The Hiram Burch Story

In the 1860 census, Clay County population was
made up of a company of Rangers and a few brave settlers.
. There wasn’t strong enough protection
against indians, however, and it was disbanded in 1863, not
to be reinstated as a county until 1872.  There is no census of Clay County
for the year 1870.

Apparently as soon as the county opened up to settlement  in
the 1870s, Hiram Burch moved his family from Grayson
county to southern Clay County, near the community of
Shannon, and they appeared in the 1880 census there.
His firstborn son Charles was still with him, and he had
started his second family. By the year 1900, Hiram and
his wife Martha Burch were still living out their lives
and had become old-timers in the area.

Son Claude Hiram Burch raised his family throughout
North Texas, married in 1888 to Mary Ann (Annie)
Black and raised seven children. Annie was the daughter
of Blacks and Lowries who came from Tennessee and
Alabama, settled in Bowie TX and they had ten children.

Son Nimrod Burch married Esther Prescott and ran a
farm in Montague County TX, and both he and Esther
are buried in Bowie.

Daughter Nellie Burch married Ike Suttle, a school
teacher, and while he taught for a while in Clay County,
they eventually moved to McLennan County, where
they raised a family of three children, and he continued
to teach.

Since Hiram and Martha Burch were absent in the 1910
census, it is presumed they died in 1907-08, but the
location of the burial is yet to be determined. Son
Charles Burch and his wife, Ollie, deeded an acre of
property from the southwest corner of their farm to the
Shannon Cemetery, so we think Hiram and Martha
Burch are in two of the unmarked 32 graves at Shannon.

We think there is a list somewhere, and hope some day
these will be identified as such. Hiram and Martha Burch
are Ggrandparents of my wife.

Greg Baloyan