Songs We Like to Sing

Published 1912
Forth to the Battle

            Englis version by Geroge LinleyOld Welsh Song

Forth to the battle! onward to the fight,
Swift as the eagle in his flight!
Let not the sunlight o'er our pathway close,
Till we o'er throw our Saxon foes.
Strong as yonder foaming tide
Rushing down the mountain side,
Be ye ready, sword and spear.
Pour upn the spoiler near!

Winds that float o'er us, bid the tyrant quail,
Ne'er shall his ruffian bands prevail!
Morning shall view us fetterless and free;
Slaves ne'er shall Cymry's children be!
Heav'n our arms with conquest bless,
All our bitter wrongs redress!
Strike the harp! awake the cry!
Valor's sons fear not to die!

© 1999, Lynn Waterman