The Murder of Jim Curtis in Cambridge, Texas 1881

This information on Jim Curtis comes from his great-granddaughter Linda Adams.

The booklet shown to the right was in Mr. Curtis' pocket when he was shot and killed in Cambridge Texas on January 3, 1881. Jim Curtis is buried in Cambridge Cemetery.

The notes written in the book in pencil were done by Mabel Curtis, great aunt to Linda Adams. Linda states that the book was given to her

father. It is really not clear if the saloon they were in was in the Hotel Eldridge or not. This is probably the most accurate account of the incident than any other to date. Many thanks to Linda for sharing this piece of Clay County history with us.

"This was in Papa's pocket, J B Curtis, when he was killed. Bullet struck book. 
Killed by Van Rice in 1881 January."

Another page tells a little more about what happened to start the disagreement that ended with two men dead. "Left a wife and two daughters, (Mabel and Josie).

At Cambridge near Henrietta Texas January 1881. Papa refused a drink from Van Rice. Posse shot (then it skips down a few lines and says) that night shot and killed Van Rice after he was carried to Hotel Eldridge at Cambridge"

Another page has this entry on it. "Had a ranch Diamond Tail (then there is a drawing of a diamond with a tail like a kite). Mabel and Josie brand UTA. Was wealthy. Did not know how much he was worth. This book was first given to Sister then goes to Curtis. Aunt Mabel"

Skips a few lines and says "This book is for Curtis McDonald to keep. From Mabel Curtis April 1925."