204. Grus americana (Linn.).—WHOOPING CRANE.

West Point, Craig, Holt county, Omaha, etc. (L Bruner); "Occasionally seen in northern Nebraska" (Aughey); "Migratory, somewhat common" (Taylor); "Interior of North America" (Goss); Omaha (L. Skow); Cherry county (J. M. Bates); Grand Island (F. J. Brezee); Elm Creek, Wolf creek (D. H. Talbot); Gage county (F. A. Colby); "a common migrant" (I. S. Trostler).

205. Grus canadensis (Linn.).—LITTLE BROWN CRANE.

"Migrating south through western United States, east of the Rocky mountsins" (Goss); West Point, Scribner, Nebr. (L. Bruner); Omaha (L. Skow).

206. Grus mexicana (Müll.).—SANDHILL CRANE.

Omaha, West Point, Lyons, Holt county, Platte river—breeding in Holt county (L. Bruner); "Rather abundant in Nebraska" (Aughey); "Migratory, abundant, arrive in March and in the fall" (Taylor); "From the Mississippi valley to the Pacific coast" (Goss); Omaha (L Skow); Peru, common migrant (G. A. Coleman); Cherry county—breeds (J. M. Bates); numerous localities (D. H. Talbot); "A common migrant, observed breeding one-half mile north of state line—five young in nest owned by two females and one male" (I. S. Trostler).


208. Rallus elegans Aud.—KING RAIL.

West Point., Omaha, Elkhorn (L. Bruner); "Southeastern Nebraska" (Aughey); "Summer resident, rare. arrival in May" (Taylor); "Fresh water marshes of eastern, southern, and middle United States" (Goss); Omaha— breeding (L. Skow); "Summer resident—breeds in June" (I. S. Trostler).

212. Rallus virginianus Linn.—VIRGINIA RAIL.

West Point, Oakland, Plattsmouth (L Bruner); "Migratory, abundant, may breed in the state" (Taylor); "The whole of temperate North America" (Goss); Omaha (L. Skow); Cherry county (J. M. Bates); "An abundant migrant-probably breeds" (I. S. Trostler).

214. Porzana carolina (Linn.).--SORA RAIL; CAROLINA RAIL.

West Point, Oakland, Holt county—breeding, Omaha, Lincoln, etc. (L. Bruner); "Have seen this bird but once in Nebraska-Richardson county" (Aughey); "Whole of temperate North America" (Goss); Omaha-nesting (L. Skow); Peru, common—may breed (G. A. Coleman); Cherry county—breeds (J. M. Bates); Ponca, Ewing, O'Neill (D. H. Talbot); Gage county (F. A. Colby); "A not uncommon migrant—probably breeds" (I. S. Trostler).

215. Porzana noveboracensis (Gmelin).—YELL0W RAIL.

Omaha in market, Bellevue (L. Bruner); "North America, breeding chiefly northward" (Goss).

Virginia Rail

216. Porzana jamaicensis (Gmelin).—BLACK RAIL.

West Point, Omaha markets (L. Bruner); southeastern Nebraska (Bull. No. 2, Div. Ornith); "Rare in Nebraska" (Aughey); "Summer resident, rare" (Taylor); "North to Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Oregon" (Goss).

218. Ionornis martinica (Linn.).—PURPLE GALLINULE.

Once at West Point (L. Bruner).

219. Gallinula galeata (Licht.).—FLORIDA GALLINULE.

Omaha, Platte river (L. Bruner); "Sent to me from Beatrice in Sept, 1872" (Aughey); "North to the British provinces" (Goss); Omaha.—breeding (L. Skow); "A common migrant and summer resident—breeds in June" (I. S. Trostler).

221. Fulica americana Gmelin.—C00T; MUD HEN.

Over entire state, common, breeds (L Bruner); "often seen in Nebraska!" (Aughey); "Migratory, abundant, found in the state from the first of May till the last of September" (Taylor); "The whole of North America" (Goss); Beatrice (A. S. Pearse); Omaha—breeding (L. Skow); Peru, common—breeds (G. A. Coleman); Cherry county—breeds (J. M. Bates); O’Neill, Harding (D. H. Talbot); Gage county (F. A. Colby); "Abundant migrant, formerly a common breeder in vicinity of Omaha, still so in Cherry county" (I. S. Trostler).

Order Limicolæ

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