Following is a list of the known dead, who lost their lives in the tornado, as reported to the city authorities of Omaha:

George Anderson
Maurice Bowler
A. C. Boyd
J. B. Brooks
Marie Brooker
B. J. Barnes
Mrs. Anson H. Bigelow
Harry Blauvelt
Mrs. Bracker
Flora Cassel
Mary Christiansen
Nelson Cupka, baby
C. F. Copley
Morgan Dillon
Charlotte Davie
Mrs. Frank J. Davie
Mrs. Victoria Davis
C. E. Dillon
Paul Dunn
Cliff Daniels
Mrs. Cliff Daniels
Two daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Daniels
John Doyle
George J. Duncan
Mrs. Rose Fitzgerald
"Sonny" Ford
H. V. Fitch
T. B. I. Fields
Two foundling babies
William Fisher
Lloyd Glover
Jason L. Garrison
Henrietta Grieb
Mrs. F. G. Goodnough
Len Gardner
Mrs. William Gray
Emma Gran
Miss Freda Hulting
George Hansett
Mrs. Ellen Hensman
Marie Hanson
J. D. Hoag
Mrs. J. D. Hoag
Mrs. Hans Hanson
Hans Hanson
Andrew Henrickson
Miss Haas
Mrs. J. G. Hansen
John M. Hinz
T. E. Johnson
Miss Abbe Jepson
Mrs. Ella Johnson
Louis Jones
Andrew R. Kolb
Nathan Krinski
Mrs. Nathan Krinski
Five children of Mr. and Mrs. Krinski
Morris Kiewe
Mrs. A. W. Lavidge and baby
Marie Lindsey
Nels Larson
Patrick McEnore
— Minkler, 3-year-old boy
Mabel Louise McBride
Mrs. C. A. Nowens
T. B. Norris
Coralie Norris
Helen Nowns
Mrs. Ida Newman
Jay Neeley or Neligh
Lee Nelson
Mrs. Odessa Parks
H. J. Peck
Earl Price
Miss Anna Roesing
John Francis Ryan
Sam Riley
John Ryan
Mrs. Mary Rathkey
Clarence Rathkey
Victor Rathkey
Ed. A. Shaw
Henry Strickmitter
Arthur B. Stanley, Jr.
Mrs. T. Sabor
Mrs. Julia Sullivan (Mother of John Sullivan, see Chapter 27.)
Charles South
Cassius Shimer, Jr.
Mrs. E. A. Sawyer
Abner Thomas
Mrs. Mabel Mead Vandevan
Solomon Wortzel
C. P. Wiesen
Ernest Weeks
H. T. Challis
C. B. Archer
Mrs W. Gray
Mrs. W. Heneman
Patrick McEnroe
Earl Price
Fred Merkler
Scott Barber
William Newman
Mrs. Sadie Christianson
F. K. Grojean
Helen Hodges
Mrs. H. W. Adams

There were also some unidentified dead, including several nameless infants.


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