Major Frank North


White Captain of red Pawnee bands ;—
Chau-i, Kit-ke-hak, Pit-hau-erat, Skidi.—
Red rangers of white borderlands.
Grim guardians of Platte plains and sands :—
Chief of the scalp-locked Pan-i!

Where the Sioux trail led up the Loup.—
Marked by the settlers slain,—
Where rang the fierce Cheyenne war-whoop,—
Far on the Hat Creek plain

On the Lodge Pole or the Little Blue,—
Where was hot work at hand,—
At the skirmish front, with his warriors true,
Rode the White Chief with his Pawnee band.

Red men against the red—
But a white man in command!
Scalp for scalp the old feud fed,—
For the Sioux and the Pawnee border bled
Ere ever was seen a white man’s head
In the fair Nebraska Land!

The Sioux and the Pawnee wars are o’er
And the border days are by;
The white man plows from hill to shore;—
His cornfields wave where the fight was sore ;—
The White Chief rests forevermore—
In the land where he longed to lie.


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