Night and the rain
In the Night and the Rain

"What manner of place is the Old Town?"
Saith the Interpreter "It is a leafy bower, a green allurement for birds, an imbiber of showers.
"It is a picture that cannot be painted, a poem that cannot be written, a song that cannot be sung.
"It is a hospitable inn for freighters, a relic for antiquarians.
"In the morning it is a refresher of the sun.
"At noontide it is an oak-tree for the earth.
"In the evening it is a Dutch Lullaby."

Saith the Pilgrim "What manner of Folk are they that dwell in the Old Town?"
Saith the Interpreter "They are a mystery unto themselves. For they know not whence they come nor whither they go, nor can they truly tell what they now are.
"They are servants, not masters; even their food and their raiment cometh from the Bountiful Giver.

"All of which doth but approve them the
descendants of Adam and kin to
all other Folk in the
Wide World."

The Old Town
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© 2001, Lynn Waterman