IN giving to the war addresses of Bishop Wilson the prominence and wider publicity of the printed page the Publishers feel that they are performing a patriotic duty. Wherever the Bishop has gone he has been greeted by large audiences and has been heard with enthusiasm. His experiences at the front, in Italy and France, his conferences with General Pershing and with the leaders in the remarkable work of the Y. M. C. A., enable him to speak from first-hand knowledge. These addresses were stenographically reported and retain, as is fitting, something of the flavor of the spoken word—they are addresses, spoken from the heart, not essays deliberated and elaborated in the quiet of the study. As these pages are running through the press the Bishop is again over seas on an important mission to some of the leaders of our Allies. The Publishers are confident that in this more permanent form these patriotic utterances of this militant minister of the cross will be received and read with the keenest interest and appreciation.

Chapter I
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