Park Trains

The earliest miniature railroads could be found in amusement parks. Companies
such as Armitage-Herschell and Cagney Brothers pioneered the “park train” industry. Cagney Brothers, New York City manufacturers, were the biggest suppliers of miniature railroads to Coney Island, New York. These minature railroads came various sizes, from the very Small Scale (3.5"-7.5" gauge) and Large Scale (12"-30" gauge). The first park railroad gauges were 8" and 9" but 10" and 12" gauges soon followed. None were to prove large enough for park railroads. The demand for larger amusement park trains brought about the 15" gauge, one of the most common of the larger gauges today.
For more information, you can't beat The Original Parktrains Website*.
Light rails in operation in the United States today include:
  • a 22" Cagney at the San Francisco Zoo
  • The Whiskey Railway - several 1/3 scale steam trains at Little A-Merrick-a* in Marshall, WI
Little Railroad Funny Place Steeplechase of Coney Island, NY
Venice Miniature Railway of Windward Avenue, Venice, CA
Riverside & Northern Great Light Railway built & operated by Elmer Sandley at Riverside Park in Janesville, WI; For more information on Mr. Sandley's trains, please visit Karen Taylor's article* and the current Riverside & Great Northern Railway site*.

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