Ferruginous Rough-leg

352. Haliæetus leucocephalus (Linn.).—BALD EAGLE; WHITE-HEADED EAGLE.

South Bend, West Point (L. Bruner); "Resident, somewhat common" (Taylor); "Whole of North America" (Bendire); do. (Goss); do. (Fisher); Alliance (O. Bowman); Rockford—breeding (A. S. Pearse); Omaha (L. Skow); Cherry county-breeds (J. M. Bates); Wood River (D. H. Talbot); Gage county (F. A. Colby); "accidental visitor, not common at North Platte" (M. K. Barnum).

354a. Falco rusticolus gyrfalco (Linn.). — GYRFALCON; McFARLANE'S GYRFALCON.

Norfolk, West Point (L. Bruner); "An accidental winter visitant in Kansas" (Goss).

355. Falco mexicanus Schleg.—PRAIRIE FALCON.

West Point, Holt county (L Bruner); "Only occasionally seen in Nebraska" (Aughey); "Has been seen in the state in the summer and fall" (Taylor); "From eastern border of Great Plains to the Pacific" (Bendire); "East to the eastern borderof Great Plains" (Goss); "Eastern border of Great Plains to the Pacific" (Fisher); Omaha (L. Skow); Cherry county (J. M. Bates); "occasionally seen during spring and fall, one killed near Bellevue, May 12, 1894" (I. S. Trostler); Sarpy county (A. K. Fisher); Sioux county, Feb. 25, 1896, a pair (W. D. Hunter, L Skow).

Prairie Falcon

356. Falco peregrinus anatum (Bonap.).—DUCK HAWK; PEREGRINE FALCON.

West Point (L. Bruner); "Have seen this hawk but three times in the state" (Aughey); "Not uncommon in the spring and fall" (Taylor); " Whole of America" (Bendire); do. (Goss); "Inhabits all of North America" (Fisher); Omaha (L. Skow).

357. Falco columbarius Linn.—PIGEON HAWK.

Pine Ridge in Dawes and Sioux counties, West Point (L. Bruner); "Unfortunately too abundant in Nebraska" (Aughey); "Abundant during spring and fall" (Taylor); "The whole of North America" (Bendire); do. (Goss); "Inhabits the whole of North America" (Fisher); Omaha (L. Skow); Cherry county (J. M. Bates).

358. Falco richardsonii Ridgw.--RICHARDSON'S MERLIN.

West Point, Omaha (L Bruner); "Rather common in Nebraska, breeds here" (Aughey); "Resident, common" (Taylor); " From the Mississippi river to the Pacific coast" (Bendire); do. (Goss); "Inhabits the interior of North America" (Fisher).

360. Falco sparverius Linn.--AMERICAN SPARROW HAWK.

Omaha, Lincoln, West Point, Holt county, etc. (L. Bruner); breeds; "Very abundant and breeds here (Aughey); "Abundant during spring, summer, and fall, and probably during the winter" (Taylor); "Whole of temperate North America" (Bendire); do. (Goss); "Entire temperate North America" (Fisher); Beatrice, De Witt (A. S. Pearse); Omaha—breeding (L. Skow); Peru, common summer resident (G. A. Coleman); Cherry county—breeds (J. M. Bates); Ponca (D. H. Talbot); Gage county (F. A. Colby); "common during migrations, a few remain to breed" (I. S. Trostler).

Sparrow Hawk

364. Pandion haliaetus carolinensis (Gmel.).—OSPREY; FISHHAWK.

West Point, Lyons, South Bend, Lincoln, etc. (L. Bruner); "Temperate and tropical America in general" (Bendire); "North America in general" (Goss); tropical and temperate America (Fisher); Omaha (L. Skow); Omaha (F. J. Brezee); Omaha, "occasionally seen during spring and fall" (I. S. Trostler).


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