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2006 & 2007 Queries of Concho County

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Sherry Jackson May 18, 2006
I am looking for some information on some of our family who lived in the Eola area.  Their names are Thomas T. Averitt and Stella Averitt.  Understand there was a school in the area called "Averitt School" and later consolidated with other small schools in the area.  I believe that
my great-grandfather was a farmer.  Would love to know more about these folks if you have any info. or know of any books or other resources I can use to try to find out a little more about them.




Barbara Goss Johnston  September 7, 2007
I am seeking some information about Martha Sloniker (Mattie).

She is buried in the Eola Cemetery.  Her married name was Schooler.
 She war born in 1806 and died May 22, 1902.
My great grandmother's name was Martha Medora Sloneker. I believe Mattie may be from her family.
Are the Schooners still  living in the area? If so, I realize you would not want to give me their address or email, but would you give mine to them. I am seeking information on Martha Schooler.





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