Krum Kaka

1 C. sugar
1 C. melted butter (no substitutes)
2 eggs beaten slightly
1 C. milk (no less than 2%)
2 C. flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. vanillla
1/8 tsp. salt

This is a Norwegian pastry. To make this recipe you'll need a Krum Kaka iron. The iron fits over the burner on your stove top. Pour 1 tsp. of batter on hot iron. (You'll have to experiment with the temp of the iron.) Press the two halves of the iron together until the batter spreads out and comes close to the edges of the iron. The object is to get both sides of the batter lightly browned, so flip the iron to brown the other side when necessary. It will brown quickly when the heat is too high. When it has reached the desired color, "roll" the flat pastry onto either a funnel stick (which is normally provided with the iron) or a large dowel stick 1 inch in diameter and about 8 inches long using a knife to help the rolling process so you don't burn your fingers. (I use the dowel stick because the pastries are easier to store in containers if they are nicely rounded instead of in a funnel shape. Some people however prefer to fill them with a pastry or cream filling and therefore prefer the funnel shape.) Once it is rolled on the dowel, hold it on the dowel a couple of minutes with the knife until cool. Then slide the cooled pastry off the end of the stick. It should be delicate and crisp at this point. When determining if they are ready to be rolled or not, you have to hit a happy medium. If you take them off the iron too soon, they will be soft and chewy instead of crisp. If you leave them on too long, they will become too dark and burnt tasting.

recipe makes 3 - 4 dozen

Have fun - Uff Da!

Submitted by: Laurie Tupy

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© 1999, Lynn Waterman