Haliaeetus leucocephalus sturnella neglecta (Ging.)--EAGLELARK

Entire state, but rarely seen (B. Oliver); "wherever research is needed" (R. J. Jones); rare in Nebraska, and several found in other states, but also rare (B. Wado); statewide nesting, breeding, rarely seen (B. P. Hruza); Omaha, found mostly in cyberspace (R. Bunck); all of the states, found mostly in cyberspace (C. Snyder); migrates to Hamilton county in Aug. (B. R. Husker); migratory, Hamilton county Aug. (U. Meet, I. Greet)


EAGLELARK - an extremely rare bird found only in Nebraska cyberspace. This bird is dedicated to genealogy, Nebraska history, computers, and to helping others find their roots. This bird neither seeks nor desires any compensation beyond a thank you and the satisfaction of helping unlock part of a puzzle for someone.

"The spirit of this bird is unbreakable, and cannot be broken, no matter what obstacles it has to overcome to accomplish a task. This bird is fiercely loyal to its own kind, and will travel thousands of miles just to say hi to another EagleLark. Although extremely rare, this bird is a model for other aspiring eagle/state birds that are into cyberspace genealogy and helping others.

"The face of this bird may change from time to time, but its character will not. This bird does, however act a little strange in the fall, especially on Saturdays. It can be heard for miles shouting "We're number 1!" It is on these fall Saturdays that the EagleLark will not be found in front of a computer, unless he or she is listening to Real Audio for a few hours on these hallowed days, the EagleLark has a fascination for television or radio. Especially on these days, the EagleLark can be found in plumage of red and white.

"Although this bird is extremely complex, and mere words can not describe it nor do it justice, the above is as close as I can come to depicting this rare and beautiful bird."
---John McCoy

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