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Neligh, March 26, 1889

My dear Sister and all

This pleasant mild weather makes us feel as if the spring were much farther advanced than it is. The grass is beginning to show green in places, and buds are swelling. I fear vegetation will start too early and get nipped to pay for it.

I am feeling better than when I wrote before, but Simon is not feeling so well.

He walked about a good deal last week, monday and tuesday--errands in the stores, {unreadable} and then was up in the college both afternoons. When he came home tuesday afternoon he complained of being very tired and after lying for awhile, and sleeping some, did not feel rested, had no strength to get about. He slept well that night, but it did not give him strength and there has not been much change since. He sits up in the rocking chair, part of the time, enjoys talking with his friends who call, but has not been about any. Dr. Cox thinks he will imporve, but not very fast at first. "He has overdone." He has no pain, but gets tired, and sometimes restless.

His appetite is fairly good. He feels it rather hard to stay in the house, just as there is so much to be done in the garden and yard. But that can be taken care of, if only he can be comfortable, and easy about it. He has not been able to endure much in hot summer weather, for several years, and will have to be very careful now, even if he gets along the best we can hope for.

It is a very good thing for us that we are not miles away from markets, doctors, post office and all that. We have friends all about with their kindly offers of help.

The boys were well a few days since. It is vacation in the college now. Lena is with me now, but expects to teach this spring. When the term begins I shall have some other student room here.

This is a very winday day. Mercury now 4 p.m. 60°. Yesterday it was to 68°.

I must close and write another letter, have both ready to go down to night.

We hope to hear that you keep well and comfortable. Simm sends much love and says he should be glad to see you all.


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