Songs We Like to Sing

Published 1912
Isle of Beauty

Shades of evening, close not o'er us,
Leave our lonely bark awhile!
Morn, alas! will not restore us
Yonder dim and distant isle.
Still my fancy can discover
Sunny spots where firends may dwell;
Darker shadows round us hover,
Isle of beauty, fare thee well!

'Tis the hour when happy faces
Smile around the taper's light;
Who will fill our vacant places?
Who will sing our songs tonight?
Thro' the mist that floats above us,
Faintly sounds the vesper bell,
Like a voice from those that love us,
Breathing fondly, "Fare thee well!"

When the waves are round me breaking,
As I pace the deck alone,
And my eye in vain is seeking
Some green spot to rest upon;
What would I not give to wander
Where my old companions dwell!
Absence makes the heart grow fonder,
Isle of beauty, fare thee well!

© 1999, Lynn Waterman