Songs We Like to Sing

Published 1912
All That's Good, and Great, and True

     G. Thring                                         Spanish Melody

All that's good, and great, and true,
All that is and is to be,
Be it old or be it new,
Comes, o Father, comes from thee;
Mercies dawn with ev'ry day,
Newer, birhter, then before,
And the sun's declining ray
Layeth others up in store.

Not a bird that doth not sing
Sweeter praises to thy name;
Not an insect on the wing
But thy wonders doth proclaim;
Far and near, o'er land and sea,
Mountain top and wooded dell,
All in singing sing of thee,
Songs of love ineffable.

Fill us then with love divine;
Grant that we, tho; toiling here,
May, in spirit being thine,
See and hear thee ev'ry where:
May we all with songs of praise,
Whilst on earth thy name adore,
Till with angel choirs we raise
Songs of praise for evermore.


© 1999, 2003, Lynn Waterman