NOTE: How many of these names are real, is unknown to the transcriber.

Preface Dr. E. H. Barbour
 Miss Bernice Branson
 Dr. C. E. Condra
 Mr. W. H. Farnam
 Mr. Ned Hadley
 Ruth Sheldon
Page 15 Tangle Hair
Page 31 Lewis and Clark
Page 45 Jim Dahlman
 Bill Irwin
 Tim Jones
 (Doc) Middleton
 Jim Murray
 John Shore
 Kid Wade
Page 52 Francois Salway
Page 68 Jay Gould
Page 72 Paul Revere
Page 75 Bright Eyes
 Inshta Theumba
 Mrs. Tibbles
Page 77 (General Robert E.) Lee
Page90 Charles Martel
Page 98 Dr. A. L. Bixby
 Chancellor MacLean
Page107 Doc Andrews
 Professor Caldwell
 Henry George
 Professor Mabel Hays
 Mildred Parks
 Annetta Sprung
 Professor Wyer
Page 115 Haroun al Hakim
Page 134 Calvin Brice
 President Grover Cleveland
Page 135 Tommy Reed
Page 138 Lyman B. Gage
Page 141 Joe Bartley
 John P. Hale
 Irish Pat McGuire
 Eugene Moore
 Cap Price
 Swan Swanson
Page 143 Senator Joseph Burns (with Picture)
Page 144 Governor George L. Sheldon (with Picture)
Page 152 Sheriff Bartlett
Page 153 John Berry
Page 154 Frank Currie
 Frank Kane
Page 155 Von Harris (also listed as John Harris)
 John Maher (also listed as Von Maher)
Page 157 Major Charles W. Allen
Page 160 Marco Major Allen
 Tom Coffey
 Owens Jim
 Sancho Panza
Page 161 Will Hayward
 Charley Klingaman
 George Klingaman
 John W. Smith
Page 167 General Grant
 Paul Revere
 General Washington
Page 181 General Crook
 Charles Palmier
 Baptiste Pourier

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