Ancient Constantinian Basilica of St. Peter’s
Gardens of the Vatican
Erythræan Sibyl, Sistine Chapel
The Arena of the Coliseum
Interior of the Coliseum
Arch of Septimius Severus
Fountain of Trevi
Campo-Vaccino, or Roman Forum
Temple of Minerva
Arch of Constantine
The Sette Sale
Villa Medici, Garden Front
View from the Portico of the Academy
The Moses of Michael Angelo
Calidarium of the Baths of Caracalla
View from the Palatine
Ruins of the Palace of Tiberius
The Clivus Victoriæ
Peasant of the Campagna
Villa Pamfili Doria
Cloister of San Lorenzo fuori le Mura
Villa D’Este
Roman Temple of Hercules or the Sibyl
Arch of Acqua Felice
The New Opera House, Paris
Grand Staircase of the New Opera House, Paris
The Sainte Chapelle
Church of La Trinté
Church of St. Eustache, Exterior
Church of St. Eustache, Interior
Temple de l’Oratoire
Colonnade of the Louvre
Palace and Gardens of the Tuileries
Cascade in the Bois de Vincennes
The Donjon of Vincennes
Fountain in the Champs Elysées
Palais de L’E1ysée
Place de la Concorde
Fountain in the Place de la Concorde
The National Library
The Théâtre Francais
Porte St. Denis
Hot-House, Jardin des Plantes
Jubæa spectabilis
Victoria Regia
Hotel de Cluny
Garden of the Hotel de Cluny
Théâtre de l’Odeon
Ecole de Médecine
The Pantheon
Palace of the Luxembourg
Luxembourg Gardens
The Observatory
Church St. Sulpice
Palais de l’Institut
Dome of Invalides
Portrait of Louis XIV
Chateau of St. Germain-in-laye
Lake Superior, Park of Vésinet
Park of St. Cloud
St. Gratien
Terrace Side of St. Germain-in-laye,
Ferrière, Residence of Baron de Rothschild
Chateau Pereire, at Armainvilliers
Chateau de Fontainebleau. The Oval Court
Chateau de Foutainebleau. From the Garden
Forest of Fontainebleau
Scene in the Forest of Fontainebleau
Bassin d’Apollon
Basin of Neptune
Labyrinth of Versailles
Cabinet of Verdure, Versailles
Play of Fountains, Versailles
The Trianon of Porcelain
The Petit Trianon
The Dairy of Marie Antoinette
Palace of Marly
A Pavilion in the Park of Marly
Chateau of Rambouillet
Birds-eye View of St. Petersburg
Study of the Emperor, Winter Palace
Nicholas Bridge
Nevskoi Prospect
Light Cavalry of the Guards
Russian Veterans
The Admiralty
The Cottage of Peter the Great
Military Evolutions in the Champ de Mars
Interior of St. Isaac’s Cathedral
Exterior of St. Isaac’s Cathedral
Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, in the Fortress
Church of Our Lady of Vladimir
Alexander’s Column
Statue of Peter the Great
Triumphal Arch of Narva
The Winter Palace
The Hermitage
The Michailoff Palace
The Great Theatre
Michael Theatre
The Exchange
Imperial Library, Room of the Incunabula
Academy of Arts
The Vauxhall (Garden Islands)
Fortress of Schlusselburg
The Baltic Fleet
Palace of Peterhof
Monastery of St. Sergius
Statue of the Emperor Nicholas
Arms of Russia
Village of Goummit
Cathedral of St. Sophia
Types of Novgorod
Monastery of Yuryeff
Church Marriage Ceremony
Funeral of a Poor Russian
Types of Mitau
The Chase
A Russian Mare
Palace of Petrowsky
The Red Gate
General View of the Kremlin
Krassnaya Square
Types of Great Russia
St. Nicholas Church and Gate
The Bolshoi Devoreth
The Granovitaya Palata
Cathedral Place
Church of the Protection of Mary
The Chapel of the Iberian Mother of God
Convent of the New Jerusalem
The Devitshei Monastery
Clergy of the Russian Church
Russian Sledges
The King of Bells
View in Siberia
Calmuck Tartars
Convicts on their Way to Siberia
Kirguis Tartars
Tunguzian Dance
Siberian of Yakutsh Province
Nikolayevsk on the Amoor
Chateau of Chenonceaux
Chateau of Maisons
Chateau of Sully
Interior of the Church of St. Ouen, Rouen
Palace of Justice, Rouen
Chateau d’Arques
Tower of Joan of Arc, Rouen
Wooden Houses in Lisieux
Church of St. Etienne, Caen
Church of St. Loup
Mont St. Michel
Le Mans
View of Chartres
Cathedral of Chartres
Chateau de Maintenon
House of Jacques Cœur, Bourges
Chateau du Moutier
Chateau de Blois, East Front
Chateau de Blois, North Side
Chateau de Chenonceaux
Chateau d’Angers
Chateau of Champtoce
Cathedral of Nantes
Cathedral of St. Andre, Bordeaux
Chateau of Pau
Church of St. Cernin, Toulouse
Garden of the Patte d’Oye, Toulouse
Church of St. Taur, Toulouse
Public Garden, Marseilles
Chateau of the Popes, Avignon
Cathedral of Lyons
Fountain in the Park of La Tâte d’Or
Park of La Tâte d’Or, Lyons
Cemetery of Fourvieres, Lyons
Mausoleum of John the Fearless, Dijon
View of Verdun
House of the Reine Blanche, Verdun
City Hall of Rheims
City Hall of St. Quentin
City Hall of Arras
Cathedral of Laon
The Belfry of Douai
The Market Square, Lille
City Hall of Valenciennes
Hotel de Ville, Brussels
Hotel de Ville, Ghent
National Bank of Brussels
Cathedral of Metz
Cathedral and Castle of Meissen
Interior of the Cathedral of Treves
The Porta Nigra
Ancient Roman Baths
Cloister of the Cathedral of Treves
Hotel de Ville at Zierikzee
The Great Tower, Zierikzee
Hotel de Ville de Veere
La Porte Noble
Town Hall, Middleburg
Entrance to the Hall of the States
Hall of the States
The Dome, Middleburg
The Vestibule of the Three Porticos
House in the Renaissance Style
Wharves at Middleburg
Rural Scene in Holland
Statue of Erwin of Steinbach
Platform of Strasburg Cathedral
Strasburg Cathedral
The National Gate
Ancient Houses in Strasburg
A Village in the Black Forest
Cave and Castle of Edelfrauengrabe
Valley of Lierbach
Ruins of the Abbey of Allerheiligen
The Valley of Hell
Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel
Lake Titi
The City and Cathedral at Freiburg
Side Entrance to Freiburg Cathedral
Market-Place at Schaffhausen
Castle of Onnoth
Tower of Goetz
Interior of the Town in the Simonswald
The Castle of Neckarsteinach
Entrance to Heidelberg Castle
Heidelberg Castle from the Terrace
The Palace of Frederic IV. at Heidelberg
Interior of Heidelberg Castle
Palace of Otho Henri, at Heidelberg
Street in Strasburg
Stork’s Nest in Strasburg
Peasant’s House in Black Forest
Ruins of a Castle at Heidelberg
Place of the Old Castle
The Wilhelma
Villa of the Prince Royal
Church of Esslingen
Hotel de Ville, at Ulm
The Ramparts of Ulm
Castle of Rohenzollern
Bavarian Mountains
The Choir of St. Sebald
The Bride’s Door
Market-Place, Nuremberg
Imperial Castle, Nuremberg
Porch of the Church of the Virgin
The Ramparts of Nuremberg
A Street in Ratisbon
The Walhalla
Interior of the Walhalla
Triumphal Arch, Munich
The Hermitage
Statue of Bavaria
The Glyptothek
The Pinacothek
Wilbad Kreuth
The Goatherd’s Hut
Castle of Hohenaschau
Ruins of Falkenstein Castle
A Mountain Torrent
Lake in the Mountains
The Castle of Weierburg
Salzburg, from the Hill
Peter’s Churchyard in Salzburg
The Danube at Lintz
View of Passau
View of Lintz
The Strudel
Abbey of Molk
The Prater
The Gloriette at Schönbrunn
The Belvedere, Vienna
Garden of the Belvedere
St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna
Church of St. Charles Borromeo, Vienna
Karlsbrücke, Prague
Castle Eisgrub
Church of Perchtholdsdorf, near Vienna
The Quay at Pressburg
The Danube at Buda
The Bridge at Pesth
View of the Citadel, at Pesth
View of Belgrade
View of Nicopolis
Halt of the Crusaders
Wallachian Peasant
Wallachian Girl
View of Bucharest
Fountain near the Monastery of Argis
Church of Argis
View of Argis
Young Wallachian Woman
View from the Monastery of Polvoradj
Cascades of the Ristinga
Grotto of Polvoradj
A Forest Path
Village near Tirgu-Giulu
Roman Mausoleum
The Old Castle of Deva
Castle of Vayda Hunyade
Ancient Gate in Kolosvar
The Maiden’s Rock
The Szeklers’ Rock
The Szeklers’ Rock, seen from Torotzko
The Valley of the Sebes-Köröös
Peasant Woman, near Essek
Bosnian Dancing Girl
Bosnian Merchant
Peasants in the Vicinity of Essek
Greek Temple
View of the Convent of Esphigmenou
Convent of Kiliandari
The Propylæa
The Temple of the Wingless Victory
View of Athens from the Acropolis
The Theatre of Herod
The Parthenon
Carnival near the Temple of Jupiter
Cathedral of Palermo
Cathedral of Palermo, West Porch
Cathedral of Palermo, South Porch
Cathedral of Monreale, Western Porch
The Cloister Monreale
Palace of La Ziza
La Favorita
Mount Pellegrino
View of Messina
Cape d’Alessio
The Theatre at Taormina
Grotto of the Doves
Crater of Monte Frumento
Trees ingulfed in Lava
Chestnut in La Nave
Amphitheatre of Syracuse
The Ear of Dionysius
Temple of Castor and Pollux
The Islands of Lipari
The Cathedral of Siena
Interior of the Cathedral of Siena
Pulpit in the Cathedral
The Baptismal Font
The Chapel of the Piazza del Campo
The Republican Palace
The Fonte Gaja
Palazzo Buonsignori
Column of the Wolf, and Archbishop’s Palace
View of the Fonte Branda
Moorish Headpiece
The Rock of Gibraltar
Interior of the Cathedral, Seville
Hall of the Ambassadors, Seville
General View of the Alhambra
Court of the Lions
Fountain in the Alhambra
The Generaliffe
Patio de la Alberca
Pass of the Despenaperos
The Inquisition, Barcelona
The Leaning Tower of Saragossa
Chateau of the Grange
The Escorial
Interior of the Library of the Escorial
The Royal Palace, Madrid
The Fountain of the Cybele
Interior of the Cathedral, Toledo

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