1 Sedgwick Kearney Buffalo W S Bell J Beswick H L Seaman Every Friday Dec 1, 1870
2 Phil Kearney Fort Omaha Douglas Gregory Farrell M Coady W L Allison 1st 3d and 5th Wed Jan 1, 1876
3 Seward Seward Seward D H Figard D C Work Jno Woods 1st and 3d Sat Dec 16, 1880
4 McPherson Fremont Dodge James Huff Q M Allen M J Cook 1st and 3d Mon Nov 2, 1876
5 Casey Wayne Wayne A P Childs O H Burson J W Bartlett 2d Mon Feb 2, 1881
6 Union Shubert Richardson J M Wheeler Geo T Stains W F Shafer Last Sat Jan 20, 1883
7 George A Custer Omaha Douglas Jno P Henderson Jno B Sawhill A Burmester 2d and 4th Tues Jun 5, 1876
8 Canby St Paul Howard J Q O Viatt H W Merrill T McNobb 1st and 3d Sat Jun 12, 1876
9 Baker Columbus Platte R Q Rossiter   H T Sperry 1st and 3d Sat Jun 14, 1876
10 A Lincoln David City Butler D C Reynolds E B Taylor W A Russell 1st and 3d Tues June 7, 1877
11 Lyons Grand Island Hall Geo J Spencer J H McVay B F Gardner 1st and 3d Sat Aug 28, 1877
12 E V Sumner Sidney Cheyenne Geo F Blanchard   A A Ricker 1st and 3d Sat Apr 7, 1878
13 S A Strickland Hastings Adams A C Moore J R Hursh James Cline Every Fri May 8, 1878
14 E A Rice Steele City Jefferson Jas W Starr C L Fowler J F Ankrum 2d and 4th Sat Jun 30,, 1883
15 George H Thomas Nelson Nuckolls T B Sargent E D Brown C R Stoner 2d and 4th Thurs May 10, 1878
16 Edgar Edgar Clay J R Musick J J Walley O A Avery 4th Fri Feb 20, 1883
17 Morton Hebron Thayer J F Gates O A Ashbrook B F Young   May 4, 1882
18 W A Webb Fairmont Fillmore Chas Treadwell J W Talmage C E Wells 1st and 3d Thurs Apr 19, 1883
19 George G Meade Sutton Clay P H Schwab M Wittenberg J N Clark 2d and 4th Tues May 27, 1879
20 E M Stanton Rising City Butler J A Roby M V Hill A Roberts Sat before f m Jun 4, 1879
21 Wadsworth Syracuse Otoe Jno F Deiner A Wait D W Smith 2d Sat Jul 19, 1879
22 Wilson Geneva Fillmore Willis Davis J D Hamilton G H Bumgardner 2st and 3d Tues Jul 21, 1879
23 Burford Central City Merrick W H C Rice H C Martin W J Williamson 2d and 4th Mon Jul 23, 1879
24 William Baumer Nebraska City Otoe C W Hoge Wm Koontz C C Fisher 1st and 3d Sat Jul 5, 1880
25 Farragut Lincoln Lancaster Silas Sprague T B Beach D T Cook 2d and 4th Sat Sep 8, 1879
26 J F Reynolds Osceola Polk T H Saunders E D Buckner W H Kennard 1st Sat Jun 4, 1879
27 Thornburg Clarks Merrick Horace Willits Wm T Dodge S C Purdy Sat before fm Oct 20, 1879
28 Joe Hooker Shelton Buffalo Rufus Mitchell B F Sammons W H Barnes 1st and 3d Fri Dec 6, 1879
29 Ellsworth Silver Creek Merrick Chas Foote J R Ford W F Yoeman Sat before fm Dec 17, 1879
30 Kane Raymond Lancaster V Augee I Plank C S Cadwalader 3d Sat Mar 7, 1883
31 Robert McCook Ashland Saunders T B Pleasant W W Crane S G Bryan 2d and 4th Thurs Jan 22, 1880
32 Robert Anderson York York M N Myrick G S Newman A J Bell 2d and 4th Thurs Jan 23, 1880
33 James Shields Grafton Fillmore       Jan 24, 1880
34 Phil Sheridan Schuyler Colfax Z E Moon H H Woods C A Morian 1st and 5d Tues Feb 25, 1880
35 Rawlins Beatrice Gage H G Day H A LaSalle J R Craig 1st and 3d Fri Dec 27, 1882
36 Ransom Scotia Greeley J W Bilyen J W Miller J J Bean 1st Sat Feb 25, 1880
37 Scott Blue Springs Gage J V Roop James C Gray John Ault 1st and 4th Sat Mar 27, 1883
38 Mitchell Waverly Lancaster Wm Reed M V Blanchard A Carpenter 2d and 4th Sat Mar 6, 1880
39 E Lenox Atkinson Holt Chas Potts J B Archard F Bitney Every Thurs Oct 30, 1883
40 Foote Ord Valley    1st Fri Jun 9, 1882
41 Dick Yates Waco York L P Hanson H Wellington Lew Inbody 1st Sat Mar 17, 1880
42 Kit Carson Albion Boone H E Garzee Chas Riley E T Farmer 2d and 4h Sat Mar 29, 1880
43 Geo C Oliver Fairfield Clay G E Glass J B Massey J P Nixon 3d Mon Apr 14, 1880
44 Zack Chandler Aurora Hamilton J N Cassell   D Bates 1st and 3d Wed Apr 16, 1880
45 McConnihie Plattsmouth Cass L C Curtis F A Bates A C Fry Every Sat Apr 26, 1880
46 Carrigan Arlington Washington Frank Moore Geo H Jewett W J Crance 2d and 4th Sat May 6, 1880
47 Heckathorne Tecumseh Johnson J Grim R T Brown J F Roberts 2d and 4th Wed May 11, 1880
48 Porter Salem Richardson H Q Steven J VanDervoort A T Wood Fri before fm May 13, 1880
50 Lew Wallace Hubbell Thayer H Ford Andy Millet A Colter 2d Sat Mar 10, 1880
51 Harker Wilber Saline J McElroy   Geo H Ross 1st Sat Jun 20, 1880
52 John A Dix Blair Washington G W Matteson Geo P DeTemple   2d and 4th Sat Jul 2, 1880
53 G W Culp Nemaha City Nemaha Walter Hodlock H T Minnick D T Smiley 1st Wed in mo 2 pm Aug 4, 1883
54 Mansfield Palmyra Otoe W J Donfiall W H Thaler C M McGrew 2d and 4th Sat Jul 28, 1880
55 Dahlgren Papillion Sarpy Chas Becker L Lesieur W A Bell 2d Sat Sep 1, 1880
56 Winslow Milford Seward J Snearingen J B Mitchell A Hilter 1st and 3d Fri Sep 1, 1880
57 Lombard North Loup Valley G B Rood H Thorngate W H Rood 2d Mon Apr 12, 1883
58 A L Gates Lyons Burt Henry Steen W H Lyon T B Calnon 2d and 4th Sat Mar 22, 1883
59 J A Mower Stromsburg Polk A N Stafford W Bartholomew H Caster 2d and 4th Sat Oct 2, 1880
60 Richardson Harvard Clay J A Rupiper C W Mills C S Bradley 1st and 3d Sat Oct 4, 1880
61 Lafayette Weeping Watr Cass J H Davis   G W Norton 1st and 3d Sat Apr 7, 1881
62 E Upright Bennet Lancaster R N Stal E N Cobb W A Hartley Sat on or before fm Apr 29, 1888
63 Old Abe Superior Nuckolls W Foster E T Lenies G W Felt 1st and 3d Sat May 30, 1881
64 Sherman Valparaiso Saunders Eugene Beland E M Mengee J L Cheever 1st and 3d Sat Jun 6, 1881
65 A J Smith Doniphan Hall G W Orr O B Foster G Humphrey 1st and 3d Sat Jun 20, 1881
66 William Mix Humboldt Richardson C A Strawn E P Tinker J K Fretz Every 2d Tues Jun 28, 1881
67 Capt J P Mead Long Pine Brown B Reckord R W Blake J M Mead 2d Sat Jul 4, 1881
68 Jno C Fremont Neligh Antelope N Corby S B Lytle S Fockler 1st and 3d Fri Aug 17, 1881
69 S A Douglas North Platte Lincoln Wm Emerson F Peale J E Evans 1st and 3d Sat Aug 10, 1888
70 W H Irwin Creighton Knox A C Logan W T Hartley J H Wilson 1st and 3d Sat Aug 13, 1881
71 Star Bromfield Hamilton Geo W Salters G W Washburn E Tuttle 3d Sat Aug 6, 1881
72 Beadle Hardy Nuckolls W H Leigh J Freet C T Forsha 2d and 4th Tues Jun 2, 1881
73 Farnsworth Ulysses Butler E B Jones D C Northway S Stoinan 2d Sat Aug 16, 1881
74 Caddell Cedar Rapids Boone J G Parish W H Monroe N W Goodrich 2d and 4th Sat Aug 23, 1881
75 Holland Crete Saline S L Andrews Wm L Lovell J S Cookns 1st Sat Sep 2, 1881
76 John Brown Exeter Fillmore N S Babcock E D Parsons J Borland 1st and 3d Sat Sep 7, 1881
77 Russell Fairbury Jefferson C C Weeks Jas Ireland A J King 1st and 3d Fri Sep 8, 1881
79 A E Burnside Bladen Webster D O Bennett A Wanfel J Grandstaff 1st Sat Sep 22, 1881
80 J A Garfield Red Cloud Webster G B Kaiser O C Bell H E Pond 1st Mon after fm Sep 26, 1881
81 Geary Juniata Adams Wm Spaide G G Vreeland A W McCarty Every Sat Oct 24, 1881
82 Kilpatrick Oakdale Antelope Jas Craig E M Burke A T Roe Last Sat Dec 17, 1881
83 C R Lowell Bellwood Butler H R Smith R C Carpenter George McCully 1st and 3d Sat Jan 11, 1882
84 Veteran Falls City Richardson W W Abbey   Jas Hill    
86 O'Neill O'Neill Holt     1st and 3d Sat Jan 19, 1882
87 Griffin Stockham Hamilton I D Evans C A Coats A W Potts 2d Sat Mar 29, 1882
88 Elliott Davenport Thayer J W Clark H H Uphouse J Langsdorf 2d Sat Mar 2, 1882
89 Curtis DeWitt Saline C H Buck J L Richard J M Young 1st and 3d Fri Mar 6, 1882
90 J A Andrew Wahoo Saunders J R Thompson N D Therp E E Lyle 1st and 3d Tues Mar 9, 1882
91 Strong Minden Kearney F Dunn L M Copeland L M Slusher 1st and 3d Wed Mar 23, 1882
92 Cameron Cameron Hall H C Streator James E Bright L Houghton Th on or before fm Apr 29, 1882
94 Van Meter Alma Harlan J A Gibson S B Anderson J F Morgan 1st Sat May 10, 1882
95 John Ingram Pawnee City Pawnee Jno W Fisher Chas H Hare B H Fuller 1st and 3d Sat May 18, 1882
96 Tucker Taylor Loup G W Merrill J F Clarke J A Walder 1st and 3d Sat Jun 12, 1882
97 N Graves Bradshaw York A W Wirt Wm Walrod O A Stubbs 3d Wed Jun 14, 1882
98 C C Washburn Broken Bow Custer M R Hagadorn J T Ream W S Boyce 2d and 4th Wed Aug 12, 1882
99 Sill Sterling Johnson D W Rawland George Iden H W Merrill 1st and 2d Mon Jul 31, 1882
100 Sargt Cox Adams Gage S Nevins J I Shaw G W Campbell Last Sat Aug 7, 1882
101 J B Wyman Firth Lancaster E W Heeker C Flickinger C M Wittstruck 1st Mon before fm Aug 2, 1882
102 R O D Cummings Shelby Polk H W Chase B F L Currie P Weiser Every 2d Sat Aug 1882
104 Roberts Talmage Otoe W H Norton B H Bailey F M Marshall 2d and 4th Sat Aug 11, 1882
105 Sulley North Bend Dodge J A Farnam M C Mitchell R T Thew 1st and 3d Sat Aug 14, 1882
106 Kirkwood Springfield Sarpy I De Puy H M Hinkle N T Branson 1st and 3d Wed Aug 15, 1882
107 Coats Dorchester Saline H H Faulkner S S Roberts A M Mosier 1st and 3d Sat Aug 18, 1882
108 O P Mason Oxford Furnas H R Montague T B Huff D Clements Last Sat Jan 26, 1882
109 Mathewson Norfolk Madison U Gregory W H Widaman A L Ferguson 1st Mon Aug 16, 1882
110 U S Grant Omaha Douglas R M Stone H S Gillespie D B Sargent 1st and 3d Fri Aug 18, 1882
111 Sergt Glover Holdrege Phelps P C Funk   Silas Latta 2d and 4th Sat Aug 26, 1882
112 Reno Lexington Dawson S C Mullin E R Kennedy F S Marsh 2d and 4th Tues Sep 3, 1882
113 G K Warren Gibbon Buffalo P E Foxworth J W Wiggins A Eddy 4th Sat Aug 21, 1882
114 Whitehead Orleans Harlan Geo N D Bear S Morgan C D Rupp 1st Sat before fm Aug 23, 1882
115 Coleman Wymore Gage Jno H Rice Jas Crawford J Poska 1st and 3d Tues Oct 7, 1882
116 Stoneman Ponca Dixon R E Martin T S Meyers T Sheibley Sat before fm Oct 4, 1882
118 Boomer Tekamah Burt C E Baker T H Gill A P Mason 2d and last Fri Oct 10, 1882
119 G Granger Decatur Burt Geo J White A B Cleaveland A B Cleaveland 1st Sat Oct 11, 1882
120 Garett Arapahoe Furnas I H Dempsy P R Chill J J Wagner 2d and 4th Sat Oct 16, 1882
121 Cruft Brainard Butler J T McKnight S M Truax B F Showalter 1st Sat Nov 1, 1882
122 Hunter Ohiowa Fillmore P W Drummond C C Enslow R W Stowell Sat before fm Nov 2, 1882
123 Kenesaw Elmwood Cass C D Kuntz A B Dixon J Mullin 2d and 4th Sat Nov 8, 1882
124 Shiloh Loup City Sherman G W Hunter E Brewer I J Johnson 2d and 4th Sat Nov 11, 1882
125 Lander Niobrara Knox S Draper W H Strain L D Wellman 2d and 4th Sat Nov 17, 1882
127 Lander Niobrara Knox S Draper A J Justice Geo Taylor Mon on or before fm Nov 4, 1882
129 Finnicum Wisner Cumings N T Dudley Wm Farley H Fasible Every alternate Sat Dec 4, 1882
130 W T Sherman Friend Saline A S Bailey W A Whitcomb Wm Fletcher 1st and 3d Tues Dec 20, 1882
131 Antietam Bloomington Franklin M Davis   D M Gregg Sat on or before fm Jan 8, 1883
132 B F Stephenson Gresham Polk H C Lamphere H H Miller W W Maxwell Every 1st Sat Jan 27, 1883
133 Upton Hooper Dodge Jno Carless J W Lyman K Krieble Mon on or before fm Feb 9, 1883
134 Bradley Wood River Hall S Millgate A C White G W Miller 1st and 3d Fri Mar 17, 1883
136 Ben Franklin Franklin Franklin S H Williams J L Thompson A Jones Sat before fm Mar 17, 1883
137 Maj Keenan Beaver Cross'g Seward Geo Foster E Atwater S S Atwood 1st and 3d Sat Apr 10, 1883
138 T O Howe Guide Rock Webster I B Hampton Geo W Hagan J A Bailey 1st and 3d Sat Apr 10, 1883
139 Winchester Utica Seward H M Coleman J W Linvill J M Miller Sat on or before fm Apr 16, 1883
140 Kinsman St Edwards Boone R F Williams G K Bullock Wm Flory 4th Sat Mch 21, 1883
141 Slocum Endicott Jefferson A Stinemetz J W Carmony T C Lambert Atlernate Sat Mch 14, 1883
142 Putnam Marquette Hamilton G W Dorsey J P Jones I L Clother 1st Alternate Sat Mch 12, 1883
143 S B Chase Madison Madison Clause Young R A Maloney J L Grant 2d and 4th Fri May 11, 1883
144 P Brownlow Chester Thayer D Dry J G Thompson G W Jackson 1st Sat May 21, 1883
146 J E Kleven Culbertson Hitchcock W Z Taylor W D Wedman B A Dennis 1st Sat Apr 21, 1883
147 Live Eagle Fullerton Nance G H Caswell C H Gilmore P Storch Last Sat Apr 19, 1883
149 Mission Ridge Greenwood Cass J W Scott I Tinkham C Butler 1st and 3d Sat May 8, 1883
151 Memorial Shickley Fillmore S L Strayr W Smithson Jno Gustis 3d Sat May 24, 1883
152 Heron Ayr Adams M P Scott T J Edgington W Philleo 1st Wed May 8, 1883
153 Corinth Genoa Nance H Lewis S Ewing N Cartwright 2d and 4th Sat May 19, 1883
154 Indianola Indianola Red Willow W Gossard J Hethiungton C P Cramer 2d Sat May 26, 1883
155 Mathias Kenesaw Adams I A Templeton T A Matteck E P Gillett Last Sat May 26, 1883
156 Valley Minden Kearney J S McCartney C T Walker W R Woodward 1st and 3d Sat Jun 9, 1883
157 Potter Reynolds Jefferson      2d and 4th Sat Jun 15, 1883
158 Clark Elder Chapman Merrick S T Easter J C Hall A G Buell Last Tues before fm Jun 23, 1883
159 W F Barry Liberty Gage A F Manley G Hair J C Eberhart 2d and 4th Sat Jul 7, 1883
163 J H Freas Beaver City Furnas W Munsell I T Suning J Greenwood 2d and 4th Sat Jul 14, 1883
164 Volunteer Dawson Richardson W G Hummell E W Buser S C Barlow 1st Sat and 3d Tues Jul 19, 1883
165 J H Gere Table Rock Pawnee Wm Boggs J W Shaw E T Boone Wed before fm Aug 15, 1883
166 Trego Rulo Richardson G W Carpenter H J McWain J M Davis Sat on or before fm Dec 18, 1883
168 E O C Ord Carleton Thayer J W Clark H H Uphouse J L Longsdorf 2d and 4th Sat Aug 27, 1883
169 A L Mason Crab Orchard Johnson D Richardson N W VanOsdol J A Gray 2d Sat Sep 1, 1883
171 Ainsworth Ainsworth Brown J C Toliver C F Barnes H O Paine 2d Wed Jul 14, 1883
172 W A Butler Burchard Pawnee I Huyck C F Nye J W Prowant 3d Sat Dec 14, 1883
173 Carley Auburn Nemaha I McKnight D Campbell W N Kent First Sat Jan 29, 1884
174 Atlanta Waterloo Douglas M B Turner F J Campton H Culp 2d Thurs Oct 13, 1883
175 Vanscoye Louisville Douglas A G Cline T H Lucas S P Matheney 2d and 4th Sat Oct 28, 1891
179 Ossowattomie Hartington Cedar G W Ramsey W H Stephenson H A Miller 1st Sat Feb 28, 1884
180 Steadman Ansley Custer W H Clay B Westman I Williams 4th Sat Feb 20, 1884

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