American Standard
An American Standard type locomotive. Drawing of Burnham, Parry,
Williams Co., Philadelphia Pa., from Marvels of Science and Industry,
published 1880. Click on the picture for a much larger version.
The General (Western & Atlantic Railroad) of Georgia - the famous
locomotive that was stolen by Union Army soldiers in April of 1862
during the Civil War. The General was built by Rogers, Ketchum
& Grosvenor of Paterson,  New Jersey. It is shown here after its first
post-Civil War rebuilding when it was on exhibition at Union Depot
in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
The General after its rebuild in 1962.
The W. H. Winton (United States Military Railroad) was built by
Mason Machine Works of Taunton, Massachusetts, and was
delivered in 1862.
[National Archives photo.]
East Meets West: The Central Pacific Railroad and Union Pacific
Railroad meet on May 10, 1869, at Promontory Summit, Utah,
completing the transcontinental rail line. Here, the two locomotives -
C.P.R.R.’s Jupiter (No. 60) and U.P.R.R.’s No. 119 - fairly represented
the Age of Steam.

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