McLennan County, Texas
Autograph Book from WWII    
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     First a word about this book.  The book belonged to Ben H. Kile, he got it for Christmas in 1941.  He was stationed at Randolph Field, San Antonio, Texas, then was transferred to Waco Army/Airfield, in Waco, Texas and finally in McCook, Nebraska.  The people listed below signed this book and many added addresses, I have not include the addresses or the towns, if you think one of these people is related to you please and we will sort it out privately.  The first few entries are from family members and are not included here.  The photos on the sides were in his photo album and some of them are at Randolph Field I do not know the people in the pictures with the exception of Ben Kile, he is on the right fourth one down, the one on the left, also in the fifth photo down.  You can search this page if using windows by going to Edit at the top of your browser and then Find (on this page).


Dear Kile,
     You are undoubtely the ugliest guy I ever saw in this whole darn army.  You, are a swell guy though.  I have enjoyed knowing you.  I wish you all the luck and happiness to be found.  I wish you a long life.--(if the Japs don't get you).  
     So keep your nose clean.

Good luck,
Pvt. Franklin E. Bell, Tex.
93rd Material Squadron.
Randolph Field, Tex.  12-21-41.


Dear Kile
     Hope you make this war through & live to be exactly 100 yrs. old & Remember that Nebreska is just as close to the W.S. as it ever will be.  Just think of a tall fellow with a secretary's delight & that will be me

Albert J Pavlas, Texas


Dear Bennie H ____
     A person never knows what to put in writing to one of his swellest companions during their army lives, but I do hope you will remember me as a very good friend wanting and waiting to help you at any time.  My association with you is one of the few things I shall never forget, and I do mean never.

Sincerely your- Jimmie
Pvt James L Wagner, Iowa


Dear Rebel,
     Remember the good old days at Randolph Field, Tex. and all the "Gold bricking" we've done to-gether.
     Don't treat the poor boys as rough for just remember you were once a "private" and not an "acting corporal" like you are now.  Just let them go down to the P.X. and have a cup of coffee too.  Its good to be a soldier eh!

P.F.C. Ralph I. Ridnour, Iowa

Remember the fighting 79th Air Base Sqdn while at Randolph Field, Tex.


Dear Kile,
     As you slide down your banister of life,
     Remember me as a splinter in your career.

Broussard, Tex.
79th Air Bare Sq.
Randolph Field, Tex.



Remember I will and dont forget.  You have a friend at Randolph yet.

Toy Lykins


Dear John
     On K.P. or D.R.O. Im your friend where ever yo go

P.F.C. George W Horapsor (very hard to read could be Worypror)
53rd Sch. Sq.
Randolph Field



Dear Ben--
     Remember those good ole K.P. days to-gether at Randolph Field. and here's hoping you will never get the habit of smoking, its pretty expensive for your friends too.  Says Beecher (Kile hasn't got the habit.

Your Pal
Pvt Sidney Donaldson, S.C.

18 miles south of Charleston, S.C.


Randolph Field
Feb. 21--1942

Dear Bennie
     I'll remember you where every you are  
     It may be near & it may be far.
     And when our country is at peace again
     We will live once more, like real men.

Your Soldier Days Friend
Albert W Beecher


Dear Bennie,
     Let me be the first to congradulate you on being with the advance detail to Waco
     Wishing you all the luck in the world

A soldier buddy
Francis L McKenna


Security Detachments
Waco, Texas
March 2, 1942

To one of the ugliest guy and one of the swellest in the Army  I hope you lots of success during career in this mans' army so here's wishing you Luck

Your ugly Friend
471st School Squadron
Clem Smith


Security Detachments
Waco, Texas
March 2, 1942

To the best guard in the hold Security Detechment in cold Waco.  May you live to be a hundred and forty and make a private first class and through your voices and some of private like me.

Howard Dowdy


Security Detachments
Waco Army Air Base
Waco, Texas
March 2, 1942

Here's hoping that you get a rating that will buy a few beers in the near future.  When you do, look me up.

Louis Koenigsberg
Corporal, 79th Air Base


March 2, 1942
Waco Flying Field
Waco, Texas

     Do not follower in my foot steps.  The first man in the guard house.

Buck Private forever

Charlie R. French


March 4, 1942

Dear Benny,
     Howd day Kile the jaw bone poker player.
     Hope you get a good go soon.  Also a good rating.

Merle Bone, Mo.

     Stop & see me if we ever get out.

Security Detachment


Dear Kile,
     When the world is ours and the folks Bop home Will tell the are sure to parade is Heaven   For we have done our Hitch in Hell.  Allways remember the Hitch we pulled in the Guard Detachment at the Air Corps Basic Flying school  Waco, Texas, and remember to your vow and forever,   Your pal

P.F.C. Joe O Everett
469 School Sqd
Waco Army Flying School
Waco, Texas


My Friend
Bennie Kile
     As you stroll thru your Birthday Garden & think of the memories Gone by, just think of the one's who were with you, & think of the one's who's gone by, & when we're out there on the field & the planes are roaring by, just think that up there in the Heaven's is a Boy who don't want to die, So as you keep on working.  Just keep this thought in mind, So to keep this Boy from dying, do your work the Best that you can.

To a Swell Guy,
Doug Grubb


October 5, 1942

Dearest Bennie,
     Lets remember "Someday" ?
     The future looks none to bright now but here's hoping we all will see better days.
     I trust you will never forget--I want to wish you the best of luck--

One who Cares----
Lucille Leaton


Oct. 5, 1942

Dear Bennie,
     As you turn the pages in this book, remember "The Leatons".  Lena Hunpie and Dou.  We think you are on eof the bet Soldiers Uncle Sam has in his great Army.
     Here's wishing you the very best Luck.



Oct. 16, 1942

Here's to Cpl. Bennie Kile
May our friendship last
A long-long-while

Pvt. Ray Slattery, N.J.
870th Guard Sq'dn Tex


Oct. 16, 1942

Heres to our Friendship Bennie Kile we soldiered together for awhile we hope and Pray the war will end.  So therll be peace on earth for all men.

P.F.C. Samuel L. Shumaker, Pennsylvania

A-Very Good Friend


Dec. 7th  1942

To a Real Friend
Bennie H Kile

Pfc. Michael C. Andre, Ohio


Heres to you Bennie Kile
May you live a thousand years!
     To help us keep on going, through this veil of human tears,
      Did I say a thousand years----NO!----a thousand less one day for I should hate to live on earth after you my friend, had passed away!

P.F.C. Oliver P Smith, N.C.


Jan. 28, 1943

To one of the grandest soldiers and friend I've ever known.  I mean you (Bennie), may our friendship last for ages.  So to you, Bennie, the best of Luck were ever you go

P.F.C. John V Stofan, Pa
870 Guard Sqdn
WAFS, Waco, Texas


Feb. 3rd, 1943

Hi BH,
     May all of your best girlfriends get married and your heart get broken  I am still your buddy and we will still get the guard book done.

Charles E Smith, New Jersey

Drop in to see me BH sometime


Heres to the best pal I have met in the army.
May we stick this war out together
Lets hope we get together after the war sometime and drink plenty of beer and eat plenty of pig's feet.

Your Pal,
Pfc. Edw. Bandeur, N.J.


To my Pal Benie and will be friends all ways is long as the war last and will meat in New York

Fred A Mutschler, Penna


To Boiler House Kile

May we always be the best of friends during this war and a 100 years after.  We will meet in New York, some day I hope the whole gang.  I am getting tired of fighting the battle of Waco, aren't you?  Boiler we have had some darn good times in Waco didn't we, and if we ever separate I wish you all the luck in the world and if you ever get over there stay in the first fox hole you can find and wait there for me I sure as hell will be there.

CPL Fred Weeman, New York


Dearest Boiler,
     Here's to one "True Texan" in the U.S. Army.  May your troubles be few and small.

M.L. Moore, Texas


Dear Boiler,
      Remember the days you and I were always talking about going out and pulling one for the old folks, But never did go to-gether.  After this war is over here hoping we can.  What do you say?

Good Luck Pal,
A friend
Ralph G. Hale, Texas


Dear Boiler House,
     You have about the biggest line of bull I know, but outside of that you are a swell guy.   What do you say when this war is over we get together and shoot the bull.  

Your Buddy,
Amon H. Hale, Texas


Oct. 12, 1944

To a Pal, Boiler House,
     Here is a few lines and hoping we are buddies until a Bobbie pin gets sick on a permanent wave.

The Same,
Pvt. Robert B. Ulrich, Penna.