Mamma, why donít Christmas stay?"
Asked a childish flaxen head,ó
While undressing for the bed;
Teasing tales of Christmas lore
From his motherís ample storeó
Suddenly he questioned, "Say,"
ĎMamma, why donít Christmas stay?"

"If I was God, mamma dear,
Iíd have Christmas all the year,
All the summers and the springs
Weíd be giving Christmas things,
Everybody feeling good
Just as if they understood
Every day was Christmas day. ó
Tell me, why canít Christmas stay?"

Why not, why notólet them tell
Oíer whose heads the Christmas bell,
On whose brow the Christmas snow
Sprinkled forty years ago;
On whose heart and in whose mind
Are the burdens of mankind,
For the coming long delayed,
Of the Christmas King have prayed;
Let them answer, best they may
"Mamma, why donít Christmas stay?"

Ye, who for the rights of men
Faced the lions in their den;
Who to worship Fatherís God
Through the wilderness have trod,
Who in every clime and age
Tasted persecutionís rage,
Who your open bosoms set
ĎGainst the shot and bayonet,
And for an enslaved race
Dwelt with death in prison place
Tell the child, nor say him nayó
"Why donít Christmas always stay?"

Ye who on the mountain height
Look toward the dawning light,
Strong in heart and pure in lips
Open your Apocalypse.
Write the new Apostlesí Creed
In the words that children need,
Read the riddle children say,ó
"Mamma, why donít Christmas stay?"

"When in childlike faith and trust,
"Love is lifted from the dust,
"When in little daily deeds
"We shall write our only creeds,
When as in Judean skies
"Truth transfigured shall arise,
"When the brotherhood of men
"Shall in Christ be born againó
"Mothers shall to children say
"Christmas time has come to stay."

Slumber on, Oh! flaxen head,
Sleeping in your trundle bed,
From your dreams I still shall hear
Iíd have Christmas all the year,
"All the summers and the springs
"Still be giving Christmas things."
Every heart shall better be
For the dream that's dreamed by thee
Till in waking thou shalt say,ó
"Christmas time has come to stay."


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