Traction Engines - J. I. Case Company - Racine, WI
1869 J. I. Case
(Courtesy of
Lloyd Belden's collection of steam engines in Cottage Grove, MN -
the 80 hp Case in the photo was purchased at an auction by
Ted & Cecelia Knack. [Courtesy of Ted]
Here's that 80 hp Case with the owners, Ted & Cecelia,
right after they puchased it. [Courtesy of Ted]
Ted's 80 hp Case threshing oats at the Kenny Majeski
South Lawton, MN, show on September 20, 2003. [Courtesy of Ted]
Ted Knack owned this 65 hp Case from 1974-1994.
He sold it to purchase the 80 hp Case shown above.
[Courtesy of Ted]



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