be devoted to tree planting, and which has been adopted in forty-two States; was appointed by President Cleveland and confirmed March 6, and entered upon his duties March 7, 1893.


(Pennsylvania avenue, between Fifteenth and Seventeenth streets.)

President of the United States—GROVER CLEVELAND, Executive Mansion.
Private Secretary—Henry T. Thurber, 924 McPherson Square.
Assistant Secretary—O. L. Pruden, 317 Eleventh street, S. W.
Executive Clerks—William H. Crook, 1337 Twelfth street, N. W.
      Robert L. O’Brien, 1404 H street, N. W.
United States District Marshal--D. M. Ransdell, 916 Fifteenth street, N.W.
In Charge of Public Buildings and Grounds—Col. John M. Wilson, The Arlington.


(Seventeenth street, south of Pennsylvania avenue.)

Secretary of State —WALTER Q. GRESHAM, The Arlington.
Assistant Secretary—
Second Assistant Secretary—Alvey A. Adee, 1019 Fifteenth street, N. W.
Third Assistant Secretary—Edward H. Strobel, Metropolitan Club.
Solicitor—Walter D. Dabney, 1615 Riggs Place.
Chief Clerk—William W. Rockhill, 1914 N street, N. W.
Chief of the Bureau of Archives and Indexes—John H. Haswell, 2025 C street, N. W.
Chief of the Diplomatic Bureau -Thos. W. Cridler, 407 Eighth street, S. E.
Chief of the Consular Bureau—Walter E. Faison, 1737 Corcoran street.
Chief of the Bureau of Accounts—Francis J. Kieckhoefer, 1138 Connecticut avenue.
Chief of the Bureau of Statistics-- Edward L Renick, 1139 Nineteenth street, N. W.
Chief of the Bureau of Rolls and Library—Andrew H. Allen, 1633 Q street, N. W.
Private Secretary- Kenesaw M. Landis, 1138 Connecticut avenue.


(Fifteenth street and Pennsylvania avenue.)

Secretary of the Treasury—JOHN C. CARLISLE, 1426 K street, N. W.
Assistant Secretaries -William Edmond Curtis. 1740 M street, N. W.
     Chas. S. Hamlin, 1400 Massachusetts avenue. N. W.
     Scott Wike. the Elsmere.
Chief Clerk -Logan Carlisle, 1426 K street, N. W.
Appointment Division—Chief, Herman Kretz, the Metropolitan.
Warrant Division— Chief W. F. Maclennan, 728 Twentieth street, N. W.
Public Moneys—Chief, Eugene B. Daskam, 1123 R street, N. W.
Customs Division—Chief, John M. Comstock, Eckington.
Revenue Marine Division—Acting Chief, L G. Shepard, 1807 Nineteenth street, N. W.
Stationery Division—Chief, Samuel Roads, Jr., 1901 Q street, N. W.
Loans and Currency Division—Chief, A. T. Huntington, Vienna, Va.
Mail and Files Division—Chief, S. M. Gaines, Falls Church, Va.
Miscellaneous Division—Chief, Lewis Jordan, 2027 I street, N. W.
Supervising Special Agent of the Treasury Department—A. K. Tingle, Spring street, near Thirteenth street extended, county.
Disbursing Clerks—George A. Bartlett, 1549 Park street, Mount Pleasant.
     Thomas J. Hobbs, 1622 H street, N. W.
Private Secretary to Secretary of the Treasury—H. W. Van Senden, 95 La Fayette square.


(In Treasury Building.)

Supervising Architect—Jeremiah O’Rourke, Normandie.
Assistant and Chief Clerk—Charles E. Kemper.
Law and Contract Division—Chief, W. B. Fleming, 1331 G street, N. W.
Engineering and Drafting Division—Chief, James P. Low, 1328 Corcoran street, N. W.
Computers’ Division—Chief. F. W. Pease, 1800 Eighth street, N. W.
Construction Division—Chief, John B. Clark. 3113 N street, N. W.
Accounts Division—Chief, P. S. Garretson, 1341 T street, N. W.
Repair Division—Chief,
Tracers’ Division—Chief, Chas. Ridgeway, 1632 Seventeenth street, N. W.
Records and Files Division—Chief, F. Milliken.
Copyists’ Division—Chief, F. W. Flowers, 1010 Eleventh street, N. W.


(Fourteenth and B streets, S. W.)

Chief of Bureau—Claude M. Johnson, 1722 P street, N. W.
Assistant Chief—Thomas J. Sullivan, 1530 Ninth street, N. W.
Accountant—Edwin Lamasure, 216 Twelfth street, S. W.
Engraving Division—Superintendent, George W. Casilear, 3019 N street, Georgetown.
Custodian Dies, Rolls, and Plates—George W. Castle, 9 Fourth street, N. E.
Chief Clerk and Disbursing Agent—Alex. G. Morgan, 1607 O street, N. W.


(Treasury Department Building.)

Chief—Andrew L. Drummond, 1527 I street, N. W.
Chief Clerk—Andrew McWilliams, 1350 U street, N. W.


(Adams Building, 1335 F street, N.)

Chief of Bureau—Worthington C. Ford, Metropolitan Club.
Chief Clerk—J. N. Whitney, 1403 H street, N. W.
Examining and Revising Division—Chief, E. J. Keferstein, 1636 Sixteenth street, N. W.
Compiling Division—Chief, William Burchard, 11260 street, N. W.
Miscellaneous Division—Chief, J. D. O’Connell, 513 H street N. W.


(Treasury Department Building.)

General Superintendent—S. I. Kimball, 1316 Rhode Island avenue.
Assistant General Superintendent—Horace L. Piper, 1505 L street, N. W.
Principal Clerk and Accountant—David T. Jones, 637 B street, N. E.


(In Treasury Department Building.)

Comptroller—Robert B. Bowler, 1730 K street, N. W.
Deputy Comptrollor—J. R. Garrison, 1427 H street, N. W.
Division of Judiciary Accounts—Chief,
Division of Internal Revenue and Miscellaneous Accounts—Chief, W. O. Bradley, 1007 Massachusetts avenue, N. E.
Division of Warrants and Records, Public Lands, and Territorial Accounts—Chief, E. W. Combs.
Division of Foreign Intercourse and Public Debt—Chief, E. P. Speer, 121 Maryland avenue, N. E.


(In Treasury Department Building.)

Comptroller—Charles H. Mansur, 921 I street, N. W.
Deputy—Joseph W. Nichol, 939 New Hampshire avenue, N. W.
Army Back Pay and Bounty Division—George Fort.
Navy Division—George H. French. 1701 T Street, N. W.
Quartermaster’s Division—F. D. McDowell, 1.322 Corcoran street, N. W.
Army Paymasters’ T. O. W. Roberts, Brightseat, Md.
Indian Division—B. H. Weeks, 1321 I street, N, W.
Miscellaneous Division—James R. Shields, 1326 I street, N. W.
Army Pension Division—Benjamin S. Pike, 2040 I street, N. W.


(In Treasury Department Building.)

Commlssioner—William H. Pugh, 210 North Capitol street.
Deputy—H. A. Lockwood, corner First and B streets, S. W.
Customs Division—Chief, Wm. Hinds, 1014 Massachusetts avenue, N. W.
Division of Appointments, Bonds, Refunds, and Records—Chief, C. N. McGroarty, 117 Fourth street, S. E.


(In Treasury Department Building.)

Register--J. Fount. Tiliman, National Hotel.
Assistant Register—Henry H. Smith, Concord Flats.
Loan Division—Chief, J. E. R. Ray, 13 First street, N. E.
Receipts and Expenditures Division—Chief, J. H. Beatty, 610 East Capitol street.
Note, Coupon, and Currency Division—Chief, B. F. Worrell, 2000 F street, N.W.
Interest, Expense, and Warrant Division—Chief, D. H.Yancy, 1246 Maryland avenue, N. E.


(In Treasury Department Building.)

Auditor—Ernest. P. Baldwin, Laurel, Md.
Deputy—Robert M. Cousar, 1022 Twelfth street. N. W.
Judiciary Division—Chief, W. W. Scott, 1311 H street, N. W.
Customs Division—Chief, Henry K. Leaver, 1736 P street, N. W.
Public Debt Division—Chief, J. G. Dill, 1449 Rhode Island avenue.
Miscellaneous Division—Chief, C. E. Rees, The Woodmont, Iowa Circle.
Warehouse and Bond Division—Acting Chief, John P. Torbert, 129 C street. S. E.
Mint and Subtreasury Division—Acting Chief, H. C. Stier, 1331 Corcoran street.


(Winder Building, corner of Seventeenth and F streets, N. W.)

Auditor—T. Stobo Farrow, 1119 U street, N. W.
Deputy—John C. Edwards, 1404 Binney street, N. W.
Paymasters’ Division—Chief. Jackson Kirkman, 413 Sixth street, N. W.
Bookkeepers’ Division—Chief, J. A. Nowell, 1443 W street, N. W.
Archives Division—Chief, H. C. Evans, 910 Fifteenth street, N. W.
Miscellaneous Division—Chief, B. E. Sampson, 222 Second street, N. E.
Mail Division—Chief. Charles W. Osenton, 222 Second street, N. E.
Property Division —Chief, John C. Littlepage, 908 Twenty-third street, N.W.
Disbursing Clerk—W. G. Platt, Tacoma Park, D. C.


(In Treasury Building.)

Auditor—Samuel Blackwell, 1101 K street, N. W.
Deputy—Geo. W. Sanderlin, 920 New York avenue.
Bookkeepers’ Division—Chief, B. F. Harrah.
Military Division—Chief, Isaac Pearson.
Pension Division—Chief, Thomas F. Brantley. 1014 Fifteenth street, N. W.
Claims Division—-Chief, Wyllys S. Stetson, 1424 Sixth street, N. W.


(In Treasury Building.)

Auditor—C. B. Morton, 1414 K street, N. W.
Deputy--Elliott N. Bowman, 2027 I street, N. W.
Claim Division—In charge, Robert Kearon, 614 M street, N. W.
Navy Pay and Pension Division—Chief, A. Hebrard, 1403 11 street. N. W.
Paymasters' Division—Chief, L. K. Brown, 134 C street, S. E.
Record and Prize Division—In charge, B. P. Mimmack, 1763 Q street, N. W.
Bookkeepers’ Division—Chief, John M. Hoge, 1339 T street, N. W.


(In Treasury Department Building.)

Auditor—Thomas Holcomb, 1919 I street, N. W.
Deputy--J. J. Willie. 1719 Fourteenth street, N. W.
Internal Revenue Collectors’ Division—Chief, Edwin C. Fitz-Simons, 1619 Thirteenth street. N. W.
Miscellaneous Division—Chief, E. P. Marshall, 319 Sixth street, N. W.
Diplomatic and Consular Division—Chief, A. O. Latham, 1306 R street., N. W.


(In Post-Office Department Building.)

Auditor—John B. Brawley, 1761 P street, N. W.
Deputy—William G. Crawford, 1819 F street, N. W.
Chief Clerk—Boon Chambers. 603 F street, N. W.
Disbursing Clerk—T. D. Keleher, 409 A street, S. E.
Examining Division—Chief, John W. Bennett, 116 Massachusetts avenue, N. W.
Collecting Division— Chief, M. F. Eggerman, 212 A street, N. E.
Bookkeeping Division—Chief, Edwin M. S. Young, 1723 De Sale street, N. W.
Pay Division--Chief, John S. Denton, 455 G street, N. W.
Review Division—Chief, Henry Cilley, 424 Fourth street, S. E.
Inspecting Division—Chief, D. W. Gall, 407 First street, N. E.
Checking Division—Chief, Robert R. Mayes, 1234 Massachusetts avenue.
Recording Division—Chief, W. E. Dougherty, 1761 P street, N. W.
Foreign Division—Chief, D. N. Burbank, 732 Thirteenth street, N. W.
Assorting Division—Chief, William N. Bragaw, 1314 Florida avenue. N. W.


(In Treasury Building.)

Treasurer—Daniel N. Morgan, The Elsmere.
Assistant Treasurer—James F. Meline, 2111 O street, N. W.
Chief Clerk—S. I. Bradley, corner Ninth and K streets, N. W.
Cashier—E. R. True, 933 New York avenue.
Assistant Cashier—G. C. Bantz, 2107 Oak street, Baltimore, Md.
Vault Clerk—Alfred R. Quaiffe, The Concord Flats.
Receiving Teller—
Paying Teller—William Howard Gibson, 2136 L street, N. W.
Assistant Tellers—R. H. Forsyth, 1522 T street, N. W.
     D. W. Herriott, 1554 Howard avenue, Mount Pleasant
Redemption Division—Chief, Albert Relyea.The Elsmere.
Loan Division—Chief. Ferdinand Weiler, 1316 V street, N. W.
Accounts Division—Chief, D. W. Harrington, near Alexandria, Va.
Division of Issues—Chief, James A. Sample, 1344 Riggs street. N. W.
National Bank Division—Chief, Jason E. Baker, 2014 Portner Place, N. W.
Principal Bookkeeper—Sherman Platt, Brookland, D. C.
Assistant Bookkeeper—A. D. Johnston, 1332 V street, N. W.
National Bank Redemption Agency—Superintendent, Thos. E. Rogers, Concord Flats.


(In Treasury Building.)

Comptroller—James H. Eckels, 1463 Rhode Island avenue.
Deputy Comptroller—O. P. Tucker, 1811 H street, N. W.
Chief Clerk—C. J. Stoddard, Eckington.
Organization Division—-Chief, A. R. Serven, 117 R street, N. E.
Division of Reports --Chief, George M. Coffin, 1421 Twentieth street, N. W.
Division of Issues-—Chief, W. W. Eldridge, Kensington, Md.
Redemption Division—Superintendent, G. W. Robertson, 1341 L street, N.W.
Bond Clerk—W. D. Swan, 222 First street, S. E.


(In Treasury Building.)

Commissioner—Joseph S. Miller, 1218 New Hampshire avenue, N. W.
Deputy—George W. Wilson, The Morrisett.
Solicitor—Robert T. Hough, The Normandie.
Chief Clerk and Appointment Division—Scott Nesbitt.
Tobacco Division—Chief, R. T. Daniel, 1741 Connecticut avenue.
Law Division—Chief, O. F. Dana, 1529 Rhode Island avenue, N. W.
Stamp Division-- Chief, Holly G. Armstrong.
Assessment Division—Chief, Charles A. Bates, 1429 Corcoran street.
Division of Distilled Spirits —Chief, Thomas A. Cushing, 1333 N street, N.W.
Division of Revenue Agents—Chief, F. D. Sewall, 1338 H street, N. W.
Division of Accounts—Chief, Samuel H. Goodman, Brown street, Mount Pleasant, D.C.
Sugar Bounty Division—Chief, J. B. T. Tupper, 1316 Nineteenth street, N. W.


(In Treasury Building.)

Director of the Mint—
Examiner—R E. Preston, 53 K street, N. E.
Computer of Bullion—B. F. Butler, 418 Maple avenue, Le Droit Park.
Adjuster—Frank P. Gross, 1901 Harvard avenue, Le Droit Park.


(in Treasury Building.)

Commissioner of Navigation—E. C. O’Brien, The Arlington.
Deputy Commissioner- —Thomas B. Sanders, 2309 M street, N. W.


(In Maltby Building.)

Supervising Inspector General—James A. Dumont, 216 A street, S. E.
Chief Clerk—William H. Clarke, 2304 Fourteenth street N. W.


(In Treasury Building.)

Chairman—Rear-Admiral James A. Greer, U. S. N.. 2010 Hillyer Place.
Naval Secretary— Commander R. D. Evans, U. S. N., 324 Indiana avenue.
Engineer Secretary—Capt. Fred. A. Mahan, Corps of Engineers, U. S. A., 1604 K street, N. W.
Chief Clerk -Arnold B. Johnson, 501 Maple avenue, Le Droit Park.


(Coast and Geodetic Survey Building, New Jersey avenue, South of the Capitol.)

Superintendent—T. C. Mendenhall, 8 B street, N. E.
Assistant in charge of office—B. A. Colonna, 138 B street, N. E.
Hydrographic Inspector—Lieut. Commander J. F. Moser, U. S. N., 506 East Capitol street.
Naval Paymaster—L. Hunt, 1709 Rhode Island avenue, N. W.


(Supervising Surgeon-General’s Office, 3 B street, S. E.)

Supervising Surgeon-General--Walter Wyman, The Cochran.
Assistants -Surg. H. W. Austin, 3 B street, S. E.
     Surg. F. W. Mead, 25 Lafayette Square.
     Passed Assistant Surg. J. J. Kinyoun, 210 New Jersey avenue, N. W.
     Passed Assistant Surg. George T. Vaughan, 518 B street, N. E.
     Assistant Surgeon W. J. S. Stewart, 1538 I street, N. W.


Superintendent of Immigration—Henry Stump, Metropolitan Club.
Chief Clerk—Henry T. Lyle, 1314 Corcoran street, N. W.

War Department
Fifty-Third Congress
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