Songs We Like to Sing

Published 1912
Onward, Christian Soldiers

     S. Baring-Gould                                         A. S. Sullivan

Onward, Christian soldiers,
Marching as to war;
With the cross of Jesus,
Going on before.
Christ, the royal Master,
Leads against the foe;
Forward into battle,
See his banners go.

Onward, Christian soldiers,
Marching as to war,
With the cross of Jesus
Going on before.

Like a mighty army
Moves the Church of God;
Brothers, we are treading
Where the saints have trod;
We are not divided,
All one body we,
One in hope and doctrine,
One in chairty.


Constant will remain;
Gates of hell can never
'Gainst the Church prevail;
We have Christ's own promise,
And that cannot fail.


Onward, then, ye people,
Join our happy throng;
Blend with ours your voices
In the triumph song;
Glory, laud, and honor,
Unto Christ the King;
This thro' countless ages,
Men and angels sing.



© 1999, 2003, Lynn Waterman