375a. Bubo virginianus subarcticus (Hoy).—WESTERN HORNED OWL.

West Point (L. Bruner); "eastward across the Great Plains" (Bendire); "East across the Great Plains to western Texas and western Manitoba" (Goss); do. (Fisher); Omaha (L. C); Cherry county (J. M. Bates); Sioux county, Feb. 26, 1898, several seen but not taken (W. D. Hunter, L Skow).

Saw-Whet Owl

375b. Bubo virginianus arcticus (Swains.).--ARCTIC HORNED OWL

West Point (L. Bruner); "South in winter to Manitoba and the mountains of Dakota and Montana" (Fisher); Florence (L. Skow).

375c. Bubo virginianus saturatus Ridgw.—DUSKY HORN ED OWL.

Near Omaha-accidental (?) L Skow).

376. Nyctea nyctea (Linn.).-—SNOWY OWL.

Omaha, Papillion, West Point, Oakland, Lincoln (L. Bruner); "Frequently seen in winter and occasionally in late autumn" (Aughey); "A common winter visitant" (Taylor); "Southward in winter * * * almost across the United States" (Bendire); "Northern portion of the northern hemisphere, migrating south in winter" (Goss); "Sometimes common as far south as the fortieth parallel" (Fisher); Omaha (L Skow); Cherry county (J. M. Bates); Wakefield (D. H. Talbot); Gage county (F. A. Colby); "not rare as a winter resident" (I. S. Trostler).

377a. Surnia ulula caparoch (Müll.).—AMERICAN HAWK OWL.

Raymond, Nebr., Nov., 1891 (E. R. Mockett); once near Omaha (?) (L. Skow).

Great Horned Owl

378. Speotyto cunicularia hypogæa (Bonap.).—BURROWING OWL.

Omaha, Lincoln, West Point, Crawford, Sidney, etc. - -breeds (L. Bruner); "Abundant in central and western Nebraska, and sparingly present almost to the Missouri" (Aughey); "Abundant during spring, summer, and fall, and probably remains during the winter" (Taylor); "east throughout the Great Plains" (Bendire); "East to middle Texas and Nebraska" (Goss); "East to Dakota, Nebraska, etc." (Fisher) Beatrice, De Witt—breeding (A. S. Pearse); Omaha—breeding (L. Skow); Cherry county—breeds (J. M. Bates); Genoa (D. H. Talbot); Gage county—breeds (F. A. Colby); "none in the vicinity of Omaha within the past twelve years—formerly a small colony about ten miles West" (I. S. Trostler); Sioux county in Hat creek valley (Mr. Plunkett).

Hawk Owl

Burrowing Owl


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