Songs We Like to Sing

Published 1912
Last Night, When All Was Still

            Halfdan Kjerulf
Last night the nighingale work me!
Last night when all was still!
It sang in the golden moonlight,
From out the woodland hill.
I opened my window so gently,
I looked on the dreaming dew,
And oh! the bird, my darling,
Was singing, singing of you, of you!

I think of you in the daytime,
I dream of you by night,
I wake and would you were here, love,
And tears are blinding my sight.
I hear a low breath in the lime tree,
The wind is floating through;
And oh! the night, my darling,
Is sighing, sighing for you, for you!

Oh, think not I can forget you;
I could not, tho' I would;
I see you in all around me,
The stream, the night, the wood,
The flowers that slumber so gently,
The stars above the blue;
Oh! heaven itself, my darling,
Is praying, praying for you, for you!

© 1999, Lynn Waterman